Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer knows about Rohan-Mishti relationship

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti hurries to change. Rohan follows Veer to his car and insists on him to listen to him. Veer gets in the car. Rohan gets in with him and wears the seat belt as Veer races the car. Rohan asks him to drive carefully. Veer continues the drive, rash and unstable. Rohan continues to stop him.

Mishti comes out after changing dress and looks around for Rohan. She dials his number, the phone bell rings in the studio. Mishti was tensed and looks around for Rohan. She comes to the security booth. The guard says Rohan went with the other man, he was angry and Rohan followed him to his car. They left in the same car. Mishti wonders who could come here at this time. She wonders how she will find out where Rohan has gone.

Veer continues driving. Rohan shouts at Veer to stop the car. He stops the car and comes out, still furious. Rohan places a hand over his shoulder, requesting him to listen to him. Veer slaps Rohan, then grabs his collar. He questions what he must listen. He never thought Rohan could betray him, he is the reason Mishti left him. He wish to kill Rohan, no matter he has to spend the rest of his life in jail. He slaps Rohan again. Rohan says he didn’t do anything wrong, he tried to tell Veer a lot of times that he loves Mishti and can’t live without him. He fall for Mishti, what he can do. Veer asks if Rohan found only his fiancé to fall for. He snatched his life, his Mish. Rohan shouts he didn’t, when he first saw her and even met her for the first time he didn’t know Mishti was Veer’s fiancé. Even Mishti loved him, but restraint herself. He also restraint himself. They always considered for Veer, but lost in hands of love. They never wanted to betray Veer, and didn’t even progressed with their relationship just so that they can share it with Veer. Veer blames that Rohan didn’t make as much attempts, he went to live in Mishti’s house because he loved her already. Rohan explains he initially thought it was only an infatuation; he realized it later how much he loved Mishti. Still they restraint because of Veer. It was only after Mishti broke up with Veer that they shared their hearts out with each other. He joins his hands requesting Veer to believe they never intended to hurt him.

Mishti returns home. Rohan wasn’t in his room. She was tensed as she couldn’t even call him.

Rohan says they wanted to tell him. Veer tells Rohan to shut up. Rohan insists he won’t. He can count how many times he tried to speak to Veer. First time, he came to office and found out Veer had gone to a club. They reached the club and spotted him dancing with girls. They didn’t judge him. Third time, they came to his building and found him breaking glass of someone’s car. Fourth time, Arnav said Veer has gone to meet a girl; they were happy Veer has moved on. And what Veer did in the party; he took advantage of the opportunity to insult her. Didn’t he love her, or if he only wants a revenge. Veer says Mishti insulted him, and no explanation would work; the fact remains the same that Rohan snatched Mishti from Veer. Rohan apologizes Veer for the mistake. Veer replies it’s not so easy, he won’t ever be freed from the guilt that he betrayed him. Veer says he will now try to keep him reminded about this guilt. From now on, he won’t ever believe in any friend. Veer drives away.

Mishti was crying in Rohan’s room. Rohan also cries.

In the morning, Rohan returns home. He opens the door of his room and finds Mishti sleeping on his bed. She wakes up and hugs him at once. Rohan tells Mishti that Veer knew about them, he didn’t understand and is angry. Mishti says it’s alright, he had to know about it. She doesn’t care anymore. But now they must tell Dadi about it. Rohan thinks Mishti is right, he must forget what happened last night. He should also move on if Veer doesn’t consider him a friend. He tells Mishti he has to leave for Nasik, and he doesn’t want to tell Dadi in any hurry. Once they are back, he would tell Dadi and he is sure she would understand. He tells her to go, he needs to get ready; then gets mischievous and offers to come to shower with him. Mishti pushes him behind. Mishti calls him back and takes the towel from him, circling it around his neck. She teases how his romance got frizzed out at once. Rohan replies not so soon, how he got so lucky. Mishti backs up and turns to leave, then teases Rohan shouting ‘Cockroach’. Rohan screams. Mishti laughs that he got really lucky, no cockroach. She leaves the room through balcony.

Pari was in the kitchen when she gets Veer’s call. Veer requests Pari to meet him once, he needs to apologize and asks her not to tell Mishti. Pari says she doesn’t have any time. Veer requests, for old times’ sake. Pari agrees. Veer smirks.

PRECAP: Veer meets Pari in the café. He tells Pari that Rohan doesn’t only love Pari, he loves Mishti as well. At home, Radhika tells Mishti that Pari and Rohan love each other immensely.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mishaan is worst than kunan, this mishti is unfit to be called as mauli daughter, and that ruhaan one shameless creature, today veer is right in his place. Hope at least nw they stop butchering his char, and give him happy ending or else they better end veers char rather than turning him negative this at least damn makers can do right.

    1. SHANKI

      Did anyone notice from the start she writes Rohan instead of Ruhaan lol!

  2. Between that ruhaan deserve more slap and even mishti too, today ruhaan reminded me more of kunal n nandhini

    1. SHANKI

      at least they didn’t sleep together yet like Kunan I don’t agree with you guys kunan is worse than mishaan!
      and how can you say she doesn’t deserve to be Mauli’s daughter! You can’t even compare? Mauli got cheated by kunal and mishti cheated on veer! You fans should think before writing your hateful minds down!
      And for dreamy Pari, I don’t know what to say, her love ringtone with ruhaan is just like her in simple words dreamy

      l hate Pari for living in her own illusions what do you mean I love you too Ruhaan! SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOCK ON HER DOOR AND SAY GET UP PARI STOP DREAMING!
      Did he ever tell you he loved you? you see a blo*dy letter with I love you on it and you assume that he loves you? and you tell the person who loves you (Arnav) that Can you ask Ruhaan if he loves me in spite from the blo*dy episode 2 Arnav proposes you! And you say you don’t want to break anyone’s heart oh god Pari you are not a Pari! I can’t bear to see that immature long – face girl breaking Arnav’s heart all the time – you don’t deserve love nor ruhaan nor arnav you deserve Veer!
      Pari + Veer= double trouble
      Ishaan and Arnav gets the award for the best character of silsila
      Arnav might not have the best looks or big role or important character but he has the best of the best personality he reminds of the good old days of Ishaan for me Arnav is Ishaan’s real son!
      Mishti and Ruhaan just keep up the good work! Go enjoy yourselves no point of crying.
      Veer you don’t deserve to be a part of silsila badalte riston ka
      Veer go shove your ugly face and fat disgusting lips in the toilet! You and that Pari should get married and go win the trophy for the best ugliest couple in the world!

      Get a new girl for arnav not dreamy and a person understands and knows you actually love her

      1. completely agree, with you, and i would say that this was not a cheating because in case on kunan was bound in a realtionship so he had to decide carefully before breaking the whole relationship, but here it was not the case, because if she had married Veer still being in love with Ruhaan then it would have been a real dhoka, and she would have in an unhappy realtionship all her life, but in case of Kunal, it was not just an arranged marriage which he had a love but still he chose to cheat her, keeping her hidden from his illicit affair with her best friend Nandini, if he really loved nandini then he should have atleast tried speaking to her about his feelings, then atleast it would have been called a cheat,,,but here even while breaking up, mishti tried to reveal everything to Veer, only thing is that circumstances din’t allow her so it is not her fault completely

      2. I too agree with u completely

  3. And people no need to give blind justifiaction for criticizing mishaan by claiming us as kunan fans, I hate kunan n child pari, big pari I don’t hate her but I don’t connect to her too because she is her own delusional land. nw I hate mishaan for doing it to veer n veers butchering is making me more angry towards mishaan

    1. DannyComments

      All I got from your statement is that you basically just hate every character on this show except Veer. is’s your own free speech and can decide whatever you want…but like it or not, accept it or not, Misti made the right decision to break it off with Veer. Love happened between Ruhaan and Misti..that’s life! Pari fell inlove with Ruhaan due to his personality..that’s life! Pari will be hurt when the truth comes out..that’s still life and the right thing to do without killing everyone in your path is simply move on! Veer is allowed to be angry, trust me I will be mad too if my fiance left me for my best friend, but this life sucks big time so yeah.. Pick yourself up and get the hell out..but ofcourse this is a show, created to make people like you and I come online to argue on something that actually didn’t happen?

  4. Disgusting! You betray the person who trusted you and helped you in your bad times and all you can say is “I didn’t intend to hurt you”. Writers are pathetic! They know the public hates this crap so they are now trying to make Veer into a villain. They even show that dumping your child in an orphanage is okay if you are chasing your love. Maybe S3 will show murdering your husband/ wife and then abandoning child after falling for the spouse’s friend is also ok because no one Wanted to kill the spouse. Sick writers

  5. I don;t so many haters for Misthi- Ruhaan

    They fell in love. Of course today episode Ruhaan said that he fell in love with her when he see at her first.
    He doesn;t know Veer fiance…………
    He try to stop his emotions but can;t where MIsthi also feel same
    They confess their love to each other and Misthi with dinity break-up with Veer
    They try to say so many times…………..

    All Viewers are criticizing them mainly MIsthi………….
    How can you suppose t day that comments on woman……………..She had right to choice his partner……..

    For your information Kunal left Mau;i although he was married man…….
    Her Misthi get engaged that;s it………………..They also not shown lovestory of Veer-Misthi………
    They were friends and MIsthi accepted his proposal…………

    They are so many stuoid shows about betrayal and illegal affairs…..No respect for woman……..
    For exmaple Ekta shows it ws shown disrespect to female lead……………
    She will do so many sacrifices but she get insulted ………………….You like those shows……..

    SBR is showing reality that don’t sacrifice love …..Accept it………. and be bold for your love………..

    In First season they show how woman suffer for her broken marriage………….
    Mauli played very well in that character…………….

    Before commenting just think in positive way and place yourselves in leads roles and think which decision you will take…………..How will you face that situation………….

    1. I agree with that concept. it’s truely right viewer’s enjoy ekta Kapoor’s boring type same love story based
      drama.But color’s drama shown quite different story like Bepanah, SBR s1 etc…. Mishaan r right in their decision..

    2. Jasminerahul

      they showed steamy romance of veer mishti.

    3. Absolutely Right Sarah
      Women have a choice to choose her life Partner…………..
      MIsthi Break up with him before marriage…………………

      This show was really good…………
      Ofcourse there are so many stupid shows which are showing disrespect to female lead……..
      Everytime she sacrifices for his husband or his family……..
      He will leave her , doubt on her, humiliate her…….

      Kumkum Bhagya * Kundali Bhagya ansd so many stupid shows showing all about how wpmen faced problems……………………….BUt you guys like that show ang give TRP…………….

      Here it was showing reality………………………YOU can’t face it……………..
      If you don’t like it…….DOn’t watch……………………
      Atleast don’t comment badly about MIsthi……………………

  6. U guys just stick I’m to certain point just move on guys. Mishaan is perfect they didn’t do anything wrong

  7. Guys I mean veer lovers..veer was bestest character..but they ruined’s basically old problem of colors..for them good is bad.. just don’t waste your time watching this guys are wasting your emotions these mishaan lovers are just loving them for chemistry and all..they have no morals should watch Kaha hum Kaha tum show its beyond amazing you guys will enjoy and also yeh rishtein hai pyaar ke.. seriously they are stress buster and I was also victim of this crap show..but no more..I suggest you leave this shit..

    1. I Agree with u dream gal, these mishaan fans will defend mishaan no matter what saying they are right, whaf if veer cheated mishti that’s it there will bomb blasting here for veer how dare he cheat n play with mishti feeling,


    do good to others and good will happen to you the characters of sbrk need to learn this

    easily radikha helped the situation my making her dreamy grandaughter pari get more dreamy thanks dadi and veer your helping nicely by telling pari that ruhaan not only loves you , veer if you’re going to tell the truth then first get your facts right! Better than this would be if ruhaan and misthi ran away and lived happily ! You haters think ruhaan is a bad friend Veer is a bad human being! Who hired him; what a hypocrit what did he say to arnav we won’t mix professional and personal life well haha what did you do you loved mishti she doesn’t love you oh go insult her if you were in her mother mauli’s place omg you would have murdered mishti! Kunal and mauli’s relationship was for seven long years she never insulted kunal or nandini in public that is called love and you tell Ruhaan you took my mish from me ! What is not yours don’t claim if you fans think veer is right then i have no medicine for your brain’s mentality

  9. You guyz need to understand that its the concept of the show that relationships will change thats why it is named as silsila badalte rishton ka…so stop hating mishaan they are doing true justice to the character

  10. Well Said

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