Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli finds out about Nandini’s death

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the temple, Kunal and Pari sat for Nandini’s Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli reach the temple and sit for their Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli smile at each other. The pandit ji brings them aarti. Kunal thinks moving ahead without Nandini is difficult, he wish for the courage to be able to move ahead in life and be a good parent to Pari. Pari prays that she realizes her mother would never return to her, but God may send alike of her mother.
There, Pandit ji had draped a chunri over Mauli’s head that flies towards Nandini’s photo. Mauli looks behind wondering where her Chunri had gone. She goes to bring it back but was shocked to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. She walks towards them and gathering courage, removes the Chunri off the photo. Mauli was taken aback as it was Nandini’s

photo covered in flowers under her Chunri. She steps back weakly and was about to slip down the stairs. Ishaan comes to support her. They turn to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. Mauli trembles, breaking into tears and hurries down the stairs. Ishaan was confused and asks what happened. He asks her to be strong, Kunal never affected her. He realizes Kunal’s wife is no longer alive and Pari seems to be a poor girl. He asks Mauli to come to pay condolences to Kunal. Mauli doesn’t move. She tells Ishaan that Kunal’s wife Nandini was her childhood’s best friend. She came over to live at their place and Kunal fall in love with Nandini. Kunal’s attitude and their divorce flash in Mauli’s mind. Ishaan says this means Kunal cheated Mauli with her best friend. Mauli was devastated and badly cries. She says she was angry at Nandini and never wanted to see her face, but she never wanted Nandini dead. She cries hard saying I am so sorry Nandini.
Pari comes to Kunal with food set in a tray. Kunal smiles and was about to speak. Pari says she isn’t hungry at all. Kunal gets the game, and says he must eat anyway. Pari gives him bites named after Pari, Nandini and Kunal. Kunal says it’s done. Pari says there is some left, one after Mishti’s name and other after Mauli’s. She afterwards claps cheerfully.
At home, Mamma and Dida were also aggrieved hearing about Nandini’s death. Mauli was still crying. Mamma recalls cursing Nandini. Mauli says she was angry with Nandini but she never wished Nandini to die, and forgives Nandini. Ishaan comes there and pays condolences to Mauli. She must be hurt that Kunal betrayed her for her best friend, he gets furious even at the thought that Kunal left Mauli for her own best friend. Ishaan comes to Dida and salutes them for leaving their own son for their daughter in law. He assures Dida that she still has a son, he promises to never leave her and serve them till his life. She will never leave Mauli as well. He also promises them that Mishti will never find out about Kunal being her biological father.

PRECAP: Mauli discuss with Dida that she must go to a Mazaar Nandini often visited, may be Nandini gets some peace that way. There, Kunal tells Mamma he was leaving for Mazaar where Nandini used to go.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. How can one believe that Kunal has no regret of cheating Mauli?This show is to be banned .I hate even the actors except mauli in this show.

  2. Silsila should be given an award for being the worst shows. I can very well see where this is going. Pari is praying for a mother like her own and feeding in the name of mauli and mishti. Why not ishaan too? Just foreshadowing to show that they will end up as family… And why is mauli asking forgiveness? For what? She didnt murder nandini nor wished her dead. If nandini died, mouli might feel sad about it, but forgiving everything that happened? Good. Now it will be poor kunal, poor pari everywhere. Ishaan will say kunal doesnt deserve sympathy and ishaan will be shown as negative. And mouli will go back to kunal out of sympathy for pari and guilt over nandini. Ofcourse, somewhere kunal will find out about mishti and want that family too and mouli will forgive. She already forgave nandini… If mouli and kunal had to end up together, why introduce that terrible track with nandini. Yeah it happens in reality, but not like this. And what is the shows message? Any marriage can break any time, and what seems like love might be just ‘step’. (Kunal didnt even say that there was a time when he genuinely loved mouli. He behaves as if mouli never meant anything to him.) The second love is true and pure and lovers should fight the world and leave all family and even god supports that relationship. So no need to think about anybody else. But if the second wife dies, the first wife should feel bad about being angry with the second wife, forgive everyone and get back with the ex husband. Because poor husband lost his true love. Who will look after his daughter now? Ugh… This is my last comment on this forum. My mistake to expect anything from this show.

  3. Seriously how the writer is making kunal hero again after making mauli life hell… And poor mauli again blaming herself for nandini death… Kunal has no regret and now he is getting more sympathy for being good father handling every thing alone…. I’m sure further episodes we will see mauli going back to kunal and ishaan will be shown villian
    No self respect for women shown here.. I have stopped watching the day kunal fall for nandini… Very perfect and happy couple👫💜 how can he fell in love again… Writer wants to show love can happen to anyone anywhere anytime..

  4. It would be very stupid of mauli if she ever accepts kunal back i hope that this show would show the audience some practicality and not send the woman running back to the man who left her..i how mauli ends up with ishaan.

  5. Why are you not writting about internetwalalove 🙁
    Its been soo long

  6. I hate Kunal poor mauli

  7. Pure bull, Nandini nor Kunal are innocent victims here, they are the scum of the earth. Both betrayed the woman who love them the most, why are they trying to make Nandini a victim here. treat her as what she was a tramp who destroyed her best friend marriage and home same as Kunal.

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I believe Ishaan will hv no choice but to turn negative knowing how Kunal cheated Mauli so horribly 😡 but I will still love him for portraying such a strong character… where Mauli lack, he will fill the void 💪 love u Kinshuk 😍

  9. Mauli still loves KUNAL I think so she might also forgive him. But poor ishaan

  10. Please update the episodes of internet wala love🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 . Why do u stop writing .

  11. Spoiler alert: “Ishaan gets a misunderstanding, which draws him distant from Mauli. Mauli feels bad for Pari, who is getting raised by a single parent. She knows Pari’s need of a mother. Ishaan wants to get his marriage with Mauli on fast track. Mauli finds hard to take her life’s big decision. Kunal and Mauli’s destiny brings them together again.”

    So sounds like they’re planning to make Ishaan negative who forces Mauli for marriage and Kunal “the hero” saves Mauli from Ishaan. Pathetic!

    I’ve stopped watching this some time back but was reading episodes upto now thinking Mauli will move on with Ishaan and Kunal learning his lesson. But no producers will never learn.

  12. Yah..that’s right evryone.😧😥😥😧

  13. mouli is going to do that with ishaan whta nandini & kunal did to mouli,how both deceived mouli & now mouli & kunal r going to deceive ishaan who helped mouli in absence of kunal,kunal brought up pari alone so what mouli also brought her daughter up without kunal…now i am feeling there is a personality problem in mouli who easily forgave nandini because she died,somehow she wants kunal back in her life.that’s all…between in these dramas such a beautiful friendship of mouli & nandini got spoiled & defamed..

  14. Why is Mauli upset over Nandini’s death? If I was in Mauli’s place, I would actually be glad that someone as cheap as Nandini is dead.

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