Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sandhya disapproves Mauli-Ishaan engagement

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal comes into the house and asks Mauli why she didn’t take his call. Mamma looked worried and asks how he came here. Kunal says Aasha called him and said she left Pari here; he only came to pick Pari up. Kunal greets Ishaan and Sandhya. Pari comes out and runs into Kunal’s arms. They leave at once.
Sandhya tells Ishaan to go home. Ishaan says Kunal only came over to pick up his daughter. Sandhya asks Ishaan if he is also on Kunal’s side. Today his daughter was sick, what if Kunal fell sick tomorrow. Ishaan shouts at his mother to understand the matter. Sandhya insists that this family live happily, but he can’t be a part of it. She turns to leave but Ishaan doesn’t move. Mauli convince Ishaan to go with his mother for now. Ishaan goes outside angrily. Mauli hugs Mamma

and cries. Mishti runs out of the room and hugs Mauli cheerfully, she was worried at once that Mauli was crying. Mauli kiss Mishti’s forehead saying she is crying because she met Mishti after long.
There at home, Sandhya packed her bag and says she can’t help it anymore. Kunal and her daughter visit that house often, how can Ishaan have no problem with this? She can’t let Ishaan jump into such destruction with Mauli. Ishaan still insists to give Mauli a chance, it’s not her mistake. Sandhya says the truth is, that’s Kunal’s house and not Mauli’s. No one can stop Kunal from visiting his parents. She asks if Ishaan really thinks she is wrong. Ishaan couldn’t reply. Sandhya understands that Ishaan’s silence speak by itself. Marriages are always alive in a corner of one’s heart no matter divorce papers are there. Ishaan says he is aware Mauli is a divorcee, she has a daughter and she lives with her in laws but he hasn’t only loved Mauli, he loved her family; he supports her past decisions. He is sure time will heal everything for Mauli, he has complete faith over his love. Sandhya counters if he has faith over her as well?
Pari and Kunal reach home. Kunal shows an excitement to see the huge gift pack and asks Pari to open it up. Pari unwraps the box. Mahek appears from within the box and cheerfully greets Pari. Pari seems upset while tears fill in her eyes; she hugs Kunal. Kunal was worried and asks if Mishti said something to her? Pari tells Kunal about fainting in the bathroom as Mishti locked her inside and even turned the lights off. Kunal was hurt and feels sorry for Pari. Mahek was furious and asks how someone can do this to Pari. Kunal promises to always take Pari along wherever he has to go. He complains that Pari didn’t wish him for birthday. Pari brings a card for Kunal she drew herself. Kunal cheers and demands kiss from Pari as well, then hugs her tightly. Mahek joins them in their hug.
Mamma brings tea for Mauli but she wasn’t in a mood. Mamma insists that Mauli will feel better this way. She asks Mauli to keep patience, they will surely find a solution to all these problems. Dida says honestly she doesn’t believe Sandhya would understand the dilemma of Mauli’s situations. She wasn’t happy with this relation and now she even got solid reasons. Mauli says Ishaan’s mother agreed for this relation after years, why Kunal came over? Mamma says Pari was here, what could Kunal have done? Mauli was irked that Kunal does nothing, he left her for Nandini, then returned to her life, and now he left with Mahek; he only poses to be a hurdle in her life.
At Kunal’s house, Mahek decides to make black coffee for them, while hot chocolate for Pari. Kunal guides her through the kitchen. Kunal gets a call from Mauli. She was furious and shouts over Kunal. She questions why he came over her place. Kunal says he only came to pick up Pari, he never wanted to hurt anyone. Mauli forbids him to be innocent, his intentions are never to hurt others. Mahek asks Kunal why Mauli is upset with him. After what happened to Pari, Kunal must have been angry by rule and instead it’s Mauli who is scolding him as well. Mahek leaves but Kunal wonders why Mauli behaved so strangely.
Sandhya turns to walk out of the house. Ishaan tries to stop her, but she asks why she must stay here. To see how many times Kunal visits Mauli? Mauli had come over and asks her permission to come inside. Sandhya clarifies she is Mrs. Sandhya Khanna, Ishaan’s mother and she disapproves of Ishaan’s marriage with Mauli. Mauli requests to speak to her for ten minutes only and also requests Ishaan to let them talk alone.
Inside the house, Mauli requests Sandhya to explain herself. Sandhya asks what if Mauli was there in her place, Mauli is a mother herself. Ishaan is ready to give as much love to Mishti as a father would. Mauli assures Sandhya that Kunal is only her past. Sandhya says Mishti is Kunal’s daughter, and no matter what Ishaan does. Mauli assures Sandhya that Kunal and Pari will have no interference in their life, and Mishti also considers Ishaan as her Popsy. Sandhya asks Mauli to be truthful, if she also loves Ishaan as much as he does?

PRECAP: Sandhya demands Mauli to leave her past, Kunal and his family including Dida and Mamma for marrying Ishaan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Ishaan’s mom is soooo right …

    I don’t like that Mahek person, she seems fake just like her friend Nandi ?

    btw, did anyone notice that big fat ego on Kunals shoulder when he waltzed in the house without permission ???

  2. When kunal character will be punished it i seemed that he is the only person who didn’t suffer even from nandini his true love death. And for how long mouli will get all the pain . I am really waiting for his tears for what he had done to his loyal wife and innocent daughters.And this mahek character I dont like her

  3. Plz mauli and ishan unite

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