Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari speaks to Veer about Mishti

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says Rohan has already been involved between Mishti and Veer. Mishti misbehaved with him, and that’s why Veer is annoyed with her. He says he is no angrier with Mishit at all, he must speak to Veer then; this will fix Mishti’s life once more. She says Mishti has changed herself for Veer. She holds relations really important, and she can stake her life to save the relations. Her Mishti is really strong, she never tried to make anyone up this way; she doesn’t need anyone else in life. She is perfect, none can be as perfect as her Mishti is. She completely understands he doesn’t want to speak to Veer, but at least he can accompany her to speak to Veer. Rohan was initially reluctant, but agrees finally. Pari hugs Rohan and thanks him.

Mishti stood outside the door. She

notices Veer has read the messages but didn’t reply to her. She rings the bell. Sukhmani was happy to see her, but Mishti stood in tears. Sukhmani guess she didn’t have a patch up with Veer. Mishti confirms if she really loves Veer. Sukhmani as quizzical, Mishti hugs her. Sukhmani makes her take a seat.
There, Pari speaks to Veer that Mishti only reacted out of concern. Even Rohan believes so. Mishti is extremely stressed. Veer says he doesn’t need an explanation. Mishti came over to meet him, he wanted to meet her but he was stuck in a meeting; Mishti left without waiting for him. Pari says his anger is justified, but Mishti was awake whole night and trying to call him. It was him, who didn’t call back. Veer says he wasn’t able to overlook what Mishti did, but now he realizes he should have called her back. Pari requests Veer’s promise that he won’t fight with Mishti because of Rohan, Pari or anyone else. Mishti hasn’t ever loved anyone as much as she loves him. We are family, she is the elder and deems everyone as her responsibility; she wants to fix everything before their marriage. She is taking back to back projects to gather money for them, she wants to teach her how to work. She holds huge work load and is a perfectionist as well. Who would understand Mishti if not Veer. She is extremely possessive about Pari and Ansh, first she was hurt and then she spot Ansh smoking; it wasn’t about Rohan but her family. She would have reacted the same way no matter who it was. As soon as the pressure on her is released, she will be fine. Veer complains why Mishti didn’t share anything with him then. He confirms Rohan if he is fine with Mishti. He is going to marry Mishti, but Rohan is a great friend and he can’t break his friendship with Rohan. Rohan taunts that everyone has learned their monologues well today. It’s not as huge a matter as they have turned, Mishti over reacted but she apologized him for her behavior. He asks everyone to smile and move on now. Veer says they are lucky to have him in their life.

Sukhmani gets Mishti a glass of water and asks her to calm down, everything will be fine. Why is she hurting herself? She changed herself for Veer, still she wants to know if she loves him. Mishti says she feels really uncomfortable. Her decision of marriage was a thoughtful decision, and she realizes the importance of this commitment still she is losing. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but if her decision to marry Veer is right? Does she love Veer? Sukhmani asks Mishti what she is thinking. Veer is angry, but she can give him some time and he will surely understand her point of view. They all know her, she can never be wrong. Each of her step is well thoughtful. Mishti says she is afraid only to be her father’s daughter. Sukhmani cries hugging Mishti. Mishti says she is more life her Mama, right? Sukhmani wipes her tears and advices her not to be so hard on herself, she must forget her father’s mistake. Why she forgets she is Mauli’s daughter, and she was brought up by Ishaan. Nothing can go wrong with her. Mishti hugs Sukhmani again, and asserts she is more like her mother. Sukhmani says Mishti is extremely strong, she shouldn’t make herself weak. She can well handle these commitments and relationships; she knows how to.

Later, Mishti opens the door. Veer stood outside and hugs Mishti. Rohan and Pari come from behind. Veer apologizes Mishti, he shouldn’t have intervened in her and Rohan’s matter. Rohan already has no problem with her. He promises Mishti he will never come between her and Rohan, from now on till forever. Mishti stares towards Rohan. Veer asks Mishti not to cry again, he isn’t really angry. Radhika was also happy to see Veer, Mishti had been extremely tensed. She invites everyone inside and goes to get drinks for them. Veer asks Rohan to join them in the lounge. Rohan was reluctant but gets a seat. Veer says there was a lot of misunderstanding, but thankfully its all clear. He wanted to speak to them about an important matter. He asks Mishti to hand all her company’s projects to Pari, she handled a project well already. He understands she is over worked, it will be better for her to give up such tough work. He holds his ears in apology to Mishti, and requests her to agree. Mishti smiles weakly. Veer asks Mishti if she has any problem with Rohan. He says Rohan was stubborn that day, but if Mishti has any problem Rohan can still stay with him. Mishti looks towards Rohan, then says she has no problem. Veer decides to give the responsibilities of their marriage to Rohan and Pari. Rohan looks shocked, while Pari was happy.

PRECAP: Veer tells Rohan Mishti has changed his life. He asks Rohan if he met that wild cat of his. Rohan smiles its nothing like that. He confesses he is in love but he can’t share it with Veer; its only an emotion he can feel but can’t explain it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Writers should not drag small things too much…. Ruhaan was right everyone dragging too much 4 small thing which is already sorted with a sorry.

    Now I really want Misti to think about her marriage with veer, its not bcoz of ruhaan. She choice ruhaan or not it’s secondary…. She is forcing herself to a relationship where there is no real character of herself….. And on top of that veer is forcing on her professional commitment too…. This type of comparised relationship will end up soon third person like ruhaan exist or not….

  2. Why doesn’t Veer support Mishti to continue her work after marriage? From the conversation, it seems Mishti started the company (can anyone tell me what exactly the company does?) and she should make a name for herself and take the company to greater heights. It feels unjust that now she should suddenly handover all projects to Pari just because Pari handled ONE project right. I understand he wants Mishti to remain stress free, but is this the way? I child is stressed from school – stop going to school. A doctor is stressed in hospital – stop going to hospital. what kind of solution is this? I would have had no problem if Mishti herself has no desire to work. But she is doing all this only because she is afraid she will lose her would be husband if she gives more importance to work. I dont support this at all. Again, i am not aware if Veer knows about Mishti’s reasons, but he should talk to her instead of talking to Pari/Ruhaan and reaching conclusion based on what they say

    1. Pari as usual didn’t understand the situation and didn’t try to understand it. She jumped to conclusion and then forced Ruhaan to join her in solving issue for Veer and Misti….her way of saying we as couple will make the other one patch up and double dating.

      Veer who already messed up by acting pricing and non-responsive to Misti jumped as Pari’s solution of Misti being stressed because he doesn’t want to see or believe Misti that is different from what he has know so far. He loves that Misti who has changed herself as per the mould of perfect girl he wanted and he instead of finding out who she is, seems perfectionist himself in keeping her in the mould of his perfect girl. When earlier he picked the ring she liked, I thought he got her. But the more and more time passes, I see that he too like Pari only wants to see what he wants to see.

      With Ruhaan showing his understanding side to her, she is finally seeing someone who puts her first, understands her and wants her to be herself…supporting her in that way. She hasn’t had too many people do that for her. It is undertandable why she is drawn to him.

      But she has deep rooted fears…on someone deserting her like her mother was….and worse her behaving like her father because she has the same blood. But in that fear she has locked herself up, chosen someone who she doesn’t love (who can’t hurt her to the extent her mother was) and will fight tooth and nail to stay away from the love that beckons her in the form of Ruhaan because of her father.

      But Mauli took a lot of care of Kunal. She worked for his dreams while he went after damsel in distress. He didn’t try to fight the temptation despite being in a marriage based on deep love. That deep love for him for flimsy and transient. He is not someone who would have cared enough about the other person to change himself as Misti has. And he was too focused on his wishes and demands even with Mauli ….like Pari (and like Nandini) that he never bothered thinking about anyone else….unlike what Misti is doing beating herself up at every turn.

  3. I wish kunal was alive and see that his daughter is on verge is spoiling her life just coz she doesnt want to be like him .She dont want to be called as his daughter .She is suffering coz of his fault .I wish he was alive to see this.

  4. Veer is not at all understanding the situation. He is forcing things on Misthi, first being rude on her and not understanding her and now her job. He is forcing her too much and she is doing all these just becausse she don’t want to be like her father…its sad…. Veer and Misthi are not compatible, irrespective of a third person interfering or not. I doubt Veer can ever understand Misthi. Forget Veer, even Pari isn’t understanding her, how can she agree to what Veer said. Can’t she think from Misthi’s side? For Pari Misthi is her sister only through her words, she hasn’t understood her till now!! Damn, I hope Misthi realize the situation, it is not the one which was between her parents and by saying no to this marriage, she won’t be proved as Kunal. Because Kunal betrayed Mauli after completion of seven years successful married life. they were compatible always.
    But here, Misthi is forcing herself to be Miss Perfect to protect her relation, she is not herself with Veer and Veer, he is not even trying to understand her and is doing things which he feels is right for her!! That too even before their marriage. Veer doesn’t seems like he will support Misthi when she is wrong, instead of correcting her, he would probably abandon her, because he needs a perfect wife and not the real Misthi, who has flaws!!

  5. What I don’t like about the show is that Mishti has conflicting feelings which is understandable as she isn’t married yet and these things are best sorted before marriage, after marriage it becomes a betrayal, but I’m worried instead of them showing Mishti realising her feelings and whether or not she gets together with Rohan she definitely has realised that Veer isn’t the one which is fine but what I dont like is that the writers are going to justify Mishti not being with Veer because he wants a perfect wife and show him trying to mould her and take away her identity. Make him the villain in order to give Mishti an out, Mishti needs to come clean and tell everyone that Unfortunately she knows in her heart that Veer isn’t the one and it’s better to say now then have a lifetime of regret which is unfair.

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