Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s accident news bring Nandini to him

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dida asks Nandini to request Kunal stay back at home. Nandini instead asks Dida to take some tea as she is already diabetic and needs to take care of herself. Kunal turns around asking if he should leave. Dida complains why he asks when he doesn’t want to stay back. Kunal says it feels good when someone stops him, he only wish to see if someone cares for him. Kunal smiles towards Dida, kiss Mamma’s face and leaves home. Kunal comes downstairs and watch Nandini standing in the window through the reflection in glass of the car.
Dida and Mamma were watching news when there was a news of a bridge collapse and an accident near Kunal’s hospital. The ladies were tensed and tries Kunal’s number. Nandini was also shocked to see the news and goes to call Mauli. Kunal’s phone didn’t connect, Mauli’s phone was off. The hospital service tells Nandini that Mauli is in OT. Pramilla recognizes Kunal’s car among the one’s crashed. Nandini curses herself for not stopping Kunal. She hurries out of the house and takes an auto.
Mauli comes out of the OT and watches the news as well. She also recognize Kunal’s cars among the ones crashed and runs out of the hospital.
Nandini reaches the accident spot and runs near Kunal’s crashed car. Mauli was tensed and cried as she also drove towards the accident spot. Nandini was broken and fell on the ground as the car was badly damaged. Bodies of dead and injured were being carried by medical staff. She was lost and cries thinking about Kunal. Soon Kunal calls Nandini from behind. She turns around at once and runs to hug Kunal tightly. Kunal was about to place his hands on her back but prevents himself. He holds Nandini away from himself and assures that he is fine, then wipes her tears. All at once Nandini withdraws himself from Kunal and runs away. Mauli had reached from behind the crowd, she runs to hug Kunal and caresses him. Kunal was left in a state of shock. Mauli was concerned if he was hurt somewhere. Kunal assures Mauli he is fine. Mauli says she would have died without him, even Dida and Mamma are tensed because of the News. She hugs Kunal again but Kunal’s attention lied in Nandini.

PRECAP: Nandini and Mauli were together in the room. Mauli cries saying the news shattered everyone in the house. She can’t even think about living without Kunal, it felt as if she was losing her life today. If someone snatches Kunal from her she would cease living.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Feeling sad for mauli, such a wonderful women, hope makers will give happy and better life to mauli,

  2. Good bye this show.i don’t want to watch surrogacy track .they want to show positive relations of ema in this show. I am not comfortable with this. Mauli is too young why they want to show she can’t be mother who is the gynecologist. Very sad for mauli.

  3. Mauli character is best and why they want to give more importance to nandini if ema is not good. They can show affairs and then show mauli comes to know and leave kunal etc etc.but here surrogacy is not proper.ema shows like astitva ek prem kahani and hasaratein were nicely written and we understand the reality of story but this story is not digestable.

  4. The r copying Dil se Dil Tak nd it’s a bad idea …I really hate this storyline…why mauli has to be sad …this does not happen in real life….

  5. Don’t show nandani as a positive character

  6. I don’t understand why they give so much importance to drasti dhami as nandini. Kunal mauli chemistry was also very good but I dn understand why people are giving so much importance to kunal nandini chemistry. Don’t want to watch story like dil se dil tak.dil se dil tak was better than silsila. Their relation was acceptable but in silsila can’t accept nandini ad their surrogate.cant tolerate if mauli is in pain and can’t become mother and take help from nandini. This way her character will be great .Why don’t they show ema is not good and these are the result of ema. But they want to show nandini mahaan. Mauli did everything for her and she is the heart of the show not nandini who falls for her husband.

  7. Yes right don’t show nandini as a positive character.

  8. Nandini irritate me so much , just because of her I’m going to leave this show ,
    Before some days I skips her scenes and watch only mauli and family scenes ,but now they are just showing nandini, so I hate it , they are trying to show you can love many people at a time ,such a bullshit , destroying the name of love

  9. Nandini is a home breaker .dont show her great by surrogacy. Her character is not like teni from dil se dil tak. Nandini is going to snatch maulis husband how can we become happy by seeing nandini kunal scenes. And if mauli makes nandini her surrogate then we can say mauli is foolish .how can she put so much trust on nandini? Actually surrogacy topic is worst for this show. They can show mauli become mother of kunal child and after knowing their ema she leaves them and live alone with her child. Makers dont want to show nandini kunal negative character so they bring this topic.

  10. Right nandini kunal scene are too irritating Bec it’s not love but attraction and extra marital can we enjoy this scene as we know kunal is mauli ‘s husband. But they give too much imp to kunal nandini relations as if it’s very pure and genuine then what about mauli’s love. They must show their relations are wrong and only mauli ‘s love is genuine.but I think they want to give important role to nandini so bring this track.
    I am also leaving this show because of nandini only. I expect they would show some mature story but it’s bad story for me. Once nandini becomes surrogate she will be mahaan for them. Why don’t they show she is negative and cheating her best friend.mauli must know relations between kunal nandini .She is blindly trust them it’s her mistake.

  11. I think they want to give more importance to drasti dhami (nandini) than aditiSharma (mauli) that’s why all these story. So I cant watch.

  12. Wow nice episode. I love this show because kunal mauli nandini they are always awesome amazing

  13. I leaving this show because of nandini only. After watching this show know one will help to any bestie friend she betray there friendship how selfishness it shows that a women who forget her self for husband and family and he easily cheat on her without thinking of her

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