Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal goes missing

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli comes to her room. Her memories with Kunal flash in front of her eyes. She then stops to watch her and Kunal’s photos. Nandini texts Kunal wishing everything is fine between him and Mauli. Kunal drive the car, crying and haunted by Mamma’s accusations against him. Mauli cries in front of the mirror. Nandini thinks about texting with Kunal all day long. They three were crying over their respective situations.
The next morning, Mamma requests Dida to eat a single bite. Dida was crying for Kunal. Mamma says Kunal has another place for himself, Nandini. Mauli comes out of the room and wished to go to temple. She wished to stay alone for a while. In the temple, Mauli prays for courage. Nandini comes to her and explains she never intended to ruin her house. She only wished

for a companion who respects her the way she was never respected. Mauli wasn’t convinced. She says Nandini did what children does, they buy a new doll when one has broken and Nandini didn’t find a new one for herself even. She snatched her friend’s doll. She never considered she was breaking her best, childhood friend’s house. She told Nandini how much Kunal was important for her, that she won’t be able to live without Kunal. Nandini requests Mauli to believe her. Mauli says women have always bear restrictions, first from men and later from women as well. Their makeup was always considered wrong, but today Nandini has legalized every restriction put on women. Anyways, she has lost everything, her inside is empty. She came to the temple to find some hope for herself, but why Nandini came here? Only hopeless people come to temples. She lifts Nandini’s chin and says she got everything, Kunal, his companionship. Nandini says it’s not easy to find or lose someone, she isn’t sure what’s going in Kunal’s mind. Mauli says Nandini is the one for whom Kunal left home, she never dreamed Kunal can ever leave his house, his mother and Dida as well. Nandini was worried at once and says Kunal didn’t come to her, he didn’t even answer her call since yesterday. Both think where was Kunal then?
Kunal was driving the car.
Mauli and Nandini try Kunal’s number. Nandini tries Kunal’s number but he doesn’t pick up. Mauli calls Kunal’s friends asking about him. Nandini was tensed and wish Kunal replies to her texts.
Mamma asks Dida whom is she calling. Dida says she is calling Kunal and cries. Mamma says Kunal must not be half as much worried as Dida, he will be at Nandini’s place.
Mauli decides to track Kunal’s phone.
Dida calls Nandini and tells her to give the phone to Kunal. Nandini cries and says Kunal is missing since yesterday, she is unaware how he is. Dida drops the phone. Mamma runs towards her, tensed. Dida cries for Kunal. Mamma consoles and assures that Kunal must be at some friend’s place. Dida prays for Kunal’s safety.
Nandini reached the police station to file missing complaint for Kunal.
Kunal was driving fast, while everyone’s accusations echo in his mind. He pulls the brakes of car in the rush and has an accident.

PRECAP: Nandini brings Kunal to hospital. She was tensed and asks the doctor if Kunal is fine. Mauli cries in her bedroom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. They are just justifying ema, and people here are thinking makers will give maulis track, only Kunal n nandhini cheap love story will be justified at the end and mauli is for side character thats it guys, horrible story

    1. True..

  2. Anjali Sharma

    I really want ki kunal ko is accident me partial memory loss hojae or wo bhul hi jae kon nandini or mauli still use chahti hi hai uske pas waps aajae. Bhad me jae nandini then. Mauli ki family toh waps base!!!

  3. What a lovely companion even to share the bed.mouli does not know what is the limit they have crossed.
    Also why nandini always choose a man for companionship. She had a good girl friend too.
    Why creators make nandinis character more and more worse.

  4. Pls admit nandhini in well reputated hospital,

  5. Off course nandini will be the one to find that creep as their love is pure, stronger that 7 years of husband-wife love, blessings from god. She can find him, take care of him and keep him all for herself, both are of same kind after all deserves only each other. Mauli should throw the divorce paper on their face and find herself a real man with real integrity not a excuse for a man who mealt seeing a women in transparent sari. Karma does exist in real life, soon or later misdeeds will be returned

    1. Well said ..directors will show nandini Mahan….ha ha

    2. Well said! Instead of making this about that rondhu Nandini, they should show how Mauli emerges strongly as a phoenix from the ashes

    3. This is what i am looking mauli strong come back otherwise no interest in nandini’s bechari act or kunal’s “love” for both women.

  6. Seriously…she( Nandini) is still thinking abt Kunal…eventhough a lot happened n she is shamelessly​ telling Mauli..that she isn’t doing intentionally…n what Mauli mentioned in today’s episode was true…Nandini’s character is just attention seeking…😒 …n I know these people r good actors..n am criticizing only the character..n not the actor… ofcourse I will credits to their acting😅

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nothing more than cry episode…lets see what new week will bring to us….

  8. God Nandini.. for god’s sake please go away from their lives. You’re are blo*dy selfish. You always whished for a companion and that is your bestfriend’s husband. Great.!

    Please leave them atleast now and let them live happily. Mauli and Kunal’s life was really colourful and lovely before you entered. And you spoiled everything.

    Pathetic part is you never showed gratitude towards what Mauli has done to you and on top of it you betrayed her by acting innocent.

    Rot in hell..!!

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    As tomorrow will be same

  10. No compramise from writerz… they still justify nandini and kunal… they have no idea about love thats why the writers write ema as love… anyway i thought they will show the guilt feeling of kunal and nandini… but they are not… kunal and nandinis more scenes will come next.. so best i drop to watch… quiting… silsila gudbye

  11. I will be happy if the story goes this way. After a leap of 2 or 3 years, show that Nandini has moved on, is doing great as a doctor plus she is doing other fantastic volunteer activities, maybe she would have opened her own clinic and is known as the best doctor ever. She would still be living with her in laws and is totally happy. She has resigned not to marry again, because she does not believe in love anymore or trust anyone. BUT THEN SHE MEETS THIS INCREDIBLE GUY WHO MANAGES TO CHANGE HER. On the other hand, Nandini and Kunal never got united and are both living a miserable life, with guilt and alone. Their only companion is guilt, guilt and guilt. Even Rajdeep has turned into a good human being and moved on. More to think about….

  12. How many times she will tell lie, and how many times she is manipulates to mauli, it’s so easy for her side to make fool everyone for her innocent face, seems she is not tired to always same so cheap doing near her don’t manners, she is know mauli loves kunal alot and she can’t stay away from kunal because she love him also tell her he is her life clearly, but again start cheap durty game, whatever today mauli said all is true, she never thought she brings not a friend but she brings is a enemy when one day she will snatched her husband and she will ruined her life spoil everything because of nandini she is betrayal with her friend, and she never be ashamed, mauli is right, and now she is regret for everything, mauli’s allegations it’s right what she said everything right, and now because of nandini, while whole world now never ever trust anyone else easily women they didn’t help because like nandini’s woman she broke trust and broke everything or everything relations just because of nandini she deserves punishment big crime, kunal has regret, it’s his fault, he is break mauli down or break her heart break her relation everything he is ruined so he deserves punishment, but not nandini she know he didn’t call back doesn’t reply her message he is ignore because he need some space but she don’t give him, keep doing she is shameless she should be understand but never understood shameless woman

  13. How mouli is different from nandini when mouli see kunals differences in behaviour she came to nandini and talked about kunal how she loves kunal.
    But nandini never shares her life about rajdeep or something else with mouli even though they consider as childhood best friends
    Instead nandini seek a companion.Companion to what why she can’t take mouli as a companion.
    How cheap nandinis character is
    Moreover mouli finds companion not only in nandini but chakor soya
    How funny but nandinis companion is always a man.
    Man also can be justifiable if it is to share your thouts.but nandini and kunal never had lengthy discussions.only they hug kiss and share the bed.
    What a lovely justification by nandini

  14. hold on
    nandani was traumatised after rajdeep
    kunal begged her not to leave
    he told a woman that has never been loved that he loves her and will stand by her
    he said he loved her to the world and back knowing its wrong.
    so isnt the actual bad person kunal

    now is the time he should stand up and say he did wrong nandani was leaving but he took the first step

    so either they have a connection
    or ether he his just a greedy man and played nandani too

    though she is wrong but it happens in life

    he is the one that should have known better
    nandani had been beaten lost a baby abused cheated on
    made to feel like crap then he shows he cares and says he loves her ad will never leave her
    he tells her he wants to tell mauli

    so is he genuine is he in love
    bcus if not then poor both women thats just wrong
    thats like brain washing to sleep with a girl then saying aww later it was wrong
    he has instigated all of it.

    so why should the woman be branded and be shamed and blamed

    people need to chill lol its only a tv show

    there are worse things that happen in the world

    as for showing affairs indian tv shows murder kidnap men cheating always is that not wrong?
    in TSMS didnt they show Uma cheat and marry another

    1. I agree. No one seems to understand that Kunal is the greater criminal here cos he feels guilty

      Guilty? How stupid can they get… He hasn’t mentioned anything other than I’m sorry I hurt you. He didn’t mention the truth of his relationship with nandini, he hasn’t mentioned whether he will leave her.

      People are saying nandini is selfish. But kunal is more selfish because he knows both those women love him and he has not done anything to appease any one of them.

    2. Maya,
      Rofl… what are you saying? How can you say such things..HE IS A MAN……he can definitely start the affair…he has a right to do that…Nandini is a woman….she can’t do that even if the man initiates…. are you serious it’s a crime to accuse a man even he started everything (Read Sarcasm)……haven’t you heard the rapist saying that girl wore a skirt so it was her fault…..she instigated the pure soul called man to rape her…..hypocrisy much society….

  15. I hope Nandhini will release the kunal for mauli, then the story will jump a few years and now have children from the kunal and have worked in the hospital or whatever.
    I know being a third party is always blamed there will never be anyone who will blame the first or the second,
    whereas everyone has their own mistakes
    as good as possible mauli he also has a mistake he always pushes kunal to be close to nandhini, so that love comes because he is accustomed

  16. I hope Nandhini will release the kunal for mauli, then the story will jump a few years and now have children from the kunal and have worked in the hospital or whatever.
    I know being a third party is always blamed there will never be anyone who will blame the first or the second,
    whereas everyone has their own mistakes
    as good as possible mauli he also has a mistake he always pushes kunal to be close to nandhini, so that love comes because he is accustomed

  17. I think the show tries to imitate Bajirao Mast ani. Best acting by the actors in this serial. I Appreciate the acting.

    1. correct

  18. I think this show trys to imitate Bajirao appreciate the acting of the actors in this serial. Best acting ever.

  19. Mine story before marriage…. My 10 year relationship destroyed by second women….he never come back nd i still love him

  20. It is just TV serial. Nandani is just acting . This is not real life. People are worse in real life. Infidelity is nothing new. Why so much drama for a character. Which is a story written by a writer. Sick you people are writing nonesense and trolling the actress on social media.
    Mauli’s role is weak. She could not see her husband changing. Begging her to let go of Nanadini . Did she listen? There are always cules that she ignored now crying . Blame yourself Mauli before blaming Nandini.

  21. Why don’t Nandini die.if she dies all problems will be sorted out.y don’t she do so .I think she waits for maulis death and wants l
    To lead a happy and perfect life with kunal.when she was tortured by rajdeep she wants to end her life.but here she intentionally hurting mauli by calling and texting there noone to take Care of kunal .shameless and selfish knowing what is Kunal to mauli then also she is maintaining relation with Kunal with no guilt.she always has tears to get sympathy and to get that she can go to any extent.really Nandini proved tears are great boon for women.she has no humanity.nandini should die.

    1. That is very mean and even worse if you can pray for someone’s death like that. Not to mention it shows poorly about you. Very disappointed that mauli’s supporter could think this way.

  22. lol..The director making Nandini mahaan as she brought Kunal to hospital.

  23. Tejugayu

    Although it is just a show….nd no offence to drashti fans….i just hate it when nandini justifies herself.Felt really bad for mauli….😢

  24. Like seriously…..
    U cvs ar trying to justify ema…and according to some spoilers,after the accident nandini will take kunal to her home and kunal will agree…… wt do u think😡😡😡
    And nandini seriously has the guts to think abt kunal all day…..😠😠😠
    And poor mauli will be in pain😔😔😔
    I hte nandini to the core…..
    (No offence to dhrashti dhami)

  25. Nandhini totally suffering from serious mental disorder I think so seriously need to admit her for good mental ashyulum for better treatment to cure her pcyco path behavior 😂😂😂….

  26. why everyone accusing the character of nandini m just asking to everyone ???? its just a show and infact i read facebook and twitter comments also that everywhere only kunal and nandini is shown as culprit. guys we are humans our feelings are not limited. love is love its not bound to any relation. its a show appreciate the beauty of love and m not in favour of extra marital affairs. appreciate their acting and courage to portray such character. pyaar kisi se bhi ho sakta hai but agar kunal galt hota to wo mauli ko chodh bhi sakta tha. just understand what the show try to give messege

    1. yaa ryt this is just show and and it’s on tv and many ppl watching this.. bt joh abhi yeh batane ki koshish krrhe h woh galat hai.. why to make women weak and kyu kisi women ko hmsha women ke against batana.. sbne appreciate kia na nandani ne kese sare relations rajdeep se tode.. how bravely she fighted against him.. and mauli ko bhi who is independent and so so sweet caring.. then I mean just think about ppl who really face this situation.. and what they are trying to show as per recent spoilers ki yeh sb sahi h n bhagwan bhi yehi chahta h woh sath rhe.. this is something cruel.. kher just a show n yeh lesson dene ke alwa kuch or acha batya toh bdia h.. otherwise till now lesson given not to trust your partner frn and ema is cool bro.. pyar hena no boundation 😂😂😂😂

    2. Agar kunal chodh deti maul ko to better hota sabh itni outraged hogai bcz kunal pichese cheat kye. If divorce mauli and had relation with nandini no one said anything.Marriage do break second marriage do happen nothing wrong but wrong to have ema. Ema is love then why rape is not love too dono to real life me hoti he, dono hi to feelings ki vhase se hoti hai.

  27. are bevkuf writers ema ko justify krna tha toh kunal or mauli ki bonding achi mat batate no one can see a beautiful relationship getting destroyed by 3rd person.. bas ek br nandani or kunal hojye sath joh hona hi hai phr yeh show dekhna band mera toh.. stupid serial

  28. What that nandini is yrr always rotlu kahiki .. An to mujhe uske face se nhi nafrat ho rahi hai …

  29. Writers should end the character of nandini she is too disgusting and shameless. She doesn’t care for mauli. Why she is still trying to contact kunal and behaves as if she is his wife. She must go far from them now forever or show her as a negative character because people hate nandini very much and will just stop watching this show nothing else.all are interested in mauli ‘s journey not interested in kunal nandini live story. And mauli must leave kunal nandini Bec they don’t want to leave each other and they don’t care for mauli. So mauli should not go behind kunal now just leave him with nandini. Let them live together and mauli can live happily with her family.

  30. kunal is so confusing.. like everyone were going through their pathos of emotions today.. but kunal?? mauli loves kunal and nandhini so she was just remembering her moments with them and cried thinking about their lies and betrayal.. nandhini was guilty but she still loves kunal which is evident so she was crying..
    but kunal?? what’s wrong with him??
    he is guilty but he should at least take some decision like what he wants? if he is guilty and wants to reunite with mauli, then he should have not called nandhini which made mauli angry and thats’s the reason he is out of the house now…
    if he wants nandhini as he have promised and said so much of bak bak when he proposed her, he should at least make it clear to mauli and his family. he is just cheating everyone and also himself..
    but his character is very much spoiled here, if he choose mauli and have plans of forgetting nandhini, then it is very cheap and low that he just shared bed with a girl threw her out of his life like nothing happened.. if he is going to choose nandhini then even that is going to be selfish as he just left his wife who had no mistakes..
    his character is the worst here.. whatever he choose it is going to be wrong

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