Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Kunal meet at Dargah

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. Dida comes out of her room and calls Mishti, Radika or Mauli. She finds Mauli in the balcony, her eyes swelled of insomnia. Mauli says she is distressed of Nandini’s death. Dida says she cursed Nandini but never wished this fate. Mauli says Nandini might not get peace until she finds out they have forgiven her. Dida suggests about arranging a pooja for Nandini. Mauli says there is a Dargah Nandini often visited, she is thinking about visiting the temple. Mauli says she will call Ishaan to come along as well. Dida forbids her as Ishaan is new to the situation, he couldn’t forgive Kunal and Nandini. There is a lot Mauli has to do, shopping, clinic and then parlor, she will make up something to Ishaan.
Mamma comes to Kunal’s house. He cheers as he finds her

at the door and hugs her, then takes her inside. Mamma apologizes Kunal as they didn’t know about Nandini, they thought he was happy and never realized he was all alone. Kunal says he had never been alone, Mamma had been with him in every step of his life. Mamma was upset that Kunal strived for everything all alone, and she was busy there. Kunal says Mamma has done who no one does, she supported her daughter in law rather than supporting her son. Mamma turns to leave. Kunal offers to drop her, he is going to Dargah. Nandini often visited Dargah.
Ishaani brings gifts for Mauli. He looks around. Dida comes outside and greets Ishaan. Ishaan inquires about everyone. Dida replies Mamma is out since morning, she and Mishti are home. Ishaan asks and…. Dida tells him that Mauli has gone to clinic. Ishaan complains that it’s their roka tomorrow. Dida tells Ishaan he must always understand that Mauli is a doctor and clinic is her second home. Mishti comes from behind and hugs Ishaan. Ishaan promises to take Mishti for shopping.
Kunal was in the Dargah. Ishaani walked towards the Dargah, thinking about her past with Nandini. Inside the caretaker bless Kunal and prays that his prayers for his deceased wife come true. Mauli cried at the door of Dargah while praying. Kunal leaves from the other door.
Ishaan and Mishti play with each other mischievously in the car. Mishti recognizes Mauli’s car outside the Dargah. Ishaan wonders if Dida lied to him or Mauli, he wonders why Mauli came here. Kunal was near the gate of Dargah, Mauli came a little behind him; both hadn’t noticed each other. All at once, Kunal hits an old man and he and Mauli comes to confrontation. Ishaani just came in looking for Mauli and find Kunal and Mauli stand face to face. Tears fell off Mauli’s eyes. Mauli says I am so sorry, I didn’t know Nandini… I came over for peace of her soul, she never realized Nandini may leave them so early. What had happened to her? Kunal says Nandini was in much pain, they got the tests and found it was an advanced stage cancer. She died two years ago. He tells Mauli there was not a single day when Nandini didn’t mention Mauli. Each of her memory was linked with Mauli.
Ishaan turns away wondering why Mauli lied about clinic and came here to meet Kunal. He returns to the car. Mishti asks if its mama’s car? Ishaan replies it’s not her mama’s car, he tells Mishti they need to go home, he has forgotten something.
Mauli feels she re-scratched old wounds of Kunal but Kunal smiles that he always feel happy while discussing about Nandini. He then gets a call from Pari who was fearful and crying.
PRECAP: In the hospital, Pari makes a video call to Mishti. Mishti tells Pari it’s her Mama and Popsy’s wedding. Pari asks if they have to get married yet. Kunal heard this and was suspicious.

PRECAP: In the hospital, Pari makes a video call to Mishti. Mishti tells Pari it’s her Mama and Popsy’s wedding. Pari asks if they have to get married yet. Kunal heard this and was suspicious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting… So Nandini is dead and I am sure her last wish will be uniting Mouli and Kunal…,now I doubt that may be show will turn like kuch kuch hota hai… But I hope Ishaan don’t get hurt tooo much…

  2. I want mouli & ishan pair I hate dis kunal plzzz writers don’t unite mouli with dat cheater kunal v want to see mouli with ishan dey r d best couple

  3. what kind of person kunal is….
    after beaking heart of mauli, he is saying nandini talk about her alot..
    what is talk.. maine uska pati chin liya, uska ghr chin lia,uski khushia chin li. kaash abh wo hmare sath reh kr dekhti.. soch ke b aise logo pe ghin aa jati hai.. this story cant b like kuch kuch hota hai..please dont compare it.. rahul and anjali were best friends not husband wife..
    Inmy like i never want a son or husband like kunal. such a shameless character. no guilty at all..

    1. Let’s just stop commenting here dear. Coz writers would do what they want to. Let’s use our time in something productive instead of wishing something that won’t happen

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think writers are trying to justify Nandinis character to the audience as still “a good woman” even in death 😐 … but viewers already hv a bitter taste in their mouths from previous episodes … so sad they hv no choice but to ruin a perfectly good union for Mauli and Ishaan … 😔

  5. How interesting it is to read comments here. Day by day even number of comments reduced to 4. I won’t be reading these updates here. For those who are thinking that this serial would end like kkhh, I pity you guys, in kkhh, rahul and Anjali were best friends. They were not even in relationship. Tina didn’t knew about Anjali’s feelings for Rahul until the train scene. Though she was suspicious, her Dad assured that they are just best friends. Even Rahul didn’t realize that he loves Anjali and was attracted towards Tina. Here, Tina didn’t snatch someone’s bf or hubby but still she felt guilty for coming in way of a friendship which could’ve transformed into love. Rahul didn’t keep on mentioning about Tina every now and then. And lastly he married Anjali after realizing his love for her, not because his daughter needed someone like her mother.

    Coming to this crappy serial, Pari is cute but script writers have made sure that we will remember Nandini by looking at her. During dinner when Mishti called her as sister, she had a problem as she didn’t wanna share her Dad. I don’t have any problem with that statement. She didn’t know that she was born after her mom snatched Mishti’s Dad and Mauli’s husband. She didn’t know that her mother was sharing her best friend’s husband and still crying for wanting both of them. But now Pari wants Mauli as her mother, Dida and Radhika’s love, which according to her belongs to Mishti. Yeah, I know she is their granddaughter but she doesn’t know it right and hence she refused to share Kunal (her buddy) but she wants Mishti to share her family with her. Isn’t it hypocrisy? Reminds of Nandini.
    I don’t have anything against that child actress, but these serial makers want us to hate her or else they won’t have shown such scenes. She even prayed to Mata Rani for someone like her mother and our Mata Rani granted her wish sidelining the wishes of Mauli and Ishaan. Here, Mata Rani is not a Devi but directors making fun of our religion and beliefs. Let me clear one more thing, stop comparing Mauli with Nandini. Pari is shown repeating that Mauli is just like her mother. Child, she is nothing like your mother.

    I can clearly see future of this serial. Mauli remarries Kunal, takes responsibility of Pari, Mishti is ignored completely, Kunal and Mauli both prioritize Pari, Maunal having Nandini’s big portrait and pictures on every wall of the house, they keep talking about how Mahaan Nandini was, she is still on their heart, memories and wherever she can be, she’s still watching them, Maunal performing her barsi every year with whole family which will consist of Maunal, Pari, Mishti, Dida and Radhika.

    I can’t tolerate this crap anymore. I’m done with this utter bullshit. I won’t be coming here to read even comments and written updates.
    Good thing that Silsila won’t be on TV as it will be continued on Voot hereafter. Actually it should’ve been just gone off air and banned but it’s not in my hands, so just ignoring the existence of this serial.

    1. Absolutely true!

  6. Shalini singh

    Just wana say 1 thng about this serial………DISGUSTING
    writer has no sense what he is showing and what he is giving msg to this society……..nandini aur kunal jaise ghatiya character k logo ko mahaan dikha rahe

  7. Future story might be this…
    Possibility 1:
    Kunaal will get a doubt on over goodness of ishaan and finds out that ishaan is just using mauli.. before marriage he will prove ishaan character is wrong and at that venue mauli is got married to Kunal.. pari will call mauli mumma and Misti will call Kunal papa… From heaven nandinis soul will be satisfied that mauli gets her happiness which she snatched and her daughter got a mom ..
    Possibility 2:
    Kunal gets doubt on ishaans character but he is satisfied after learning ishaans goodness.. he wholeheartedly congratulates the couple but mauli couldn’t get out from the trauma that Nandini died and pari is motherless.. so marriage was stopped.. and mauli ,Kunal re-unite… pari will call mauli mumma and Misti will call Kunal papa… From heaven nandinis soul will be satisfied that mauli gets her happiness which she snatched and her daughter got a mom ..

  8. sushma mishra

    will u stop posting written updates too after it will telecast only on voot aap
    plzz never do soo
    i am from nepal and i cant watch it on voot aap plZz

  9. Nandini ki death kaunsi hamhe show ki hai, may be she is alive thinking that she can’t see Kunal suffering everyday so she left pretending of her death… she might come back one day!!!

  10. Lokesh

    I wish Kunal mar jaye, and her daughter cared by Mauli and ishaan

  11. Why so much importance to nandini?makers just want to give imp to her so she didn’t get any punishment and she was mistress but still she got married and called kunal’s wife so she got everything in life …no punishment to her .?now everyone is missing her as if she was divine soul?Ok as a friend one can forgive her as she is died but it doesn’t mean she was great. She snatched all happiness from mauli but still she is remembered as very good person?Why I dn understand. Her character was just disgusting and kunal is still missing her .He never cared for mauli’s feelings and her sorrow. He never feels that he has done wrong to mauli?how can it possible?then no.need to reunite them. Kunal doesn’t love mauli so sympathy from mauli can possible but remarriage can’t digest. We have no problem for kunal mauli but he doesn’t love or respect her for whatever she did for him in past. First let him feel that his relation with nandini was wrong then only he will understand mauli. Here makers just want to show nandini great so they showed kunal.divorced mauli and married to nandini so no one can say that nandini was mistress. But viewers know very well how she snatched everything from mauli. So no respect for nandini character .makers still whitewash her character after her death why?so they just want to show mauli was responsible for all these n fool also that’s why she will unite with him?!Kunal is great nandini was great then just mauli is at fault?!Bec she trusted kunal and nandini?!

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