Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Kunal have dinner with family

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaan asks Mauli if he is Dr. Kunal Malhotra, her ex-husband. He apologizes Mauli, he was unaware of her past. He understands the matter now and they can cancel the dinner. Mauli tells Ishaan its fine, she isn’t effected by Kunal’s presence anymore. Ishaan tells her not to pose being brave. Mauli assures Kunal doesn’t matter to her, she has turned her horrible past into a beautiful present where Kunal has no place at all. Kunal had reached behind and heard Mauli’s conversation. The girls were excited and asks Kunal to burn the crackers with them. Kunal asks Pari to go home. Mishti reminds Kunal about his promise to go on dinner together. Mauli says they shouldn’t break the promises done to children or anyone, she never breaks her promises. Everything else is up to him. Ishaan

offers to pick Mrs. Malhotra from the way. Pari replies that her mama doesn’t go anywhere and likes to live with her and her father. She won’t come.
In the restaurant, Ishaan asks Kunal what he would like to have. Mauli selects the menu. Pari says her Buddy is a foodie, her mama ruined him by cooking delicious dishes. Mauli recalls warning Nandini repeatedly that Kunal loves food but gets fat so soon. Mishti challenges Pari for a Pani Poori competition. Mauli and Kunal recall having such competitions with Nandini. They forbid the children who were now annoyed. Ishaan suggests they will order Bitter gourd and Eggplant dishes for kids. Both frown. Ishaan then offers Pasta and Noodles. Mishti demands ice cream as well. Mauli suggests about ordering Ishaan’s favorite Biryani with less oil. Kunal thinks he feels relieved to see Mauli happy, he couldn’t give her anything but pain. Mauli thinks its good they met, she realizes his presence or absence doesn’t matter to her.
At home, Dida tells Radika that Ishaan must have gone with them and will handle the situation. Mamma was worried about Mauli now, she accuses herself of being unthoughtful for Mauli. They were worried that Ishaan and Mishti don’t know about Kunal or Nandini, what if something wrong is said.
Ishaan asks Kunal about his life. Kunal says they weren’t in India for long, it’s nice to be back. Ishaan says shifting homes is a real problem, especially ladies and kids. Kunal says Pari’s interviews went really smooth. Pari interferes that she is her mama’s favorite as well, her Buddy says she even looks like her mama specially eyes and dimples. Mauli drops a glass of water over Ishaan’s clothes. She was at once apologetic and wipes it off his clothes.
Mauli gives a spoonful of ice cream into Mishti’s mouth. Mishti runs to Kunal to give him a bite. Mauli calls Mishti to make Popsy taste it, it’s his favorite flavor. After the meal, Ishaan asks if there are rats on their table. Mishti says they aren’t any rats, they are best friends and like sisters. Pari says Mishti can’t be her sister, she isn’t ready to share her Buddy with anyone. Buddy is only hers. Mauli asks Mishti to finish the ice cream. Ishaan goes outside to get the car. Kunal and Mauli hit each other while they get up, Kunal apologizes Mauli asking if she was hurt?
Outside, the girls were excited to see the helium balloons. Both Mishti and Pari demand for balloons. Mishti runs towards the vendor in excitement. Kunal and Mauli watch a car approaching Mishti from the opposite side. Mauli runs to save Mishti at once, Kunal was equally concerned but Mauli stops him with the signal of her hand. She says she can take care of her daughter herself. Ishaan had brought the car. Mishti apologizes Popsy as she couldn’t see anything but the balloons.
Kunal buys a balloon from the vendor and turns to look towards Mishti. He brings one to Mishti and the other for Pari. He advices Mishti to never run across roads this way. Ishaan thanks Kunal. Mauli thinks Kunal never deserves to know that Mishti is his daughter, he negated her presence even before she was born. Ishaan holds hands with Mauli and Mishti. Kunal watch the three of them walk towards the car.

PRECAP: At home, Mauli tells Mamma and Dida that she is happy about Kunal. His daughter has the love of both parents, and they are living happily. She is also ready to marry Ishaan now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I dont understand how Mouli exactly feels about Ishaan. Numerous times Ishaan has said things like ‘I am waiting for the day when you confess love to me too’ and not once Mouli has said anything like ‘Please dont keep false hope, because that cant happen.’ Even when Ishaan asked if he could make her wear the jewelry, she nodded. So i am assuming Mouli does like Ishaan a lot but she is hesitant. and who wouldnt be in her place? The person she had loved previously, the same person who promised her the love and happiness of the entire world, broke her trust and their relation without any hesitation and never even thought about her pain once. It is natural for Mouli to be afraid to begin another relation or trust any man or love ever again. I just wish Mouli had grown over he insecurities before saying yes to Ishaan. Now it is looking as if she is saying yes only because she felt bad listening to Pari’s happy life and out of anger she wants the same thing for mishti and using Ishaan for that. Ishaan deserves better.
    Kunal should have told atleast his mom and grandmother that Nandini is dead. What is the need to hide this fact? I am sure Mouli felt bad when pari said she didn’t want to share her father with anyone. Mouli knows Kunal is mishti’s father too, and she must have felt very bad listening to it. But if Mouli knew Nandini is dead, she would have understood why Pari is so possessive about her father. Kunal is literally the only person Pari had in her life until now. Anyways, i dont like how Mouli said yes to Ishaan. What will happen when she finds out Nandini is dead? Or what will happen when Kunal finds out mishti is his daughter? I dont want Ishaan to get hurt now just because he was a good guy who fell in love with Mouli and cared for her daughter.
    minor things:
    does anyone know if Ishaan stays at mishti’s house always?
    I was annoyed when in yesterday’s episode, Kunal got out from his car and thought ‘I should be careful while meeting Mishti’s parents as i dont want to come across mamma, dida or Mouli like this.’ How could he assume that Mouli will stay with his dida and mamma even after six years and have no life of her own?

  2. Hey wowwwwww m so happy director sab dt mouli has completely moved on from bitter past n ready to marry plzzz again at last moment dnt brng Kunal n spoil d marriage of mouli wid ishaan……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. They will make ishaam salman of kkhh. Writer of this show is a mental case..cant they show happy wnding by mauli marrying ishasn

  4. Okay, the writers need to figure out when Nandini died, just after giving birth or like 2 years ago. Because from some of Pari’s dialogue, it sounds like she knew her mom…like her mom cooks delicious dishes (please don’t tell me that Kunal tells her this and that’s why she knows because he must be telling her that everyday for her to remember such a small thing).

    Also, I know it’s a child but they really got her to act like she has the selfish part of Nandini and Kunal in her blood…not wanting to share him, I understand the part about being possessive because he is all she knew but once again Mauli has to relive the pain of being second choice and now her daughter. Kunal doesn’t seem to have any kind of care/love for Mauli and it’s kinda of disgusting to watch some scenes where he doesn’t even acknowledged the happy live they had before Nandini. It’s like their live together never existed. He just happy she has moved on so that he can feel less guilty for dumping her. Again only thinking how he feels but not really seeing her pain.

    Anyways, I can see that they just bring in poor Ishan as a third wheeler to drag this story. Because Mauli still seem hung up on Kunal and I am sure they will eventually get back together. Maybe Kunal will fall back in love with Mauli.

    It’s sad to see how estranged they have become from the times they were so much fun together. Though Kunal and Nandini got married, I doubt they were truly happy for what they did to Mauli.

    1. I agree completely. Sometimes i even get worried if Nandini is at all dead, because it hasn’t been stated clearly yet. Here we all are thinking Nandini is gone forever, and lo and behold she comes back again!

  5. what people need to realize is that once a cheater always a cheater! Mauli should not take Kunal back…there will be no guarantee that he wont do that again if temptation arises! This should be the just of the show! And how can he love her again…life is not a yo-yo! Love because they have a child(and he didn’t even believe that she was pregnant)!

    1. I totally agree with you. A leopard cannot change his spots, he can only hide them.

    2. Are you mad???? It is jst a serial for fun. Why are u dragging it like that… These characters are not real got it…. Their acting is based on their roles… It doesn’t matter if they are happy or sad do care or not.

  6. I doubt writers will bring back Nandini char (with a new one). That might be the reason Kunal/pari or in any conversation never shared about Nandini death topic.

    My assumption: Kunal will soon know about Misti and get back to mauli before her marriage with ishan…. Ishan decide to leave to support happy family for mouli. And when Kunal & mouli start falling for each other again and start a new life, Nandini char reentry and again dram starts…….. This time Kunal give priority to mouli and Nandini will suffer or turn negative char…..

    I want to mouli to move on with ishan and lead a happy life….. Going back to Kunal is cheating herself again….

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Ok so here’s what I think will happen … Mauli gets engaged to Ishaan out of anger/hurt… then finds out about Nandini’s death and feels sorry for both Pari and Kunal… then regrets her decision with Ishaan because she gets feelings for Kunal again based on this… so ? for Ishaan because he felt used and decides to retaliate against Mauli and Kunal for betraying his kindness… and then it’s anyone’s guess from here ?

  8. I come here for comments ….I am never disappointed…it’s quite hilarious most of the time….
    please note writers do check these forums…even if they don’t have any idea of bringing Kunal and Mauli back…the constant nagging you guys do by saying we don’t want them back…will make them twist the story…they know people will still watch irrespective of what they make,…they will get trp anyways..
    well I am sure most people loved kkhh and Kabhi Alvida na kehna (which was bleeding ema)….bcoz sharukh khan was the hero etc etc… but this is the same….most stories are a mixture and copy paste of movies and Hollywood serials…I am sure this is also is a concoction of some movies and English serials….nothing is original here.

  9. Kids look very artificial specially pari. I understand how can she speak dialogues that she looks like her mom etc etc just dislike her as she still talking about nandini. We can say snake has gone but his footprints are still here in pari…she doesn’t look innocent like misti but like nandini cheater.

    1. God how can u even say like this miss diya …. artificial seriously ? u hate nandini that everyone can understand but how can u even blame the child. Honestly pari’s acting is far better than mishti but both the girls look innocent and cute. Don’t say wrong about any child.

  10. Wah still kunal has no regrets
    Nonsense… Dude just die you should just die
    Poor ishaan. I don’t want him to suffer..

  11. Kunal doesn’t love mauli and mauli doesn’t love ishan then no need to unite with anyone. Let mauli live with misti and kunal with pari. Ishan should leave them if mauli is not ready. Or can support them as good friends.

  12. If kunal mauli reunite then the reason will be just misti nothing else.he doesn’t love mauli. And mauli will forgive kunal as nandini is dead it’s really very bad story that means both are selfish Bec of their kids they will stay together. There is no self respect left the end they just want to.prove nandini was good not mauli and everyone miss her.i just dislike her character and even don’t like to hear her name as she was cheater and characterless woman. After her death just they show how much everyone love her and miss her. Hope mauli is not.foolish.

    1. Yah..that’s right.I don’t wanna hear that cheater’s name too..damn it..It’s all cheater husband and cheater woman’s fault.They both don’t deserve to be a husband or friend…My hatest serial ever

  13. Ishan should not suffer in the end .Kunal is just selfish that’s why he will try to get misti mauli but he does not love mauli. Mauli should select ishan. It’s ok if she doesn’t love Bec after marriage she will be fine with ishan like arrange marriage. But kunal doesn’t deserve mauli now. Just for kids they will stay together?

  14. Mauli will know the death of nandhini when she is gng to marry ishan ND decides to takes care of pari also along with mishti as pari is Bina maa ki beti..just Mauli ND kunal will be d parents of both daughter s ND nothing else in their hearts..that’s it..they will end d track like this the show is gng off air and replace d by tantra…

  15. I think they will unite mauli kunal for misti and pari.

  16. I feel sorry for the serial Silsila…that didn’t cross even a single year..and going offair soon..what a big loss for that rubbish serial… By this serial’s defeat damn producer must think 100 times while producing next serial.Eventhough it might had given us the message that we can’t trust anyone in this era.but still no one can accept that serial..such a shame….. The dirty serial ever..

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