Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhika accepts Mishti’s decision

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti and Rohan part from their hug. Mishti says it’s not the right time to tell everyone, like he said. Rohan says Mishti told everyone about it already, especially Pari. Mishti says Pari doesn’t know about them. She says anyway, she doesn’t want anyone to know about them till Veer feels a little better. She asks Rohan when he had fallen in love with her. Rohan tells Mishti he fall in love with her at first sight. He felt lucky and was happy to stay at this place only to stay around Mishti.

Sukhmani tells Radhika that Mishti is sensible. Mishti must have thought she won’t be able to keep Veer happy, thus she timely broke this wedding. She took a big decision, but she must have had the faith that her Dadi will stand with her. Sukhmani tells Radhika that once when Mishti and Veer had a fight and Mishti went to Veer’s office, Veer didn’t meet her. Mishti had come to her and asked if she really loved Veer. She was terrified with the question, and told Mishti that she was Mauli’s daughter. She later inquired Mishti if everything was fine between her and Veer; she had replied everything was fine. But she got a strong feeling that she was unsure. Now she has realized what she wish. Pari is the youngest, still she stands with Mishti and has given Mishti the courage that she will be her side. She asks Radhika to understand her own girls, they need her the most at this time. Radhika scolds Sukhmani for being at wrong, who didn’t tell her about it earlier. She says girls tried to make her up a lot, she didn’t; she can’t now let herself mocked. Pari comes at the door. Sukhmani opens the door. Pari tells Radhika they cooked all the favorite dishes of Radhika. She stops Sukhmani for dinner as well, and again apologizes Dadi. Sukhmani convince Radhika to come now, the kids have worked really hard.

In the room, Rohan and Mishti still stood close to each other. They were about to kiss when interrupted by Sukhmani. Mishti turns to the door. Rohan tells Mishti to go through balcony. Mishti calls him smart and goes through the balcony. Pari goes to bring Mishti from the room, but instead Sukhmani goes to take her. Mishti had reached her room. Sukhmani hugs Mishti and says she promised she would never judge Mishti. Mishti must always remember, this Bua is already ready to listen to anything her heart has to share. Mishti smiles while Sukhmani kiss her forehead. They leave for dinner.

Rohan joins the table. Mishti serves the food in Radhika’s plate, then makes a bite for her. Radhika turns her face away. Mishti says I am sorry, but please eat a little. Radhika finally takes the bite. A smile spreads everyone’s face. Mishti hugs Radhika saying I love you. Radhika insists whatever they did was wrong, but she will stand with them in their decision anyway. She holds her kids as the most important in this world. The dinner begin.

Pari gets a call and says she has to make preparations for a function tomorrow. Radhika was concerned that it’s already late. Pari leaves without having dinner. At night, Mishti was in her room. Radhika comes to the room that its 12 now. She was furious that Pari is getting extremely irresponsible. Pari says there is a lot left here, she will have to stay here tonight. Mishti calms Dadi that this isn’t the first time, they have an event tomorrow; let her work. Radhika was annoyed at their nature of work. After the call, Mishti smiles and tells Radhika to go and rest. Radhika taunts that they bring tensions into the house every day, for that she has to take rest and surely has to prepare herself. Mishti smiles and wish her good night.

In the room, Rohan was watching a video on his cell phone with his pods on. Mishti comes to his room from balcony. It was locked and Rohan doesn’t respond. Mishti comes to the room from another window. Rohan asks how she came into the room, because he locked the balcony window. She says she came from the other side, because he was intensely watching something and she got curious. Rohan wasn’t ready to show it to Mishti. She tries to snatch the phone. Both fell over the bed. Rohan comments, he didn’t know Mishti was so inquisitive but he likes it. He says he was watching First Fantasy episode. Mishti says she has seen every episode and knew everything about the show. Rohan says he is on the first episode. Mishti was sure Rohan will get glued to the show. She hears Dadi call her from the hall and hurries to the window. Rohan smiles as she couldn’t reach the window lock and goes to help her. Mishti runs outside. Rohan says I love her.

PRECAP: In the balcony, Rohan gifts Mishti’s lost necklace and ties it around her neck. He demands her to say what remained unsaid the other day, the three magical word the moon kept waiting, at least the sun should be made a witness to their love.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Whatever we missed in mishveer kunan mounal and mouhaan is here in mishaan. Thats y mishaan is a success.

  2. Mishti so busy with her new life
    And with her new lover… how can she avoid veer that much.

    1. Because mishti IS a big hore

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Radhika proved that: Asal se pyaar sud hota hai… She indirectly supported Mistty and Ruhaan affair, which is wrong in a way for whatever the reason…

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