Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti collapse in the middle of wedding

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti and Pari were dressed up in bridal attires. They along with Radhika stood in front of the photo wall. She thinks that they as sisters have been together all along, and here they stand together on the biggest day of their lives. Radhika gifts Mauli’s dupatta to Mishti which Ishaan had gifted. She drapes Mishti and puts a black tillak. Mishti kiss the dupatta. Pari looks at Nandini and Kunal’s photo. Radhika place a black tillak over her as well and was emotional. She says she is extremely happy that both her daughters are getting married.

At the wedding venue, Rohan sat in the Mandap unhappy. He thinks about his first interaction with Mishti and all their times together. The brides arrive at the venue. Arnav was doing photography. The wedding rituals begin. Mishti holds

Veer’s hand in the Mandap, nodding in reassurance. Everyone claps after Varmala.

Silently, the wedding rounds begin. Rohan couldn’t take his eyes off from Mishti. Mauli appears at the corner of Mishti’s Mandap and smiles at her daughter. Rohan watches Mishti who feels dizzy and was about to collapse in the middle of wedding rounds. He shouts Mishti! And runs to save her, holding her in his arms. Everyone was tensed. Radhika calls someone to bring water. Rohan tells Mishti to wake up, everything is according to her wish, and he is doing what she wanted him to. Radhika asks Rohan to take Mishti to hospital. Rohan carries Mishti in his arms, Veer accompanying.

Radhika cries in the hospital corridor. Veer tries to calm Rohan but he was restless. The doctors observes Mishti. Pari reaches the hospital with Veer’s parents in a state of shock. Naina assures Radhika that Mishti will be fine. Pari cries that nothing can happen to Mishti at all. The doctor comes outside and says patient is under observation and isn’t regaining consciousness. Rohan shouts at the doctor for not understanding. Arnav apologizes the doctor and calms Rohan down as well. He tells Rohan the situation won’t be better by his shouts. Rohan doesn’t calm down. Radhika comes to Rohan, but he joins his hands and requests Dadi not to speak about anything. Right now he only cares for Mishti.

The doctor comes to the corridor and claims that her pulse is dipping. He inquires about family history of a medical ailment. Radhika denies any. Rohan says she collapsed a few days ago. The doctor asks Rohan about the previous reports or doctor. The nurse comes out to take the doctor inside for emergency. Rohan runs out of the hospital, Arnav follows.
Radhika watches Pari saddened and comes to her. Veer says he should have told the truth earlier, Mishti dearly loves Rohan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally show is ending soon with dil hai tumhra and har dil jo pyar karega concept…. S2 only lost its viwers due to weak script….

  2. Yeah they are coping the movies it reminded me of Mujhse Dosti Karogi and Kumkum Bhagya reminded me of one part in Baadshah. Is it coming to an end?? Hope it ends on a good note no prolonging.


    Mishti will marry Ruhaan.. Pari will sacrifice.. I like how Veer is a good character.. Mishti should marry veer!

    The story looks like it will end but these writers might just not be convinced..

  4. Silsila ended today. Really going to miss the show. Even it dealt with adultery, and betrayal its twists and turns and characters made the show immortal. Thereare lot of things other shows must know from silsila badalte rishron ka

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