Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari celebrates her achievement with Rohan

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer notices the scratches on Rohan’s chest, then questions why he didn’t tell him it reached to such an extent. Rohan notices the scratches. Veer laughs and wonders which wild cat he came across. Mishti regrets. Veer asks Rohan to be cautious at least and shut his buttons. He asks Mishti if he was with her only, did she meet the girl. He asks Rohan if it’s the girl in his camera. Rohan was nervous and tries to flee. Veer forces him sit back and asks for his help to select the card. Veer whispers to Mishti that he will find out anyway which girl she is. Rohan selects a card and leaves. Veer says he knows Rohan in and out, he hasn’t seen him like this before. His heart ache seems deeper than the bruise of nails. Mishti was irritated. Veer asks whom he would discuss his friend’s

problem if not his fiancé. Mishti politely says they must not intervene in Rohan’s love life. Veer says he is his childhood friend, he asks Mishti to find out as well who the girl is. Rohan isn’t Rohan today, he was never so tensed, it seems he got someone of his competition. Mishti now asks Veer to complete the job they came here for. Veer kiss the back of her hand, as her wish is his command.
Mishti comes to washroom thinking about Veer’s conversation, she punches the wall and turns the shower on; bathing herself. She wonders how Veer can be sure Rohan is in love, it was her nail scratch. She can’t even think about Rohan. She couldn’t get Rohan’s thoughts off her mind, his memories flash in front of her eyes. Rohan returns home and hurries into his room. He looks at himself in the mirror and feels the scratches over his chest.
Pari brings popcorns to Mishti and boasts about her clear meeting with the client. Mishti says Pari can’t threaten the client, and deal with the client this way. Their relation with client is extremely complex, and they shouldn’t tell the client about two buffer days. Pari was tensed. Mishti says they must wait for the clients. There was a phone bell, Pari goes to answer. Mishti gets a call from the client, he was appreciative of Pari’s courage. He accepts all the conditions of Pari and says he likes truthful and honest people to work with. His brother always said those who are able to speak the truth without fear, it’s beneficial to work with them. Mishti promises to compete the project in fourteen days. On the door, a delivery boy gives a flower bouquet and a beer bottle to Pari as Mr. Rawat accepted her deal. Pari cheers up, thanks the delivery boy and walks inside straight towards Rohan’s room. Mishti was happily coming out of the room to congratulate Pari and watch Pari go to Rohan.
In the room, Pari thanks Rohan, and hugs him cheerfully. He asks her to explain. Pari says first they must enjoy the beer. Rohan opens the bottle and takes the sip. Pari tells him she got the deal, she became herself just like he had said. Rohan says I am so proud of you Pari and hugs her. Pari was shocked to see Mishti on the door and remembers her promise to Mishti. Mishti was upset. In the hall, Pari informs Mishti about getting the deal and that Mr. Rawat sent the bouquet and the bottle as well. Mishti says the bottle is already open, how can she celebrate. They two can carry on the celebrations and enjoy.
It was night. Arnav smiles watching Pari’s photo on his cell phone. Sukhmani comes to his room excited for a film and peeks into his cell phone. She asks Arnav why he doesn’t take a step. Even she is confused if there really is something or not. She advices him to move fast forward as per the demands of time. She says the problem isn’t about Pari. She is reluctant of commitment, but he must assure how happy she can be with the commitment to him. He must work hard to get her, tell her I love you, I miss you and show the fire inside him. She must know what storm he is coming across everyday inside him. Arnav says it’s complicated. Sukhmani says their generation claims everything complicated only after two or three attempts. Arnav warns Sukhmani to keep her advices to herself only, he will tell her when there is a positive response.
Mishti was busy on call with Veer to hurry with his wedding arrangements. Pari thinks when words don’t work, food does. Pari comes to her with a champagne bottle with a Sorry note. Mishti ends the call, then tears the note.

PRECAP: Pari asks Mishti if she kissed someone and didn’t tell her who it was. Sukhmani says its was Mishti’s first dare in life, why hide about it. Veer comes from behind and asks what the dare was. Mishti was tensed

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mishti’s emotional turmoil was really so connecting.Mishti being upset is totally justified.No one asked pari to promise she promised and she only broke..She said mishti was most important to her but that important person was not at all remembered while celebrating .I am sure now they will not cheat .They will resolve this with veer first before taking any step.

  2. Honestly,I like Tejaswi and Kunal Jaisingh pairing.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    I don’t if anyone you watched today colors channel or not in afternoon, as due to some technical error, silsila season 1 story soo far was coming on SD set up box… And don’t know if I or anyone of us noticed or not, but some dialogues and secenes were too way funny, and today they were making me laugh: may be that time I not noticed: but they were damm funny… Here is list, which I remember now, as I wrote now, watched in afternoon:

    1. Nandini went for suicide: Kunal went behind her, and she was at top of building and was about to jump: but she didn’t jump until Kunal reached. ?????? How come Kunal knew from which floor was Nandini going to jump??????? Mouli was slapping Makija, how come she reached at suicide place without calling kunal or nandini????

    2. Nandini act as sales girl in mall, she went in so many stores, and mouli and kunal reached on place each time, where Nandini was working????? nandini used face cover: that to Net: than even she was not recognised by Kunal?????

    3. Kunal left his car in middle of road, and he always get car in his required place: is car remote control or posses wings??????, first he left in traffic to take nandini hospital, then again in traffic to stop nandini????

    4. When everyone went to Gauripura temple, first that place was guest house, than nandini house and even after 6 yr leap, kunal and pari stayed at same place (he kept rented house for 6 yrs) and after kunal memory loss, it turned Ishaan house?????????

    5. Pune to Mumbai is approx 3-4 hour distance, Kunal covered in minutes and Nandini just reached bus stop, I mean seriously??????? and why Nandini waited after annocement, whole waiting area was empty and she was taking baby steps???????

    7. Moulee said to Kunal: you and Nandini will enjoy each other company: I shall stand out: if she knew that future will be this???????

    8. Rajdeep business was not well or say his earning was not much as his wanted: then also he use to afford every comfort, lawyer, nari mukti morcha, other female etc. so easily?????

    9. Nandini and Kunal in coffee shop: Mouli so easily saw Nandini from mirror, but wasn’t able to see Kunal?????

    10. Nandini and Kunal in coffee shop: Rajdeep record: Nandini said they know that they are cheating Mouli, and her eye are changed. Did she ask anything? Kunal replies no, but if she would have asked, I would have not lied this time: so my question is how many time he lied about his affair till that time?????? i mean confessioned happened before janamastmi and in ganesh utsav they are talking about cheating: almost nearly 10 episode…when mouli asked about their affair by that time??????????

    11. Bracelet was in dashborad since kunal found and mouli again found????, like seriously, they never checked dashborad or never clean car????

    12. In some episode manas met nandini, kunal and mouli, he gave his card and kunal left: but he never tried to contact mouli and nandini again?????? or if he knew that kunal is falling in love with nandini???

    13. In ganesh utsav, kunal and nandini do puja as couple, chakor was out, rest eyes was closed: but what about pandit ji: even he didn’t see them doing puja together??????

    14. Rajdeep plan to burn Nandini alive, Kunal reached, Mouli reached, but where the hell was police???????

    15. After leap: Kunal met Ishaan in cafe for pari: how come kunal and mouli crossed each other and didn’t see????

    16. Kunal use to call every night since 6 yrs, but expect radhika or dida: none use to recieve phone???

    17. In ganesh utsav and navratri special, each and every other show male and female came to provide advice on marriage, and in their shows they were facing same problems directly or indirectly or may be in other way: still came to give advice on reletionship??????

    18. Mouli bought Nandini after miscarrage, but how come Nandini dresses came in her house??????

    19. Nandini entry in Mouli house: why Nandini removed her slippers before entrying: after all she didn’t knew about her foot print and welcome????????

    20. Mouli went to stop Ishaan at airport, how come she and other knew from which flight and from which terminal he was leaving? And they reached just in time????????

    21. There use to be so much drama in Nandini building, but no neighbour was least bother..????

    22. Rajdeep Lawyer friend was staying in neighbour-hood of Nandini: and he was vanished after giving advice: and he was friend of rajdeep, he never met nandini, as he said some new onwer is coming on rent????, was he not aware of nandini???

    23. Ishaan, Moulee and Misty stayed at different place or may be in other country: as ishaan said we will come to meet pari and you come to meet misty dedicating to other family members: and show took almost 20-25 yr leap and expect radhika: every mummy papa died and radhika age is still same and active?????

    25. Rajdeep send recording of kunal and nandini cheating, and before she can download, she block his number: but can someone tell me: tv serial had so slow internet speed or wifi speed was slow that video was not downloaded: otherwise just open wifi or net: photos and videos download within seconds??????

    26. Kunal tell pari that we shall go in same temple to pray for nandini soul, where she use to go: but they left India 6 years back, how come she use to visit that particular temple?????

    27. In one secene pari says to kunal, I always saw nandini in pic only: and in other secene he tell Mouli that nandini died 2 year back: so Pari age was just 1 yr or something, though she looked like 3-4 year ?????

    Sorry, comment is toooooo long but i was laughing so hard, so I decided to write for everyone: sorry for sequence as I wrote after story ended…

    1. Hello stop ur kunal and nandini drama here clearly it’s shows u r d fan of kunal n nandini no body interested in urs cheaters kunal n nandini flashback story… Now v r in season 2 plz stop ur nonsense comments here n don’t try to justify ur kunal n nandini betrayal as true love. Simply don’t create ur stupid drama here u sharrada Chester’s will be cheaters always. Anyhow u wasting ur precious time to justify kunal nandini characters ???

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      28. I missed one point that is: when rajdeep find about nandini pregancy and hurt her, she call mouli which is picked by kunal, nandini inform him that she is hurt and after kunal find her location, he says stay there only… Now my point is the person who is hurt and injured, and with unknwon empty road, will go somewhere???????

    3. Oh god its obvious that your jobless and have too much time for writing such long nonsense ?

  4. Ek clap toh banta hi hai?.But I don’t wanna remember that past story…What a rubbish serial that was..But I liked the story after leap..I noticed one thing from your comments that you are so fond of writing??Your every comments were like that?But never mind that…

  5. Today episode justified that pari is nandini’s daughter….. She herself promised Misti that she will away & not talk to rohaan and EOD she broke the promise….. Similar to nandini promise to mauli to leave Kunal….

    Track will continue b/w Misti, pari & rohan only …. I feel veer will be out of the scope. Writer either kill his character or make him negative so that Misti will towards Rohan

    1. Well he is side character ..It was already told by him in interview.Moreover arnav is parrallel lead.but veer is only side character

  6. You shouldn’t tell that Unknown or whatever..We all don’t like that cheaters.But maybe she was only highlighting faults in that don’t have to be so rude…But one thing I didn’t understand you shraddha how can you watch their stupid drama again??Even I don’t wanna here their names…watching their drama again is beyond my imagination.But never mind what I said miss Shraddha….

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Its ok Naruto… Every person has their view point… Some may like or some may not….
    Actually I even didn’t wanted to watch, but due to work in progess SD set up box, with applying channels as per trai orders, only color was available yesterday, so I had no choice and watch this show….

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    Unknown, Its was just for fun only… As I was laughing, so I wanted others to laugh as well, its fine if you didn’t like and if you had noticed I mentioned whole season 1 which were in story soo far before major leap…. But one thing I would like to mention that even season 2 is repeating same story, just concept is before marriage only… But liking or not its everyone’s personal choice….

  9. Until now, i haven’t seen anything that shows ‘Pari is Nandini’s daughter.’ (Everyone knows what i mean). Just because she is Nandini’s daughter doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes or she has to be perfect. Or if she does anything not proper, she has to listen to taunts that ‘you are Nandini’s daughter thats why you are doing this.’ I can only imagine the hate messages if Pari and Mishti’s position had been reversed. Because, currently Mishti is on a more slippery slope. She is committed to a person but having thoughts about second person, but no one is saying that Mishti proves she is Kunal’s daughter. Will one day Mishti say to Veer – ‘we had very happy moments, but you were only a step in my life and Ruhaan is my true love’? But Mishti fans will never scold her because Tejaswini has very loyal supporters, and it seems everyone wants Misti and Ruhaan as a pair.
    As for Pari’s behaviour, two days ago someone commented here that Mishti is angry at Pari because the sisters are very close and she is upset that Pari is not valuing her sister’s opinion and giving more importance to Ruhaan. And i understood that yes this is possible. But today also Pari’s behaviour can be explained. Pari always feels that she can be never like Mishti, and for the first time she decided to do something on her own way. (Both Mishti and Ruhaan advised her to). Also, Pari came first to Mishti and told her that she has achieved it. Mishti could have appreciated it a little. But she immediately poured cold waters on all of Pari’s excitement, telling her she is wrong etc etc… How would Pari feel? What would it have done to her confidence if the deal had broken? So when Pari got the gifts and acceptance, she subconsciously went to Ruhaan first. I am sure if Mishti had appreciated Pari’s efforts before the deal became successful, Pari would have gone straight to mishti with the beer and hugging and celebrating the win… What i am saying is both the sisters did some mistakes in this case and it is not a big deal if they dont overreact over it. Mishti is tensed over the business and understandably so. Pari can apologize that sorry i talked to Ruhaan, and Mishti can apologize that sorry i ddin’t appreciate you and matter solved…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed with you, actually everyone want to blame nandini directly or indirectly, first because of her role and now by her daughter pari.. But I too feel that misty is the one who is to be blamed this time…. And One more thing I don’t get, why not everyone blaming Ruhan this time, as he is too coming between Misty and Veer as 3rd person in their life???

    2. You spoke my mind… I don’t know why people are saying that Pari has proven she is Nandini’s daughter…. We can also say that Mishti has proven that she is Kunal’s daughter…. Nandini is the only one betrayed Mauli?? Kunal betrayed Mauli too right?? Why no one think like that?? Mishti is doing or might going to do the same like Kunal also, right?? But the only difference that Kunal was married but Mishti is engaged… Some said that don’t compare previous season with this one but still they speak about Nandini…

      1. Hello there,I wanna make this clear to you that both Kunal and Nandini were cheaters.But everyone highlighting Nandini’s mistake maybe bcz she is a woman and can understand the feelings of another woman and she is a FRIEND too.You know the meaning of friendship..don’t you???Kunal betrayed Mauli as a husband..but the betrayal by Nandini is like trash..Friendship is above all relationships.I blame Kunal too.But what Nandini did being a samajdaar woman is unforgivable..You know that men’s heart don’t stand still always.But women’s??she can control anything..even her feelings if that feeling hurts others.. so In my point of view this is the reason why many people hate Nandini than Kunal..But I can say this that Kunal is the person for whom we cannot show our feelings..even hatred..He is not capable of Hatred too…..
        Many people may disagree with this.But sorry,this is the reality..
        I didn’t want to hurt you.But sorry if my words had hurt you….

  10. Also, i feel, if Mishti and Pari are so close then Mishti should tell Pari everything clearly. That she kissed Ruhaan as dare once, and now she has found out that Ruhaan is veer’s friend and staying as PG as well, and it is making her very uncomfortable. She can also say that she feels Ruhaan likes her and she gets confused too, so it is better if Ruhaan leaves and they dont involve him in their lives anymore. After knowing everything, Pari should respect Mishti’s feelings and think of some way to solve the problem… In season 1, Mauli was always honest about everything going in her heart. And that is why Nandini-Kunal’s betrayal seemed even more of a crime against such an honest person. Here, Ruhaan and mishti are both keeping quiet. If in such a situation, Pari starts falling in love with Ruhaan, I can’t blame her. Because for all she knows, her elder sister is going to be happily married to Veer soon. Hiding the matter will just complicate things for everyone in the future…

  11. How to still believe in the fidelity and meaning of the words loved .. Really very pathetic this series .. Very disgusting .. Where is the respect of the woman. !! .. Respect for friendship .. The meaning of the words loved .. Friendship .. Respect .. Honor … Fidelity .. Trust .. In short none of his words are not respected and preserved in this series

    1. Well said..I do agree…..

  12. And I’m not shipping anyone in this show but I like all the characters for now and this show too… It’s going light without having any negative characters…. Maybe in future there can be any negative characters… KJ, Rohan, Aneri, Tejaswi, Akshit are doing good job…

  13. It seems the written update they are posting very late. As I don’t speak Hindi waiting for written update is annoying now

  14. Hussaina G Ameen

    Your Comment
    I really enjoy watching this serial, i’ve been waiting for the written update since,and even though am not understand Hindi I watch it like that,so pls post the written update for us to understand the episode clearly

  15. I watch this show in NZ and am loving Silsila 2. It just shows that sometimes people settle for a life partner without waiting to meet the right person. Mishti is a bit too young to get married so this was bound to happen. The storyline is great, the characters are awesome. And there is a thin line between love and hate, and misti and Ruhaan character have a lot of passion when fighting, it sizzles. Both are fighting their attraction to each other. This is what makes it so interesting. I guess I am not comparing this to the old one. I think the writers are clever to not follow similar storyline and will in fact redeem the old story with Mihti and Pari’s true sisterhood.

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