Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal explains himself to Mauli

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli asks how one can betray a friend who helped her in her bad times. She believed Nandini could do anything for her, but could she betray her as well? Nandini explains she couldn’t realize when it happened. Mauli says she had been the cheapest of people existent on the world if she did it deliberately. Nandini turns her face away crying. Mauli asks why she turned her face. She must reply why she betrayed a friend who supported her in her worst time. She holds Nandini’s hand asking weren’t they best friends? Nandini only cried. Mauli jerks her hand away saying she can’t believe it’s the same girl she met at the age of ten, and considered like a sister. She always considered her friend for life, and never knew she would be her worst enemy and would snatch her world from

her. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen between her and Kunal, but she breaks every connection between herself and Nandini. She held their childhood photo and tears it into pieces, throwing them onto Nandini’s face. She swears to the Fire burning in the nearby temple, and ends up everything between herself and Nandini. From now onwards, Nandini is the woman who ruined her life, and snatched her husband from her. She walks away from Nandini.
At home, Mauli walks towards Kunal who still lay on the couch injured and unconscious. Mamma was asleep on the same couch. Mauli sits beside him. Kunal dreams about his fight with Rajdeep. Mauli was about to touch Kunal’s forehead when he utters Nandini’s name. Mauli backs up furiously.
The next morning, Nandini was in her room. She decides to leave a message for Kunal, but deletes it thinking someone else might read the message. It would put him in trouble. She thinks about giving a missed call, then jerks the idea again. She wonders what to do, she is much worried.
Mauli sat in the window of the balcony. Dida signals Mamma who comes to place a hand over Mauli’s shoulder. On the breakfast table, Mamma makes a sandwich for Mauli. Dida and Mamma insist on her to eat it. Mauli holds the sandwich. Kunal walks out of the room then. Mauli recalls him uttering Nandini’s name even in unconsciousness. She walks into the room. Kunal tries to stop her but Mamma interrupts him not to converse with her. She didn’t allow Kunal to call her as Mamma as well. Dida also goes to her room annoyed.
Sweety finds Jyoti in the market. She gives Jyoti a hint about Kunal’s vulgar act, she feels bad for Mauli who is the pitiful. Jyoti wasn’t ready to listen to a single word against Kunal. Sweety says Kunal had an affair with that Nandini under Mauli’s nose, and here she is defending that vulgar son in law. She must have loved her daughter more than her son in law in life. It’s Jyoti’s fault as well, what were she, Dida and Kunal’s mother doing when Kunal was having an extramarital affair?
Mauli tears her and Kunal’s photos in the room. Kunal comes in and tries to snatch them from her. Mauli asks why? This was all a lie only, they as a smiling couple. Kunal snatch the photos saying it’s not a lie. Mauli says if it was true, they wouldn’t have been in such condition. She turns to leave. Kunal requests her to stop, he needs to speak. The photos she just torn were all true, they were a happy and best couple. He never realized when he fall astray. He was ready to bear any punishment from her, except for calling those moments a lie. Mauli turns towards Kunal, tears fell off her eyes. She was about to speak when Kunal’s phone bell rings. Mauli watch it was ‘Nandini’ calling.

PRECAP: Mauli decides to leave Kunal’s house forever. Kunal says it was his mistake, why Mauli bears the pain. He must leave this house. He walks out with his luggage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Mouli spoke her heart out related to friendship with Nandini, and broke it though both were in pain. I hope she spoke this way to Kunal also.

    2. But someone can explain, mandir me crackers kyu burst ho rehe the, sound effect ke liye ya Mouli ke dost khone ke gham me? (just for adding fun)

    3. I remember nandini never brought Kunal at his home, than how come he reached their? (just for adding fun)

    4. I am really confused, infect everyone might be facing this thing whom to listen heart or mind as Heart says love is beyond anyone control and Mind says that its wrong.

    5. Sweety bus ab ek kaam kregi aag me ghee dalegi or jale pr namak chidkegi..

    6. Why i doubt that Mouli was ready to forgive Kunal for his cheat with Nandini, but hearing Nandini from his mouth and her call stopped her from doing so.

    7. If husband have affair, everyone think wife should forgive him, but if wife have affair will husband forgive? never, so mouli should also not forgive kunal, instead divorce him and move on and find someone much better than him and kunal and nandini should unite.

    8. Now my doubt is getting stronger about kunal father, as dida silence and Mouli Mother in law reaction on kunal affair, clearly state that Kunal father did same may be, and i am happy that kunal mom is supporting Mouli in tough time, otherwise in today’s era, mom favour son more than daughter and daughter in law. Otherwise mothers support son more and want daughter in law should forgive son, its just mistake.

    8. I submit my views since very long, but my queation is from site people that why everyone is blaming Nandini on site, its not only her fault alone even Kunal is at fault equally, if you want to blame, blame both, otherwise don’t blame anyone. As according to you only females are to be blamed for everything why?

    1. not everyone dear… i for one cant decide whether to i am angry more at Kunal or Nandini. But what i find appalling is people supporting Rajdeep. Whatever Nandini/Kunal did, Rajdeep is still the worst of the whole lot. Falling in ‘love’/getting attracted to someone/cheating is never a crime. But domestic violence and beating your wife to miscarriage are crimes for a reason. i do bash Nandini/Kunal both, but i hope Rajdeep pays for his crimes one day. that guy needs to go to jail. but what you said is also true, people will bash Nandini or even support Rajdeep because a woman’s faults are harder for them to digest than a man’s. Mard k sau gunah maaf, aur aurat ki ek galti pe sajae maut…
      i too am happy that at least Mauli in-laws are still in her support. Mauli should divorce the husband but keep the in-laws!
      p.s. the crackers are bursting because according to the show’s timeline i suppose Ganesh puja celebrations are not yet over. Maybe visarjan is going on somewhere
      Nandini did bring Kunal to his home after saving him from Rajdeep. And then Kunal’s mom scolded Nandini also

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Even. I want same, infect if you remember rajdeep said that i met inspector kadam yesterday in one episode.. Like police station is his another home and due to contacts he get bail everytime.

    2. ya you are right always people blame women. People are saying that now they will find hard to help other women and stuff but nobody really sees that kunal was at fault too maybe more. He fell for her first and when nandini fell for him she was ready to away forever to sve her friends family it was kunal who went there and stopped her and started the affair why do people only blame the girl the man involved is equally at fault

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Because girls are taught to stay silent, stay in limits etc. Everyone want girl to behave, but no one will teach not to disrespect girl.

    3. Hey
      Why nandini is blamed more ¿¿
      I think because she is also a woman
      Men can’t understand most of the women feeling right
      Once nandini also faced same hurt with Rajdeep
      She knows how it will hurt when the person u love is cheating on u
      She knows how it pain even knowing the pain she gave the same pain to others woman that to a best friend that the women who trust her with her husband and believed her
      This is my thoughts
      I think this logic is right

  2. This Nandini turned out to be even more cheap than I ever thought. Even after Mauli had a talk with her.. she doesn’t have any regrets and still calling Kunal.. blo*dy cheapo

    1. Lilly i’m a hardcore drashti fan and i support kunan. but i also understand where mauli is coimg from, anyways this was my first time i felt unease from watching nandini. i get it that she is worried for kunal but she could’ve waited a little longer after she got all those heartbreaking confrontations from mauli ans her ma in law. i feel like nandini never cared for mauli as much as mauli did and has finally excepted that she’s shameless. i don’t think if i can support kunan anymore, i hope some good twists are coming ahead

  3. Where to Nandhini place ho this is his punishment wow what a nice punishment he got like seriously if u show him like going and landing in her ****** u guys seriously support the pair just hands off guys they take like this trp go up or down I don’t know but seriously humanity will go after all the scolding still she try to call him such a shamless creature of God she is. Mauli deserve better life but till end I don’t want her to forgive the both were the both should always sucks in life. If its not a story but a reAl seriously guys want will I do I don’t know seriously has a girl I won’t support this love is something cheating is something if some one can’t find love they can take their friends husband and a husband who don’t get time can have a relationship with wife friend wow they are showing such a good thing should appreciate if someone says it reality then beating someone with ***** it’s also reality but it’s not shown in serial I want to make nandhi and Kunal face black and walk them in crowded place with so many wonderful words****** shut the show or tell the story how they are not happy ever this is a good story like will pray gord my enemy also should not get friend like nandini character whose is characterless. This is not offence on the actors but the potrated characters I like dharsti in madubala and geet but u guys make to hate her after seeing this.seriouly I don’t y she accepted the show at least you guys would showed Kunal wife has vamp at least we would have thought abt it but a girl like her don’t deserve this and u guys tooo

  4. Mouli is really a strong character in d show. In my opinion mouli should leave kunal house and she can start her life freshly(in diz home she had n number of memories with kunal and nandini)
    Kunal should bare d pain of loving and supporting wife in d same house

  5. Hope the writer write mail story as strong independent woman and should not give her negative… Hope kunal n nandini to life their life in guilt and never happy again.

  6. Both are at fault. Nandini is not any person, she was Mauli’s best friend from childhood. She knows Kunal only through Mauli. And she knew what Kunal meant for Mauli. And Mauli was the only person who stood with her in all bad times. Now Mauli won’t be able to trust anyone either in love or in friendship.
    And Kunal can’t be forgiven as he’s a married man. So tomorrow, some other Nandini comes and he’ll fall for that person?
    There is no difference between Rajdeep and Kunal except Kunal didn’t abuse Mauli physically or let others abuse her. Other than that both cheated on their wives.

  7. i dont think Nandini is going to let go of Kunal now. One, she doesn’t have a job or any other task to occupy herself with. two, she still craves love. three, Mauli has also broken all relation with her and i dont think that will even bother Nandini much. Self-centered she always was, now she is simply free to do as she please as everything is in the open now.
    Kunal has chosen a very nice punishment for himself. It is true that his mother/dida will never allow Nandini to live in their house or accept her. So kunal’s punishment for having an affair with another woman is to go stay with that woman. Once Nandini knows Kunal is out of his own house, she will definitely insist him to stay with her and Kunal hasn’t any integrity yet to make me believe that he will refuse.
    Mauli stated that she doesnt know what will happen between her and Kunal, but she breaks all relations with Nandini. Which means she still wanted to see if their relation could be saved. But hearing him mutter Nandini’s name even in unconscious state will be a big shock. Couple that with Nandini’s calls and messages, Mauli will soon will have to let go of Kunal and break that relation too.
    Just a question if anyone can answer me, is Nandini an orphan? where are her parents or family?

  8. Hi why all are blaming nandhini because she has affair with friend husband. Now a days sister affair with other sister husband. It’s only a friendship. Why all are not understanding and blame cvs are give wrong message to society. No cvs are told this the real face of society. mauli is teenage crush for kunal in college days and finish studies they are married and live happy couple but when maturity hit that time they realise the actual meaning of love. Because always mauli I am not your type and taste are different how used love me mauli has always had a dough about it but when kunal see nandhini he automatically he feel for her. Because mauli also say nandhini and kunal is please don’t Base the actors and cvs it is one the real face of our society.

    1. I was just reading these comments here and I could not see anyone blaming the actors here. Everyone was clear to focus on just the characters. And we need to ask, is one sister having affair with her other sister’s husband something that is okay or right? If it is not, then saying this wrong makes another wrong okay is not the truth. Just becuase something happens in the society doesn’t make it right. Rapes and murders also happen in this society. They are not acceptable. And it would be sad if we say they are okay now just because they happen in the society.

      Maturity isn’t finding love in new places while you are in committed relation. It is when you accept your relation isn’t working, talk to the other person in the relation about it and try to work it out. Maturity is also admitting to the person if the relation is still not working. Having affair isn’t maturity. It is infidelity.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agree with you, we should not bad mouth or use abusive things for them. Actually its wrong mentality, infect I am facing too with confusion as after thinking both side, i find its not wrong to fall in love, but its not you cheat, just ask for divorce rather than having extra martial affair.

  9. Mauli ur strong, happy u broke ur friendship with nandhini, nwadays am loving mauli more she is such a good soul

  10. Kunal leaves the house as a punishments for himself.what a joke kunal leaves the house happily because that’s what he needs.rajdéep and kunal both are same.physical violence by rajdéep and mental violence by kunal.rajdeep killed unborn child.kunal killed moulis dream of having a child.

  11. Nandani, oh Nandani, man was the first priority in her life then and that was the reason why she broke ties with Mauli before and again did the same without thinking for a second slept with the friends husband. No you CANNOT say love is blind, and above all. She has no humanity, pure shameless character, does not know and value meanings of relationship. And stop playing the sympathetic annoying music every time she comes on the screen, because she is not the victim here! Hello, remember, she was the one f**king around here without anyone’s knowledge.

  12. Mauli is right whatever she said all is true, how she can do this, true friend never ever do this, a friend she can’t think such a cheap thing a friend never betrayal others friend, cheating with her never are friend is need friend, are a friend support others friend, a friend always should be there, some happiness moment, some unhappiness moment, some good news moment, a friend always stay with her or with her friend, smiling crying annoyed wheedling, everything for her, a friend can do this for her best friend, friend always like best buddy, they are not just friends, they are best buddy, friend not just like friend, friend just like a sister and their bonding is so beautiful, they are just like is best buddy, while whole world saying friend like best buddy like friends forever, so that it prove mauli has true friend not nandini, mauli is pure friend but nandini she is not, mauli didn’t cheat with her, but nandini has should could cheat with her with her friend, she has snatched her friend’s husband, today mauli what all said she is right really true Whatever she said its true everything it’s right just because of nandini betrayal her, nandini never ever ashamed because she is shameless that’s why, and after all it so much happened, again she is doing wrong she don’t regret, just now mauli break all the tie or all relations with her break everything break, and now nandini is nothing infront of her by the secondly woman part of her life that she snatching her husband betrayal her trust cheating with her everything ruin just because her dirty love, shame on you nandini, she is cheap betrayed, and infront mauli she didn’t look her face, because she she know she did is wrong, and when kunal and mauli talk with each other and kunal regret what he did with her is not right so he should be punishment and he said to mauli that decision is mauli she decided what she is should give kunal punishment because he broke her trust and relation and her heart too that’s why he should want punishment, and mauli just say to kunal right then his mobile rings the calling is nandini, and again mauli shocking, and kunal and mauli look each other and then looks mobile and mauli look more than sad she is hurt because two most important part of her life and her heart she is blind trust with them, they are especial mauli’s life, and they are betrayed with her, cheated on her, especially her best friend nandini cheating on her, nandini is spycho that’s why she should wrong doing she never understand go to mental ashram she should need always her durty game she never is ashamed because she is shameless, characterless woman betrayal on her friend spycho woman

  13. Nandini should be blamed because Mouli-Nandini are childhood friends. How could Nandini forget that what mouli did for her?She is still not divorced, How could she sleep with a married man ,her friend’s husband? Men are dogs okay.But Kunal did not do anything forcefully
    .She allowed him to do so.Shouldn’t she be ashamed as an woman?Betrayer,shameless Innocent faced demon she is!

  14. Hi all can I ask you one thing you have a bbf if you have I pray for you that she should never cheat or hurt you bec once a friend do this with you . That thing will just keep on giving you pain. Not because she cheated you because after that you can’t forgive her so she will be out your life but not your memory it keeps on say one thing may be I misunderstood her or she really did this to me. You won’t share with any one Bec the one who u share things din this ur inner turmoil make you suffer a lot it will make you to stop in the same place thinking I don’t have someone with me i faced the Situation still I was unable to find a friend Bec this may also became a bad choice other relationship cannot be choosed you say husband can be choosed 10percent may be in our society we respect noms and commitment. When a girl don’t control her inner thighs it’s will destory many with hers. Here we blame Kunal too but kunal is not mauli bff if alteast Nandhini controlled herself and explained this would to kunal this would have not happen. We share problems our husband and wife problem to friend will not do the same with husband so friend cheat it broke our heart that’s y Nandhini is blambed. Mauli helped Nandhini though she left her for rajdeep then too again she did this with mauli so only she is getting bashed not Bec she is women’s.

  15. This is my first comment, I honestly don’t want Kunal and Nandini to unite with each other. But definitely want Kunal to start over his life with Mauli. Let Nandini realize that she has betrayed her own best friend and ask for forgiveness to Mauli. At the same time no one should blame Nandini for this affair kunal also has equally fault. Let them realize and walk away from each other.

    1. nope, i guess if they show like kunal forgetting nandhini and trying to correct his relation with mauli, then that is going to spoil his character more. kunal and nandhini has crossed their limits.. so if he now wishes to be with mauli then he is not a real man.. like seriously get cosy with a girl but then forget everything like nothing happened, it would show him so low.. and riya dear, if you really think that they would walk away so casually, then why is this serial even running? they would show a lot of drama

  16. Innocent kunal will not go to nandinis place.he goes somewhere meets rajdeep.rajdeep hits him nandini comes and saves him.innocent nandini tries to drop him at moulis place but fails and nothing else to do she brings him with her.nandinis and kunal innocent faces will show with background sympathy music.
    Ha ha I am pretty sure that is the way makers going to show kunans pure true love.gods wish to unite them.their fate and destiny.
    I can’t see any difference here other typical soaps but only difference here is main characters are innocent cheaters villians.

  17. nandani ko chod dena chahiye kunal NE. mauli ke sat new life start krna chahiye. agar esa nhi hua.. serial bakwas hojayega 😡

    1. i don’t know why everyone is wanting kunal to start his life with mauli again.. he doesn’t deserve it anymore.. he should get some punishment

  18. So what i feel is extra mariatal should never be justified… Kunal is wrong. But nandani is a b*t*h….. When she knows dat kunal is having feelings
    She should
    1. Confront mouli dat these r happening…. Support me to stay away from ur husband and show love to kunal
    2. She should have gone away from mouli and kunal lyf forever
    3. Atleast she shuld advise kunal to stay away from her as he z her best friend’s hubby

    Butno… Such a shameless character is she.. mouka mila nahi ki kunal k sath chipakna shuru… Kyun ki pehle to mila nahi…. She took advantage of mouli. If she z a bit guilty or grateful to mouli atleast now she should move away apologising mouli
    I am amazed that she fidnt have apologised to mouli… Dat plz mujhe maf kardo. I mean she is not having guilt at all… Claps for b****h

  19. that dialogue of sweety, “mard tho hote hi aise”
    then why can’t we say, “aurat tho hote hi aise”
    but no a woman is always wrong..
    i am not at all supporting kunal or nandhini.. both are wrong..
    but why some people are telling the faults of mauli and nandhini? i read somewhere that it is mauli’s fault to bring a girl in home.. it was written there, it is NATURAL that a man will attraction.. this is just making me irritated.. whatever kunal doing is natural but nandhini is shameless.. blah blah
    both are at fault here and both should get punishment.. why kunal shouldn’t get a punishment and few wants him to reunite with mauli? just because he is a man

  20. Good job that life. You did a fantastic job kunal and nadini keep it up also well done good actors

  21. I believe nobody changes over night even though it can happen. Change is a process and every change has a source or reason for it. I believe that Nandini was a good woman and wanted to be the best wife, but due to her esteem issues and probably dark past she found comfort in Kunal of all people and will probably never let go even if it means being dragged through the mud or loosing herself. She seems to have had some serious past issues besides her marriage because we don’t even know how she grew up? we don’t know where her family is after marriage? we don’t know if she even has a family at all or siblings? we don’t know her financial status? the woman basically lives of getting help since childhood which means she may not have had everything she needed especially from family. She probably even lacks a fathers love and attention and this alone is enough drama to affect future relationships with men.

    I get it Mauli knew both her and Rajdeep, but I doubt if Mauli knew him so well. They were probably close circle kind of friends with Rajdeep, basically a friend of a friend. So it was also Nandini’s duty to do her homework about Rajdeep. You don’t just agree to get married without at least asking some questions or spending time with your future mate. Moreover, I can think that proper Indian marital customs were performed for Nandini’s wedding so some family should have been involved, so then why didn’t she go back home if she was being mistreated? why did she keep quiet and not even inform the police or woman NGO for help? Nandini had options she could have taken but she didn’t. it doesn’t matter how bad a partner is, there’s always a way to escape if you are determined to get out of hell.

    Furthermore, I think people are hating on Rajdeep for his behavior but I doubt if his that bad because his wife and kunal proved to be worse. Yes, Rajdeep has done some horrible things and should be arrested but Nandini didn’t do much herself and even after getting the support she needed from a friend she turned out worse than Rajdeep. I truly believe Rajdeep isn’t so bad because we don’t know how his marriage to Nandini was from the beginning. I mean look at Nandini, the woman is gorgeous and a wife material, so what is Rajdeep missing there. If he didn’t like Nandini even a little he wouldn’t have married her or tried to get her back by force. I’m sure he is a very capable man with enough money to get another woman/women so why is he still after Nandini? There’s more to that marriage past then we know. I’m sure things were ok at the beginning of the marriage, but something changed that made Rajdeep start treating Nandini like cheap useless woman. Behaviour changes have reasons too and that may not always happen overnight.

    Nandini has no excuse for what she did nor does Kunal. There excuses are so pathetic and the so-called love is not justified. They both had the option to walk away but they didn’t. They knew and still know exactly what they did. They are not blind or deaf or stupid. Moreover, Nandini seems like a manipulative woman. Just think about it, the day of Mauli’s sisters wedding she throws a tantrum because Mauli’s mum says shes not welcome and sees her true character, and the next thing we see is Kunal looking for her and then finding her apartment in shambles and her hiding in a corner crying then next we see them in bed. Now tell me, if that was not planned what is. That witch didn’t even refuse Kunal touching her and here she crying her crocodile tears as if she’s the mistress of tears.

    I’m telling you its either Nandini is the best husband thief we have ever seen on TV series or Kunal is the ultimate undercover playboy that we don’t know about. How is it possible someone can break off a friendship with her and she won’t even attempt to fix things in future rather she keeps calling kunal, really? And how is possible that Kunal can say that the marriage was real and true when his still talking to Nandini? by now I would have thought he would have blocked her number, but she’s still calling. So one of them or maybe even both are really evil. We shall see as the story unfolds, but I know the key to all the characters truth lies in their past. There’s always a reason behind an action wether we know it or not.

    Additionally, I refuse to believe that God would condone such a horrible relationship and say its his will. Nobody deserves to go through a broken home wether a child, individual or married couple. It’s just not ok. In this case it is not fate/destiny, it is pure destruction and unending enmity between generations to come.

  22. Nandani mar jaye. kunal mauli ke Sat rhe esa hojaye. tabhi serail chalega. I hate nandani😡

  23. Aaj kunal chala gya acha nhi hua wo bhi nandani ke waja S3😡

  24. I hate nandani😡

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