Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal pronounced dead

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika tells Mauli that Kunal fell down the road. Ishaan comes to speak to the police inspector. The inspector says the eye witness and Pari told them Kunal had a fight with the goons. He was shot with a bullet and fell down. They inquire about Pari. A lady inspector brings Pari. The inspector says Pari is traumatized as it all happened in front of her, she needs a pediatrician. Mauli takes Pari into her arms and hurries towards home.
At home, Mauli consoles Radhika who was crying. Dida cries and asks Mauli to let her cry, it might lighten her heart. Dida feels for Pari, she had to bear a lot in such a minor age. Ishaan requests Dida not to cry at least, what will happen to everyone else if she also breaks.
Kunal gets Sandhya’s call and says they are waiting for them in dinner. Ishaan tells Sandhya that someone shot Kunal, police is searching for him. Sandhya asks where it happened. Ishaan says it was near the highway. Ishaan requests Sandhya to take care of Mishti.
Pramilla says she put Pari to sleep, she didn’t speak a word nor she shed any tear.
Sandhya gives the bad news to Sweety about Kunal. Sandhya feels bad for Pari and wonders why she said so much to Pari. Sweety says if Pari could walk here, she could return as well. And Kunal had bear the fruits of his deeds.
Pari wakes up as she dreams about the visuals of Kunal being shot and falling from the road side. Pari cries that something happened to her Buddy, she requests Mauli to call her Buddy back. Mauli assures Pari that her Buddy will be fine. Pari tells them that the bad guy shot her Buddy. He must be badly hurt, and what if he goes to her mama. Mauli hugs Pari and assures that Buddy must be here. Radhika forbids Pari say so, her Buddy must surely return. Ishaan tries to console Dida. He turns to watch Mauli also crying with Radhika and Pari.
It was late at night. Sandhya and Sweety convince Mishti to finish her dinner. Mishti was tensed that Pari must have reached home by now; she would only eat when her Mama returns. Sandhya and Sweety convince Mishti to eat something. Sweety asks Sandhya if Pandit was able, she wonders if this wedding would be possible or not? She says it was a huge accident with Kunal. Sandhya insists that Mauli must move forward, she claimed to have left Kunal behind. Kunal never cared for Mauli when alive, why Mauli shouldn’t hear for himself. Mauli must understand this, and if she doesn’t then the family drama is over.
The police arrive at Malhotra house. Everyone was curious to know if they found Kunal? Radhika recognizes Kunal’s wallet and watch. They were shocked. The inspector says Kunal fall off a height, he was shot as well. Pari had sat up on the couch. The inspector says he is sorry, Kunal is no more. Everyone including Mauli was in a state of shock. Radhika fell down, Dida mourns while Radhika screams Kunal’s name. Mauli tries to console them all. Pari walks outside in the hall. Mauli goes to hug Pari.
Mishti made a card for Kunal writing ‘Thank you Dr. Kunal’ and says he is so nice, he helped her fulfil her wish. Next week, her mama and Popsy will be married.
It was next morning; Ishaan makes arrangements for the Pooja. The Pandit prays for Kunal’s peace. Mauli hides her face behind Ishaan crying as she watches Pari. Pari runs to Mauli and hugs her while crying. Ishaan says they must tell Mishti about it, after all Kunal was her father as well. Mauli says she can’t understand what to do, she doesn’t know what to tell Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti has a right to know.

PRECAP: Mauli and Ishaan bring Mishti home where Kunal’s Pooja was going on. Mishti asks where is Dr. Kunal, and why his flower hung photo is here.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ????hope muli can handel pari and her daughter and be close to her then if kunal comeback found triangles muliand the girls are living each other’s

  2. Hmm..Kunal should be taken out of show..Focus on how the girls grow n deal with their family situation..How Mauli can love the child of the people who betrayed her..

    1. What a lousy ending was waiting for Paris to tell all about sandya and sweetly bad mouth about her mum and how selfish is as woman why not turn around and mauli should have given condition to her son to leave her mother if he wants her what say boring ending without meaningnow no one will know what exactly happened with pari.

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    looks like writers made it look like Kunal died, but I feel he will end up coming back to stop Mauli’s wedding…

    There are still a few episodes to go so let’s just wait and see what happens …

    1. Yup…I think he may come back at wedding.
      And may be he will forget everything(His so called true lover too)and tries to stop wedding..bcz may be his memory went some years back..This thing happens in many of the serials..So nasty….

  4. What the scriptwriter wants .. What kunal and Mauli are meant .. But shit what morality lesson he wants to do .. The guy left his wife for his mistress and so-called best friend … She remade saves and you dared to show this sequence .. What’s wrong with you .. If every woman deceive should have this kind of scenario .. Well a lot of man will be able to deceive their wife and dirty the wedding symbol .. Because according to thought Wrong kunal writer .. Mauli struggling to resurrect his life .. He comes back and hope kunal gets hurt and Mauli and him returns together .. What CV transmits to the company .. The men cheat on their wife and this one silly like Mauli will go back together .. Gone a lot of woman will undergo the same treatment that made to Mauli …. What is the policy and the message that want to transmit the series to the population .. The woman is stupid. She is cheated and wants to go back to her boyfriend who betrayed her. It disturbs what happens with mauli and the role that is attributed to him .. Because nowadays when a woman has been betrayed by her husband.She moves on to something else and progresses in professional life and lovingly .. But Mauli is the opposite and the message is harmful to the female s*x who want to be independent and want to progress in life .. Mauli only thinks and would like to return to kunal .. But shit CV does not do that with Mauli .. Do not make him returned with kunal .. She is good with ishaan .. No woman should return with a man who already betrays and deceive

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