Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal finds a new house for Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal was worried and sends Mauli to feed Nandini, she must be hungry. Mauli decides to take a plate for her. Nandini lay in her bed when Mauli enters, she poses to be asleep. Mauli leaves the room without disturbing her and asks Pramilla to place the food into refrigerator.
Later in the room, Kunal thinks Nandini must have the same storm in her heart as him. He wish to console her. Mauli comes to hug Kunal from behind then hugs him, she asks if he is still in shock? Else his grip of hands wasn’t as weak. She then goes to set his bed. Kunal comes to help Mauli who watched him sadly. She makes Kunal sit on the bed and forbid him overthink about the matter, he should try and forget it. It’s enough that he is fine, all else will get better soon.
Late at night, Kunal lay in his bed awake. Nandini shivered as she sat in her bed, still wet due to being in shower. Kunal leaves the bed, takes the food from fridge and knocks at Nandini’s door with the plate. He tries and opens the door, Nandini was not in her bed. Kunal finds her sitting in the window, shivering in cold and crying hard. He was worried for her condition and asks what this all is, she might fell ill this way. He brings a blanket and drapes it over her. Nandini blames herself and vows to never lose her control ever again. Kunal says the actions out of emotions are never mistakenly done, he can never accept them as mistake; these tears and pain is all because of it. He will never discuss the matter again although he is curious to know why she was attracted to him and hugged him. Her tears are greater than his wish right now, and he doesn’t at all wants to hurt her. She has already suffered a lot. Nandini looks towards Kunal for a while. Kunal requests her to eat something. Nandini requests Kunal for some help. Nandini says it’s better for her to leave this house and live somewhere else. Kunal was hurt but understands her situation, he agrees to find a house for her. Both were in tears.
The next morning mamma calls Mauli to hurry, her breakfast is getting colder. Mauli brings tea and breakfast into the balcony. Dida asks Mauli about Kunal. Mauli says he left early even today, didn’t have tea. He never liked missing breakfast but he is quite busy these days. Mamma suggests Mauli to keep spying Kunal now, what if he is behind a girl? They laugh together. Mauli says in so many years she could only catch one weakness of Kunal, good food. Only Nandini can get Kunal drool over her, but thankfully she won’t do it. Nandini just came outside and hears Mauli’s conversation. Kunal returns home. Everyone cheer at his arrival. Kunal brought a good news, he found a new house for Nandini. Now Mauli and Nandini may again decorate a house like they did in their childhood. Mauli asks how Kunal did this so soon, she asked every broken to find her a house since long. Kunal looks towards Nandini and says may be this task was his fate. He offers them to come along and see the house.
Mauli walks into the apartment and asks Kunal how he liked this house so much? Its neither maintained nor furnished? Kunal convinces Nandini that this apartment has light, water supply and everything else, the owner is accommodating and the neighborhood is also good. Mauli convinces Kunal that Nandini would need some furniture as well. They can wait for a while and find a furnished apartment. Nandini says there would be some problem in any house they look for, she truly believes she can make a beautiful home out of this house, Mauli confirms if she is sure? Nandini assures Mauli as she isn’t ready to look back anymore. Mauli finally agrees, she offers to decorate the house together with Nandini and gives all the heavy weight work to Kunal. She claims Nandini’s home would be incomplete without Kunal’s assistance. Kunal and Nandini share a look. Kunal says Nandini’s home must be completed at any cost now. Mauli was excited. Kunal assures he would take care of all the paper work and electric tasks. He turns to leave as his patients must be waiting. Mauli decides to stay and discuss some decorations of the house.
Nandini watch Kunal stop at the door and turn to look towards her. Nandini nods at him thankfully.

PRECAP: Kunal comes to help Nandini with moving some luggage. There, Rajdeep discuss with a lawyer he must prove Nandini as ill charactered. Kunal and Nandini were stuck in the room as the door slams due to heavy wind, the lock was jammed and breaks due to Kunal’s force. They beat the door from inside calling for help. Rajdeep passed by and hears the calls.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Minna Chandran

    It’s a large city and world but the story writers keep making the evil husband appear everywhere… Difficult to swallow!!!

  2. Mauli u better walk out of his life girl there is no place for u in that Kunal heart ,I can’t see u sad, u deserve happiness women, and don’t show love n care to this man, who doesn’t worth it, it’s just my thought pls don’t tak it serious in future if mauli n nandhini is in danger, Kunal will rescue only nandhini over mauli, he won’t even care for mauli

  3. Hate you kunal for betraying such a loving wife who trusts you so much .I really pity Mauli who showers so much affection on Nandini and Kunal who both are stabbing in her back.

  4. Kunal and nandini both are responsible for this.nandini always take help from kunal and they get chances to come closer. I don’t like nandini character she tries to get sympathy from everyone. Hope mauli comes to know all these soon and leave kunal nandini. She deserves best in life. I like mauli’s character very much. Kunal nandini too irritating. Nandini tries to get sympathy from kunal always and silently does everything so don’t blame kunal only nandini is equally responsible. She cooks for kunal ..hugs him what nonsense…so disgusting and here some people are just praising nandini and her beauty. So sad. She doesn’t deserve such respect. She is not uneducated that she can’t u understand what’s going on and not teenagers. She doesn’t deserve mauli’s friendship.

  5. I don’t understand why some are just having sympathy for nandini…her problems are over as she has already filed for divorce but now she will create problems for mauli. We must think for mauli now not nandini.she is thinking for someone’s husband that’s her fault. In ema show both the characters must suffer in the end and they must learn the difference between love and attraction. Mauli must not suffer she deserves best .

  6. I agree with all of you Mauli has the right to get better

  7. I agree with all of you Mauli has the right to get better

  8. what I want Mauli soon learned that her husband had an ideal woman, so far why Mauli was not sensitive to her husband’s change even though the household had been running for 3 years

  9. Seriously sister.. To all my brother and sister.. The serial which is telecasting such unfair, cheating and back stabbing to a loyal person,who(mauli) thinks he is her world… How come a person be like…. Apart from all this we are watching this serial fir entertainment but this even pollute all gud minds and justifying such illegal relationship… Nowadays could see some brothers and sisters are accepting such feelings as true Anna… Be loyal to u r family,friends and wife… Don’t ever encourage such kind of misleading serials into your home… Thanks

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