Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli doesn’t share the news of baby with Kunal

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamma and Dida were excited while Mauli was upset about the news. She confirms from the doctor, the doctor says it’s three months. Mauli argues that she was on protection. Dr. Aasha says Mauli also knows that no protection is 100%. Mauli was distressed that why now, a minor life has also become part of this drama in her life.
Nandini goes to the room crying and asks Kunal to leave if he loves her. Kunal continue to knock the door and requests her open the door. They sit on floor at opposite sides of the door. Kunal says they can solve the matter. Nandini doesn’t reply and continue to cry harder. Kunal was silent for some time, then agrees to leave.
Dida tells Mauli that this is a blessing in her life, she has been blessed with an angel in her life. Both were happy and

hug Mauli. Dida says she is sure it’s God’s decision that her times will improve. This new life will carry on their relation. She must give their relation another chance. Surely there is someone else praying for Mauli as well.
Nandini thinks this is the right thing Kunal! She speaks to herself that she has returned Kunal to Mauli.
Mauli links Dida’s words to that of Baba in the Dargah, he also claimed that someone’s prayers were with Mauli.
Kunal walks out of Nandini’s apartment.
Dida was excited, she sends Pramilla for sweet and wanted to share the news with Kunal as soon as possible. Mauli forbids them. She says she and Kunal married each other, its their responsibility to try and improve their marriage, not their child’s. If they want her to forgive Kunal for whatever he did, if she has no existence after the child. And she is capable of bringing a child on her own, she doesn’t need Kunal for this. She requests them not to tell Kunal until she gives the news to Kunal by herself. Dida was determined not to let this marriage break at any cost.
Sweety meets Nandini near a vegetable vendor. She asks if she remember who she is, or Mauli? She checks into Nandini’s bag and taunts that Nandini knows well how to win a man’s heart through his stomach, only Mauli doesn’t know these tactics. Nandini clarifies to Sweety and she and Kunal aren’t together, she must not lecture her. Sweety thinks about digging the matter herself.
Kunal returns home while everyone was having a meal. Mamma serves for him. Mauli notices Kunal was lost and upset. He was thinking about Nandini ending their relation and leaves the table.
At home, Nandini was having the meal all alone. She miss Kunal’s absence on the table and cries.
Kunal was crying in his room. Mamma comes to him angry over the drama. Kunal requests Mamma to sit beside him for a while, then place his head into her lap. Mamma notices he had fever and puts him in the bed. She turns to bring medicine for Kunal. Mauli stood at the door of the room and silently nods at Mamma. She checks on Kunal’s nerves. He asks her to leave and take rest, he only has minor fever. Mauli gives him soup and goes to get medicine. Kunal was still disturbed because of Nandini’s words. He takes the medicine from Mauli. Mauli turns to leave. A planning card of their life had fallen, Mauli recalls having planned a baby in 2018. She silently thinks that their planning has come true, but she can’t tell him.

PRECAP: Kunal comes to meet Nandini, she opens the door but was angry at Kunal, she slaps the door shut. Later at home, Dida insists on Mauli to eat some more, if not for herself then for the child. Kunal was shocked to hear this from kitchen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Gosh I am fed up with them keep saying that mauli is in someone’s prayers every time nandini is praying for her or wishing well for her, as if it’s nandinis prayers that’s helping mauli. Writers are totally dumb because nandini is the cause of the problems in maulis life but now she becomes a saint for returning maulis husband’s to her? Disgusting!

    1. So agree with u

  2. I really want kunal and mauli to stay together forever and nandu should move on and create new life for herself on her own.. nandu is craving for love and she found that care love support in this relationship bt yeh toh galat hena.. koi Dund lena yr ??

  3. I don’t think this kunal ll love his baby and mouli. He always thinks about so called pure love nandini. If he truly loves nandini means why about his love for mouli this baby planning card and all are really fake?

  4. I hate dis kunal, chii shame on u kunal??tumhe apne aur Nandini k pyar ki fikar hai laikin mouli ka kya tumhe to us ki thodi b fikar nahi I hope k Koi naya hero aaye mouli k life mai aur a kunal hamesha k liye exit hojaye mouli ki life se

  5. jansi gunalan

    Is silsila goiing to end

  6. jansi gunalan

    Is silsila going off air…

  7. Loved mauli today hope she stays strong in her decision, not interested in other parts totally bullshit as if their relation is so pure, is this show going off air

  8. I admire mauli more and more everyday. If someone sees this serial, i hope they draw inspiration from mauli. She values her self respect so much. She is ready to raise a child alone but not forgive her cheater husband just because she is pregnant. I know raising child alone is hard, but i am sure mauli will do a wonderful job of it. Atleast she will raise the baby better than cheater kunal. He wants a life with nandini. He says there is nothing left between him and mauli. Then why should he want any right over this child?
    I dont want mauli to stay with such a man who doesnt value her at any cost. And i dont want nandini kunal to be painted as sacrificial mahans, compromising for baby/mauli while still pining for each other. They made their decision. Let them go their separate way. Mauli deserves a better man. ❤❤

  9. Loved mauli today, whatever she said about the baby not having the reponsability to save her marriage and the fact that her unborn child is not making her accept that creep is awesome. Wonder how long writers will let mauli keep her dignity.

    Cvs can show nandini crying a river, i still can’t pity her. “Returning” kunal as if he is a toy doesn’t make her a better person, neither she is making a favor on mauli. Leaving him is the best thing she could ever did, not for mauli but for herself. No women deserves kunal. He is disgusting pig only good to live in mud with other pig. If only she would leave him bcz she realised her mistakes nd doesn’t want to be around him, she could really have a chance for redemption nd be appreciated. But no she will continue her disillution of being the poor victim who sacrifice for the happiness of others.

    As for kunal never i’ve never seen any character being that spinless, coward, shamless, weak, manipulator, pervers at the same time. Everytime he must face reality he has an accident or a fever just to run away from his problem .
    Nandini broke up with him so he is sick nd needs his mommy but did he ever think what mauli must be feeling cheated by the ppl she loved the most, loosing love nd friendship the same day, being taunted by outsiders for other ppl sin, not having her own mother support . At that time he was saying “mauli is strong she wil handle herself”, so mauli can take care of herself having her world shattered but that grown man needs his mommy to make him sleep when he is heartbroken. At least mauli have the civility to check oh him when he didn’t give a damn about her
    I wish he suffers more, nandini leave him and mauli doesn’t accept him, remarry and her child call the step-dad papa while calling him uncle.

  10. Seriously..3 months…is she a dr or not. She was not aware of her pregnancy from last 2 months..omg…kuch strong reason tho rakhthe yaar.
    She is the one who accomplished 100 succesful deliveries…kya baat hain…directors n story writers kudos to you

  11. Oh oh oh. Why do I love mouli so much? Her confidence, sense of independency, responsibility in fact everything of her is soo sooo sooo very admirable. I don’t care what happens to nandhini. Pls make sure mouli is happy. I don’t want her to unite with kunal again, he just doesn’t deserve her. But only that will happen I guess. At lest show that kunal understands mouli and truly gives her the happiness she deserves.

  12. Yeah silsila is gng off air…… but i was expecting some improvement in d story. Like mauli should teach a good lesson to nandini and kunal by being a sttong and independent women/mom. Unnecessearily they r dragging d story nd showing some pity moments

    I hope diz series shows some improvement in dociety thinking and how to stand ourself’s if partner cheates us

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