Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan upset about Mishti’s wedding

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari comes home and congratulates Veer and Mishti after the news. Rohan also leaves behind Pari. Veer stops Rohan and shows him the cards of his wedding. Rohan was hurt watching Mishti still upset. Radhika says the cards are beautiful. Veer’s mother says they even got the cards printed for them as well. Veer says to Mishti it’s for the first time their name is officially written together. He says the printer have mentioned his name on the front instead of the back. Rohan was confused why his name. Veer says Rohan is going to be his RSVP. Mishti turns to leave but Veer doesn’t let her. Radhika suggests they must give the first invitation to God. Veer’s mother was of the view they must send Veer and Mishti, but Radhika says they aren’t yet married. Pari and Ansh join Radhika and Naina as they go to the temple and does tillak of the card. Pari wished to blow the Shang but there was some problem and its whistle doesn’t blow. Radhika returns to bless Veer and Mishti’s couple.

Rohan watches Mishti and thinks Mishti and Veer have moved ahead in life, he has been unsuccessful in suppressing the feelings he hold for her. If he overlook them, it would be a betrayal to himself. Veer notices Rohan was stressed and offers to party.

After Veer’s family has left, Pari removes the dupatta from Mishti’s head. She says her in laws have left now, she looks really strange in these clothes. Rohan says not strange, a little different but looks good in these clothes. Mishti was uneasy at once. Pari requests Mishti to bring the guest list in the room, she will courier all the cards by evening. Mishti brings the list, and says she will do the other work. Pari makes Mishti sit with her, she says its Mishti’s name on the card; she must only rest now. Mishti was worried and speaks to Radhika this all is happening really early. Radhika was astonished to hear this, Mishti has planned everything herself. She claimed three months was too late already, but now two months are left. The date of wedding has been fixed, the cards printed; things can’t change now. Mishti agrees. Radhika asks why Mishti is tensed. Pari says she is getting pre-wedding panic. She announces everyone in the house must help her. Everyone write the cards.

Radhika asks for Rohan’s address. They must invite his family as well. She asks Rohan who is in his family. Rohan says he has no residential address. Radhika asks if Rohan came to Mumbai after fighting the family, he should never break the relations with family. Rohan smiles weakly and says he never got a chance to fight the family and be annoyed with elders. He was an orphan since childhood. Pari feels sorry. Rohan says its ok, he feels it must be difficult for them all instead; he never knew what parent’s love is. He turns to write the cards again, but Mishti signals Pari as Rohan is upset.

It was night. Rohan sat in the balcony, lost in deep thoughts about himself. Mishti sits beside a wall at some distance from Rohan. She looks towards Rohan and thinks she could never realize his loneliness; she wish to help and gave him the strength of being aside him. Her wishes can never come true, and she can never be with him ever. Rohan felt sleepy and falls asleep in the balcony. Mishti also sleeps in the same posture on the balcony.

The next morning, Rohan wakes up on the chair. He finds Mishti sleeping beside the wall. He wakes Mishti up, but she was confused at once and runs inside. Rohan thinks

“Her concern brings them together…
She is far away, yet close to heart…
Though tens of steps, she was still there to support…
Its an unknown bond, attracting both…
Heart beats race when they are nearer…”

PRECAP: Mishti has a foot twist in the kitchen and fell on the floor. Rohan runs to her in concern and holds her into his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. DannyComments

    You know, I’m beginning to see the romance, the unspoken love, the connection..maybe this narrator is just very good or something else, be that as it may, I feel their connection..that feeling that you know deep down that something is missing..which ofcourse Misti didnt know until she met Ruhaan..I guess that was why she was always mad at him, because she had this perfect idea that she was gonna settle and was going to be happy with it, but he ruined it by making her want more..she really wants more, sadly she will not get that with Veer..I’m sorry Pari but let’s face it, Misti is Ruhaan’s soul mate..I just wish these writers won’t end up dragging this out till the wedding day..that would be bad..but then again, i foresee Misti giving up her love for Pari..these writers after all like to recycle stories…

  2. today episode with mishti and ruhaan was very nice

  3. Good episode

  4. Please make ruhaan and misti together, don’t mess things up till wedding. Abd you’re amazing writer, their unspoken love is ??❤️❤️

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