Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti furious over Pari-Rohan closeness

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sat in the lawn, crying of Mishti’s scolding. Inside, Mishti was upset and feels she said a lot to Pari. Rohan notices Pari’s sob and asks all ok. Pari apologizes as she didn’t know he was here. Rohan sits with her. Pari says she tries a lot to be like Mishti, but she always makes mistakes. Mishti expects a lot from her, she is unable to fulfil any single of her expectation. She can’t take the right decisions; that’s not me. Mishti is perfect, she always speaks, wears and decides perfectly. But what is her mistake in all this. It seems perfection ended after Mishti.
Mishti comes to the kitchen and takes two drinks for herself and Pari to the terrace.
Pari asks Rohan what she must do that Mishti is never disappointed from her. Rohan asks Pari why she wants to

be Mishti, she is Pari and must become Pari. She is different, and be herself. She must improvise herself, she will be perfect in her own way. Mishti hears this conversation. Rohan offers a beer to Pari which she accepts.
Mishti wonders why Pari spoke her heart out to a stranger, how much she knows Rohan that she shared their matter with Rohan. She always shed tears on her shoulders. Mishti leaves.
Rohan tells Pari that Mishti isn’t wrong. She wish that Pari, her younger sister is independent and takes her decisions herself. It’s a win-win situation. Mishti is elder, and older has to think about the younger one. She must take risks, she would fall down but then one day be able to step up ahead. Pari cheers at his soothing words.
Mishti and Pari separately dream of Rohan. Both sit up. Before Pari could speak to Mishti, she lay back in bed again. Pari thinks Mishti seems annoyed. Mishti thinks Rohan is a trouble, he created distance between her and her sister.
In the morning, Mishti notices a towel lying on a table nearby and feels angry for Ansh. Radhika tells Mishti that Ansh went to jogging with Rohan. She appreciates Rohan as Ansh is a fan of him and is adopting good habits. It matters a lot when there is another man in the house. Mishti asks what she means, Veer is also there. Radhika tells Mishti that Veer is a brother in law and can’t speak that freely, moreover if Ansh pours his questions over Veer, there won’t be any time left for Mishti and Veer’s relationship. She says even Pari is also changed. Pari woke up at six in the morning, went for jogging with Arnav. Mishti was astonished to hear this change in habit. Radhika was convinced of Rohan’s personality. Ansh and Pari return with Rohan. Ansh apologizes Mishti for leaving the towel on the chair. Mishti stared at them aggressively. Rohan also picks his own towel. Mishti clarifies to Ansh and indirectly Rohan that in this house, used towels go in laundry bag. Rohan walks with his towel but his jersey slips over the floor.
Pari follows Mishti to kitchen and asks if she is ignoring her; she tried to speak to her at night as well. Mishti replies she is only doing her work. Pari promises to work as well, wholeheartedly. She was emotional and asks Mishti why she is being angry this time. Mishti breaks down and says she is hurt, she never felt such distant today. To be honest, she heard Pari and Rohan’s conversation. She doesn’t care what Pari speaks to Rohan but why discuss her. Pari says they were only discussing she always hurt Mishti unintentionally. She hugs Mishti. Mishti was clueless how Pari could feel so easy with him in such a short time. Pari wasn’t clear how she could speak her heart out with him so easily, though she never does. She only meant to say she couldn’t be like Mishti. Mishti asks Pari to be herself, be Pari; she doesn’t need to be Mishti. Pari tells Mishti that Rohan exactly said the same. He also said Mishti is right, she must think from her point of view as well. He also suggested her to meet the client and try to convince them that Mishti is right. Mishti was curt that now Rohan would decide if she is right or wrong. She can in no way take her professional decisions on his opinion. Pari tries to convince Mishti that Rohan was right. She walks outside and was about to slip over the fallen jersey. Furious, she takes the jersey to Rohan’s room, Pari following.
Rohan was doing pushups in his room. Mishti opens the door and throws the jersey on the floor in front of him. She warns him to keep his belongings into his own rooms, this is their house. Rohan tells Pari that he is a paying guest but deserves some privacy. She must ask his permission to enter his room and speak to him next time. Mishti questions if he is some prince. Rohan asserts this room is his and he is the prince here. He has already given an advance of four months, and throws the agreement copy over Pari’s face. Pari tries to ease the situation. Pari says he must keep his belongings into his own room else he would find them in the dustbin. Rohan walks ahead to push Mishti outside and says he hates it if someone evades his privacy without permission.

PRECAP: Arnav watches Rohan wish best of luck to Pari. In the corridor outside, Pari was angry that everyone had a problem with her. There Mishti is angry and now Arnav is taunting. She likes Rohan, is that a big deal

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yeh kya bakwaas dikha rahe hai…Agar Ruhan aur Pari ko ek karna hai toh karo..ya MiRu ko ek karna hai toh karo…Lekin yaha kuch be aisa nahi ho raha hai…This serial is boring…Kuch toh interesting track banayiye..plz

  2. Seriously what is this new track every time pari colliding nd falling in the arms of ruhaan .

  3. I know this is a new season, but i cant help comparing it with the previous one. The previous season the characters felt at least grown up and mature to some extent. Here it feels like i am reading the stories of a bunch of teenagers. Arnav loves Pari, Pari is falling for Ruhan, Ruhan likes Mishti, Mishti is falling for Ruhan but is engaged to Veer… Arey!! What is this circle of one-sided love? And can anyone tell me anything about the characters except Mishti and Pari. These two sisters i understand. Mishti wants her life to perfect and devoid of drama. She wants a settled life and is not liking how Ruhan makes her feel. Pari is still affected by her childhood and doesn’t want to fall in love and get in complications. But what about the other fellows?… In season one all characters were clearly established. First we learned about Kunal, Mauli, Rajdeep and Nandini through various incidences. Hospitals, conferences, meeting, abuse… there were so many things that showed us who these characters were. Besides there were only few characters, so situation remained simple, grounded and quite realistic… Not so much now. Seems like everyone is falling in love at first sight. It has become the same story like every other show. Engaged to someone else, loves someone else… and of course, two siblings falling for the same person. duh

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    I agree with every word of yours Dhara, this season lack every thing, from good script, spark in couples to chemistry b/w couples… Just show is going round and round…
    Season 1 had clarity of script and spark b/w couples..

    And I don’t get why people want Ruhaan with Misty, it clearly state that cheating is right before marriage, because you are just engagged, and when every 90 out 100 people said Shakti (kunal) and Drashti (nandini) bad for their cheat, even trolled in reality, and now want ruhan and misty should unite…. This is called to be baised and Chameleons (Girgit)..

    I too not liked what Kunal and Nandini did with Mouli and said bad to them and some even called Nandini 3rd person to come in b/w, but repeating same with Veer and Misty and Ruhan make right on their part….😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡

    1. Shraddha what all show you watch ,bepannah was’nt zoya engaged to some other guy was it not cheating then?dont you deserve to be called girgit then? in swaragini was’t laksh engageed to ragini why people supported swalak. after that sanskar chose kavita over swara wasnt that cheating.Wasn’t shivaay enagaged to tia ,Wasnt omkaar engaged to riddhima earlier in Ishqbaaz ..In kuch kuch hota hai wasnt kajal engaged to salman.In pavitra rishta serial wasn’t arjun engaged to ovi ..So many serials had same plot but just coz this one is related to silsila you keep on judging this show na.If it was another show with same story you would be hooting for them right?..It looks like you cant get over kunal nandini and mouli or drashti shakti and aditi..Thats your problem and about dhara look at her points its normal viewer points but your comments just give negativity… and about spark please watch show if you dont find spark there is no spark at all …you should really visit some social sites as well not just whine here..Always negative comments ..Plot is different people are differenbt but you still there only ..Dont like the show dont watch simple ..and secondly before calling this cheating for god sake let the story unfold…And no one ghives you right to call anyone girgit ..Be glad atleast some people have commonsense

      1. Exactly….well said

      2. Freesha

        What u said is exactly correct every shows are showing like if we get engaged and after that we fall in love with some other persons is great and we can choose that persons even audience want that only they forgot that she/he already engaged …. just imagine if it happens in real life will people accept that or society will accept that ??? No na shows should show the real life sequence not any unrealistic things….. now a days that’s the reasons some serials are not becoming hit….

      3. well said dear

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree shri that every other show have almost same thing, but no other show got bashed badly, and writers show almost same story, either seperation of leap, falling in love with other man or woman, breaking marriage, etc…. And if still people want same with ruhan, pari, veer and misty than I think they are not ready for change, and people who want to unite ruhan and misty:

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Sorry incomplete reh gya msg…

        : just want same story… Than where is the change???
        And releated to girgit thing: My words might have hurt sentiment of people: So I am SORRY for that, but 90% want to unite ruhan and misty and these are those who always bashed Kunal and Nandini: so I dedicated them: may be my way was wrong so SORRY for wrong way… And I always hated Kunal and Nandini deeds, so I don’t want repetition of that story with pari, misty, veer and ruhaan

  5. I want silsila on weekends also….

  6. I like season 2 more than season 1 . I like mishaan pair very much

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I just like to watch Omkara… no Ishaan no Kunal, so it’s just him… I like Pari too so if any union then it shud be these two 💕🌹

  8. This new season shows the generation of now.Is a good thing oh no .. I do not know .. For me marriage is respect .. When one tied his bridal knot. Doing the round applied kumkum and wearing the mangalsutra is important and meaningful .. The series makes us believe in the relationship between mishi and ruhaan. In season 1 the wicked one was Nandini .. For me what he wants to convey and show is compare the two sister .. One lived without his father .. because Nandini scame between them .. Mishi gives the It feels like having to be blameless because it’s Mauli’s daughter .. Mauli who has suffered so much from their betrayal. She knows what her mother has to go through … A lot of us think he’ll be wicked. I think he will be mishi .. Mishi will have the same role as Nandini .. Although she is strong and of character. She will be tempted by the sin that is ruhann .. She feels weak and weird in her presence .. .. Just my opinion .. Then when I say new generation .. It shows that the girls drink beer dance with strip-teaseus.. kiss their fiance .. thing that he is not shown too much on TV. Except that it exists in real life .. Currently we show an irritated mishi irritated .. On one side she has a good man. Veer who loves and respects. And on the other Ruhaan with that insolent and pretentious air .. I do not like it .. Because for me it has broken the relationship between the two sister and that of veer and mishi. Proof that he does not consider his friend as a true friend .. This is just my feeling .. In short .. CV change the story by showing that mishi can also betray his sister .. As Nandini betrayed Mauli .. Mishi knowing the pain of Mauli nm. Will not make attraction of this feeling that ruhaan emerges in her .. She will go to see really what it is .. We try to show the bottom of the marriage .. Falling in love before the marriage .. During the marriage or after the marriage .. or preparing for her wedding .. that’s what’s happening for mishi.

  9. Season 2 is the new bloom of the season 1. Those, who are comparing the two seasons, I’d really like to say that you see the title, and be sure its the same concept, with a fresh depiction, characterisation and situations. It cannot be completely different from the season 1 for you already know that its the tailing part that continues to show you ordeals that will surely change the equation of relationships at the end. We will see the refined version of the same concept, theme is actually different, not crucial like in season 1 that made number of viewers unnecessarily hyper. I appreciate the content of the season 1, it was really commendable to continue the show under the hawk watch for entire team. Theme was different from usual idealistic household every drama consists, but it was the beauty of the story. And I’m really satisfied with the ending, instead of dragging the story with load of trash they decided to give it a great ending. It didn’t go haywire from its plot like most of the Indian serials and stay focused in its content. Now, hookers of the season 1, be happy that the show ended on a good note and we can definitely see our beloved actors exploring the new heights of their capability. Best wishes to the entire team of season 1.

    As of for the season 2, what I see interesting is how the story is unfolding. The tagline that leaves us with a question mark, “What the heart will stand by, old relationship or new found emotions?” This tagline alone seems very thrilling. View of the lead actresses about love somehow shows the impact of their past. I find the characters portraying their character very well. While Mishti is authoritative and a responsible woman in the family, Pari has her own flavour of wilderness and sensitivity. They have different take on their lives where one sees the commitment as the mulmantra of the life, other has the phobia regarding the subject. But it doesn’t always go the way we planned life as, so the complexity of the life has to entangle these loving sisters in the form of Ruhaan. And I find Ruhaan really likeable. He is not that typical badboy. He is arrogant but sensible in his own way. Veer is another aspect who is depicted as an ideal man for Mishti and he holds quite importance to his role. His character is really sweet and perfect, he is portraying his character with a perfect stability. As far the story has progressed, the thing that has me captivated is the exciting chemistry between Mishti and Ruhaan. I’m shocked to see that they could look really amazing together. With each episode they are grabbing my attention more and more. Its the first time I found Tejaswi fitting in a role with so much ease, after watching her back in many stereotypical dramas. She is a talented actress without any doubt and as Mishti she just banged it, although I agree with those who has an opinion that she would have been perfect fit for the grown up Pari seeing the great resemblance. But we can manage that, you know growth hormones can do that to you…Lol🤓😆.

    Okay, on the topic Tejaswi has been doing a great job. Her headstrong and intense character is having a toll of its own. She justified the character Mishti with her fiery personality. Her definition of love in the form of commitment and the efforts to fit herself in a perfect life as Veer’s wife shows that she is trying to be someone she is not, to lead a life her parents failed to lead and that can be a suitable space for Ruhaan to sneak in her perfectly planned life. He tends to pull the fear of ruining her perfectly planned future from the very start. The drawback of her parents fate has a deep impact in her which makes her prioritise the word commitment as her life’s backbone and she is afraid Ruhaan’s arrival can messed it up a big time. Her instant guilt of kissing Ruhaan followed by his unperturbed attitude towards her and being related to Veer only led it to instant dislike for him. Now, under the same roof I can see glittery sparks flying all around them. I feel the story has to offer a lot more while the current phase is making us on our toes from the very start.

    Further, Aneri has proved herself on her previous shows what she is worth. The portrayal of Pari with a naughty streak and a lot of emotions hidden in her heart, she has just leveled it with so much sincerity that makes me adore her more. She wishes her sister to have a life she desires and prays to her mother who only has her place in her locket. She is really a beautiful character with so much essence. Thank goodness she has Arnav by her side to lean on. She doesn’t believe in love and commitment but wishes her sister the whole happiness while she lives under the shadow of her sister only shows that she wants to make up for the twisted fate they share because of her parents and doesn’t want to disappoint her sister. Now, with the arrival of Ruhaan it will be exciting to see her make her choices.

    About Kunal J. I just love him as Ruhaan, the cause of the story. What writers did good in this season is making Ruhaan fall for the woman without knowing that she is engaged to his best friend. It shapes the story now that also after knowing it very well he cannot revoke his feelings that has grew effortlessly in less time. He was mesmerized the moment he set his eyes on Mishti which had him capture her picture without her permission and the kissing dare further pulled the chords in his heart. But now knowing the truth it is really intriguing to watch him fight his feelings which affects him ceaselessly. He still treasures the memories of her the tissue paper he couldn’t throw away clears that. (And I feel really sorry for that tissue paper, it has been crushed to the bones for twice already😋) He knows his limits but couldnt stop stealing glances of Mishti. It leaves us with an awe…🥰😍 (add their background music) (it actually gives me butterflies!!)

    Whatever future holds for this season I’m hooked to it no matter what. And I’m thankful for the platform of the show not being the channel which will give it a space to breath unlike the season 1. I can watch it early and anytime I want. I wish a thousands stars to this season. Season 2 go on…👍🏻😘

    Spread Positivity…

    1. Hi…..
      I came this site for patiyala bebes… I found ” “RSR on silsila” . I have no doubt that you are the writer of YOU R THE ONE(ragsan). I m 99% sure but 1% confusion is still there. Plz tell me that I m right

      1. Of course, you are right SNJ. You can give rest to your 1% doubt.

      2. RSR

        Of course, you are right SNJ. You can give rest to that 1% doubt. And, thanks for still remembering…

  10. SamRangesh

    It just makes one wonder ruhan’s reaction towards the closeness of mishty and veer. he just liked her , he wasn’t even aware of her name but his reactions is like mishty was either his girlfriend or wife Nd now she is dumping him.. come on yar just put some sense..

  11. Today’s episode is really awesome. Visual treat for Muhaan fans.Loved watching it

  12. Today ‘s episode is really good. Visual treat for Mishaan fans. Loved watching it.

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