Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti-Rohan’s romance

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti tells Pari she knows how to make Radhika up, they must cook her favorite dish. Rohan wants to be a part of their team. He boasts he is a good cook and had to learn cooking for his survival. Mishti says it’s good, now in future they will keep in mind Rohan is a chef. Rohan says they won’t forget the taste of his food. Pari says it’s too hot, can’t Rohan cook all the food then. Mishti says they would watch him. Rohan laughs he didn’t want to be bullied, let’s go together. Pari now pulls Rohan, Mishti follows to the kitchen.
Ansh and Tani sat together for studies. Tani makes hearts over his books, then ruins Ansh’s shirt. Ansh tells her to focus on her studies. She gets a message and was involved in texting. She now clicks a phone with her books. Ansh tells her to

at least study as much as she is showing off. Sukhmani returns and asks Ansh why Radhika is not attending their call. Ansh says there is curfew at home today. Mishti has broken up with Veer. Sukhmani was shocked to know, and concerned for Mishti. Tani complains Ansh didn’t tell her about it, if Mishti had an affair with someone else. Ansh was offensive and says his Mishti is really innocent, and can never do such a wrong act. He leaves the apartment.
Mishti’s face was filled with flour. Rohan tries to get close to Mishti teasing her. There was a door bell. Rohan sends Pari to check who is out there and offers to make the puree. Mishti tells Rohan he doesn’t need to prove he knows cooking, they would have trusted her anyway. Rohan now mischievously drags Mishti to a corner for some romance.
It was Sukhmani who asks Pari about Mishti. Pari says Mishti is extremely happy about her decision. Sukhmani goes to handle Radhika. Pari says only Sukhmani can handle Dadi. They knock Radhika’s door. She replies she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Sukhmani says she would count three, and will break the door if left unopened; she knows Kungfu. Radhika opens the door and only allows Sukhmani. Pari calls from outside that when the food is ready, she would call her to come to dining table. She heads to the kitchen.
Mishti and Rohan were indulged in some cozy romance at the corner and about to kiss each other. Pari hits the table. Rohan and Mishti hurriedly disperse. Pari complains to Rohan that he placed the table here in the midst of the kitchen. Rohan signals to Mishti who filled the flour with water. Pari asks Mishti what she is up to. Mishti at once realizes her mistake. Rohan now runs the blender and bathes in tomato puree. The girls make fun of him. Rohan makes face, then goes to change his dress. Mishti and Pari share a laughter, then heads to work together. Pari says she is really happy to see Mishti, and felt really good that Rohan took a stand for her in front of Veer’s mother. Mishti says even Pari stood by her side today, it needed a lot of courage. Mishti says I love you and hugs Pari. Mishti says she won’t only get love, and will also be scolded for mistakes. Pari says Mishti’s anger is sweeter than her love, and at times she commits deliberate mistakes.
In the room, Sukhmani speaks to Radhika that they must be happy Mishti took a decision before marriage. Radhika insists what Mishti didn’t find in Veer. Sukhmani asks what lacked in Mauli, still Kunal held Nandini’s hand.
Rohan stood in changed clothes after bath. Mishti brought him towel, then plucks a piece of tomato from his hair. Both share a smile. Afterwards, Mishti wipes Rohan’s face with the towel. Both share a warm hug with each other. Rohan says a sorry to Mishti and wish he had shown his emotions off much earlier. They hug again.

PRECAP: Mishti dreams of Veer and his mother’s questions. Rohan dreams of the same and wakes up at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why do they do this? Lol. Like fine, Mishti and Ruhaan love each other sooooo much. great. Mishti broke off her engagement, its a good decision. But damn. Have some consideration for the number of people you have unknowingly hurt in the process. Both of you. Love doesn’t have to so selfish and so self-centered all the time. Veer is Ruhaan’s best friend. Do friends mean absolutely nothing in this show universe? I share everything with my best friend, and if i broke my friend like this i would be feeling guilty everyday until i got some form of forgiveness and acceptance back from my friend. Ruhaan is not even thinking how he will tell Veer everything as soon as possible. He is perfectly happy hiding things from everybody. He is all, no lets cook, lets romance, lets hug, lets kiss… arey is this all there is to love? Romance and get intimate? Mishti too… she had no problem getting physically close to Veer when she was engaged to him despite never having loved him apparently (pre-holi) and now Mishti and Ruhaan both seemed not able to keep their hands off each other. While her grandmother has literally locked herself in her room and most probably crying about her decision.
    Look, i am not saying getting intimate with your closed one is wrong. Just… have some sense about where you are, in which situation you are… i dont know if i am overreacting, but i can’t forget that these are the same writers who did the previous season. ITs not like Kunal and Nandini never tried to stop themselves. Hell, Nandini was even ready to leave the city. But once they confessed, its like they never cared about anyone else. Like the love confession was a free pass to hurt everyone else, to lie to everyone else and be with each other, because they are so much in love no? Why can’t you be in love and also be honest and have some integrity? Love does not make you a worse person. Mishti wanted to tell everything to Radhika too. Ruhaan stopped her. And he has no problem with pulling her to corners at every opportunity for romance… like, why are you making things difficult for yourself? Telling everyone now will be much better than later. The way they are behaving, chances are someone will find out on their own and they will get hurt. And you know what, Pari, Radhika, Veer… whoever finds outs, they will have every right to be hurt. Even Ansh. All defending Mishti that she left Veer because she was not happy. How will they react when they found out she broke up because she fell in love with Veer’s best friend and hid it from everyone. Marriage and relations are no joke and you should be sensitive about how you handle it. Pari will be hurt the most and i can’t imagine how bad she will feel.
    And can these character please stop comparing the current situation with Kunal-mauli-nandini? Like every post i am saying the current situation is different form the previous season. Mishti’s situation is different. We should not compare these characters based on their parents… but the show writers themselves are making the show characters compare the present situation with previous one. AND trying to justify Kunal-Nandini. WILL YOU STOP? Pari thought ‘why didn’t kunal and Mauli fall in love then?’ Today this Sukhmani, who was absolutely nowhere near Mauli and knew absolutely nothing about Mauli and Kunal, goes ‘why did Kunal leave Mauli then?’ Sukhmani. STOP. What do you know why Kunal left Mauli? Because he was an attention seeking, weak man whose male ego got satisfied wiping Queen damsel in distress’s tears. Do you want the same answer for Mishti? These characters are different. The writers should stop comparing and justifying one with the other. damn.

    1. Hi dhara, I agree to what you are saying …mishaan romancing at this point isn’t acceptable… But if you see other social sites like Instagram this is what viewers want. From the first day of this season people are asking for mishaan romance… And writer promised it… There was a post by the write, promising romance…. And I think as they both know about each other’s feelings, their romance is being shown… But I too feel this isn’t the right time. But then that is what many viewers want.. And in precap both mishaan are thinking about veer.. So let’s hope that the story goes like that only.. With both being guilty for veer and mishti being upset for dadi too.

  2. Another thing, they are hiding the truth now. And if it is discovered by someone later, Ruhaan wont lose anything. Nothing. Maybe his friend but it doesn’t look like he cares anyways. But Mishti? She will lose her family. The one thing that she holds the most important (still i hope). Mishti will be the one blamed for hurting her closed ones, again blamed for being just like her father, who fell in love with a man staying in her house while committed to Veer. Mishti will be insulted and humiliated more than Ruhaan will ever will be. Radhika, Pari and ansh will question why she did this? I dont want this for Mishti. She should tell the truth ASAP for her own good….
    And honestly i dont like this Sukhmani character. I mean, what kind of person is she? She is not a teenager but a grown up woman. One of the first things i see her doing onscreen is dare Mishti to kiss an unknown guy out of nowhere. Days before Mishti’s engagement. Like What? Why? You can be friends while being mature at the same time. She hides Tani’s mistake from Arnav. She is ready to bring drinks for Tani for little reason to ‘celebrate’. Like, Tani is not even an adult… I feel like Sukhmani is supposed to be a likeable person. But she just seems so irresponsible for someone who is supposed to be Tani’s guardian or a guide to Arnav/Mishti… Does anyone else have anything to say about Sukhmani here?

  3. For the first time I’m reading this episode. Accidentally got this.
    I hate this story… veer is better than ruhaan in everything. Shameless mishty & ruhaan. I thought this season will b good. But now yuck.. repeat telecast of the same bullshit story with different actors.. I hope mishty dies & these people close this serial. So much negativity… Anyway sorry if I hurt anyone. I hate this serial.. I’m never gona read / comment on this crap.
    Utter time waste….

  4. DHARA HI you right ????. To believe sukhamania .. It is good that kunlz is deceiving Mauli then .. I interpret as well .. That infidelity is normal in a marriage .. It’s my feeling when she says what is missing in Mauli for that kunla holds the hand of nandini .. Except that Mauli trusted her husband and best friend .. Just like trusting in ruhaan and mishi. Even knowing that Veer and Mishi was engaged … He still held strong feelings .. This aunt is not mature to believe that e wishes a second youth. There is a bad image of mishi who is physically close to ruhaan and that in the family home. I myself respect my parents’ house. It is not conceivable to be so .. Even in private I respect .. In short .. Very unhappy with the story ..

  5. Well, what are they waiting for? Why would mishti ruhaan hide their relationship from everyone. Mishti and ruhaan shouldn’t be embarrass of their love.mishti ruhaan celebrating their love together.

  6. Mishaan moment is necessary to show what is lagging in mishveer relationship.before knowing mishaan relationship they are telling mishti is like kunal if they tell truth they confirm she is exactly like kunal bashing her more maybe that’s why they are hiding truth waiting for right time to tell

  7. Mishti IS no 1 hore

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