Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli breaks her engagement with Ishaan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was asleep. Kunal comes to her and was sorry that he can’t explain all this to Pari. Mahek place a hand over his shoulder and says she is asleep. Kunal walks out of the room while Mahek prepares coffee. She asks if it was his worst birthday, but sometimes this happens. She inquires Kunal why Pari always take Mishti’s name. Kunal says Mishti is his daughter. Kunal says she is his and Mauli’s daughter. Mahek complements his life is really dramatic. Kunal says Nandini thought only Mauli can take care of Pari, she left a CD for Mauli which Pari unluckily found. But its impossible. Mahek asks why, Pari and Mauli like each other and Mauli still likes him. He also still feels for Mauli; then why they can’t join all the dots to create a happy family. Kunal says Mishti hates him.

Mahek asks Kunal if he knew Mauli was pregnant, if he found out just now that Mishti is his daughter. She wonders how Mahek can hide the matter with him. Kunal accepts that it was his mistake as well. Mauli shared with him about being pregnant, but he was dubious and then she decided she had to lie to him. But he can’t explain a lot of this to Pari. He has hurt Mauli a lot already, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Ishaan can really keep her happy. Mahek asks if Mauli will be happier with Ishaan or with Kunal. Kunal was speechless.
Mauli opens the door to Ishaan. He was tensed and asks what conversation she had with his mother? Mauli says there is nothing wrong. Ishaan follows Mauli inside and forbids her to lie to him, he can even speak to his mother about it. Mauli clarifies to Ishaan they can’t get married. Ishaan was hurt and asks who decided this? Mauli replies she did. Ishaan questions how she can decide alone, where he stands in this relationship then. Consent of two people is important for any decision, be it marriage or breakup. He wants to know the reason. Mauli pulls off the engagement ring and forwards it to Ishaan, she apologizes Ishaan and says this wedding is over. She requests him to take it back. Ishaan inquires if she is crazy. He forces the ring back into her hand and push Mauli back towards the wall. His trembled painfully, tears tripping down his face. Mauli insists that his mother is right, and Ishaan must understand and accept this decision. Ishaan complains that the decision must be approved by him and Mishti as well. Mauli places a hand over Ishaan’s shoulder. She says she doesn’t want to break his ties with his family. She now decisively asserts that he will have to accept her decision. She leaves the ring on the table and goes to her room. Ishaan calls from behind that he doesn’t accept this, and their relation can’t end so easily. He won’t accept Mauli’s engagement ring, and won’t ever take his ring; for him the marriage is still on. Mauli cries in the room apologetic that neither she wants to cut from her family, nor she wants to cut him from his. She wanted to connect the two families not break them.
The next morning, Mauli and Mishti were ready to leave for picnic. A courier man leaves a bouquet of flowers. Mamma was happy to see the beautiful flowers but Maui wasn’t.
Mahek and Pari worked out together at home. A doorbell rings. Mahek asks Pari to continue with her workout while she goes out to check. Mamma introduces herself to Mahek. Pari greets Dadi. Mahek explains they were doing morning workout. Kunal was happy to see Mamma, she brought a gift for Kunal. Kunal shows the gift to Pari but Pari was annoyed. Pari goes to prepare breakfast with Mahek. Mamma tells Kunal that they scolded Mishti for what she did. Kunal understands that Mishti is a child. Mamma says she is happy that Kunal has moved on in life, but for Mauli even seven years are less. Kunal recalls Mauli’s condition while drunk. Mamma requests Kunal not to come over, it hurts Mauli and Mishti. Mauli will have to cut herself from Kunal to move on. She promises to come and meet Kunal. Kunal says Mahek will take care of Pari for as long as she is here. He understands Mauli suffered a lot because of him, he can do this much.
Near the swimming pool, Pari was afraid as she couldn’t swim. Mahek hugs Pari assuring she can’t let her fall. Mauli and Mishti arrive near the same pool. Mishti was excited for swimming and goes to change. Mahek tells Pari to go cautiously and take a shower, they will learn to swim. Mishti and Pari come across each other and have a fight with each other. Pari asks Mishti why she behaves so rudely to her. Later, Pari runs to Mauli while Mauli was busy with a call. Pari comes behind Mishti and asks why she is angry with her for so long, she didn’t play with her. Mishti wasn’t interested to play or swim with Pari. She pushes Pari into the swimming pool.

PRECAP: At home, Mauli asks Dida why they didn’t tell her that Mishti locked her into the bathroom and today she crossed all limits. She pushed Pari into the swimming pool. Mishti argues that Mauli only considers about Pari, and only her Popsy cares for her. Mauli says Ishaan isn’t her Papa but Mishti shouts that only Ishaan is her Papa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now I’m hating mauli’s character… Thanku writers… Thanku very much…. I think I’ll stop watching this.. It was my favorite but not anymore… The way I’m seeing this… It’s saying it’s OK to cheat on ur wife.. She will forgive u…. And mauli it’s OK to cheat day guy who loves and care for u and accepted your past… Yes cheat him…

  2. too disgusted with this track.the guy leaves you for another .. After come back but finds that he still has feelings for Mauli..the girl too silly is able to give him a chance just because he knows they have a daughter together..merde it’s pitiful except that the problem is that her daughter hates him. and it is shown gross and mischievous towards the little angel. . short

  3. they ruined the story. the character of Mauli. . how to believe in marriage .. to love .. trust .. shit in the end Mauli it’s a spare wheel. . ah too disgusted with this track

  4. Yes Rav I’m agree with you.

  5. Mauli didn’t cheat u blo*dy ftw. It’s sandhya who is ill mannered. Don’t dare to talk about kunal. It’s time to slap mishti.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kunal is what we English ppl call an adulterer … simple … happiness will only come for him thru his daughter… I can understand why Mauli does not want to break ties with Kunals family, remember they turned their backs on him for her and Mishti… Ishaan’s mom is also correct, the familys reputation will be scrutinized… Ishaan tho is wrong becuz he knew what was at stake, he shud not hv fallen in love with Mauli…

  7. What hell shameless man kunal .

  8. wow silsila….. now mishti is bad girl… pari is nandinis daughter so she is the good one.. . i hate the writer how can he write all these things kunal mahan nandini mahati cheater kunal nandini daugter also angel… all blame goes to mouli… now showed mishti a bad girl… i can say that only mouli dida ishan are normal… mouli is in the real life situation..kunal is a superman to forget all the things within seconds…. hate for kunal nandini only…. wriiter plz do somethinngg normal and acceptable… atleast show wrong deeds are wrong….give some guilt feelings to the wrong acts

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