Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina insults Mishti

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari answers the doorbell before Mishti. It was Naina, Veer’s mother.
In the room, Rohan opens his wardrobe to take a folded tissue with Mishti’s lipstick mark.
Pari invites Naina inside. Naina insults Mishti that her son did a lot for her and her family, but she used him as a tissue paper and then wasted. They never liked Mishti, but had to accept the proposal because of Veer. Pari requests her to calm down. Naina says Veer would call her multiple times a day, he was crazy after her and wouldn’t listen to anyone in front of Mishti. Mishti apologizes for hurting them, she never meant to break Veer’s heart. Naina taunts that Mishti never spoke to her earlier, and now she jumped straight from Mummy Ji to Aunty. Naina blames her brought up. Rohan now intervenes, and requests

not to speak like this. Till, Veer and Mishti were together she always loved Mishti, if Mishti took a decision for herself now why blame her brought up then. This is wrong. Naina says she has a complete faith over one thing, the whole family is shrewd. Naina says she always considered Rohan a son, Veer treats him as a brother’ still he is with this family. What if Veer knows… Rohan asks what, when Veer would know his mother misbehaved with Naina. He would have said the same to his real mother as well. Naina says Mishti is extremely talented, she wins hearts very easily; definitely her mother must not have taught her all this. Had her mother known all this, her father wouldn’t have left her. Pari joins hands and requests Naina to leave before she cross her limits. Naina asks Pari why she feels pain for Mishti, they aren’t real sisters. She says she now understands, their mothers were different but father was same. Pari’s father left Mishti’s mother for the love of Pari’s mother, right? She taunts that Mishti has her father’s blood. Mishti now joins her hands and with tears and requests Naina to stop it. Radhika comes to move Mishti’s hands down. She tells Naina this is her children’s brought up that they valued her as a guest, she must also remain within her limits. She never allows anyone to disgrace her children. Her children understands the decisions of their parents, and never differentiated between themselves’ but she doesn’t expect anyone to even understand the strength of these relationships. Mishti didn’t speak against her and respected her, else very few people have the courage to speak against the family in front of Mishti. Mishti doesn’t love Veer, and does not even want to marry Veer. We must all accept the reality. She requests Naina to leave, and opens the door for her. Naina throws the engagement ring towards Mishti but Rohan steps in between. She as well demands all the jewelry Veer had bought for them. Radhika signals Pari to go and bring the jewelry. Pari brings all the jewelry. Naina demands the engagement ring as well. Rohan goes to drop her downstairs.
Mishti apologizes Radhika.
Downstairs, Naina asks Rohan to recognize these people’s true face. He must leave the house as soon as possible, and shift at their place. Rohan says she is angry right now, he doesn’t want to explain anything to her.
Mishti says she wanted to tell everything to Radhika, but she was afraid whatever she will have to bear. Radhika says she is still suffering. Had they taken her advice or consent, at least she could give them the right advice. Pari says Radhika was their side in front of Veer’s mother. Radhika says it’s her responsibility to protect her children from any disgrace.
PRECAP: Rohan drags Mishti aside in the kitchen. She was afraid that Pari might be here anytime. Pari comes to the kitchen while they were indulged in romance with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I can understand both malhotra and veer family. But what the hell ruhaan is doing. I know he is r8 but he didnt thinking of veers pain atleast for 2 days. He should be with mishti. But he can also make veer understane mish is not r8 for veer. I dont understand NAINA. If she never liked mishti y she was lovey dovey to mish at start. Mishti is spared from her future mil

  2. When they will know the truth .. I do not know what they will be .. Really today Radhika has supported mishi .. But when she will know that both have begin their romance within the same house .. What they will be. In addition I have the impression that he is Mishi or Ruhaan .. One of their parents have committed the irreparable in their family of hearts .. So much Nandini was wrong and to believe even the mother of ruhaan to the wrong to naina .. In short .. For me Mishan have cheated .. They have and will be wrong to many relationship .. The series is long .. We turn in circles .. When we see the daring of mishi with ruhaan .. It’s quite disturbing because at first we saw mishi as the honest wise girl .. But see mishi behave so daring with ruhaan in the kitchen or in the bedroom breaks this picture …. I do not think she has exceeded her limits with Veer .. Who always respect her .. But with ruhaan she feels light .. And this is happening under the nose and roof of Radhika .. To see his reaction . Brief . The past catches up ..

  3. There is no moral values in serials. We can just luk at them. Every serial is made up of spice and chemistry and many ppl like it. Look at ytg,kkb yhm..etc. So it is useless to bash them. I like silsila however. May be mounal effect. Mishaan is equal to mounal+kundini. There is understanding spice and romance. Unlike mauli mish have time 4 ruhaan.

  4. Mishaan is getting on my nerves. How can mishti throw veer like a used tissue as naina said. She should break up with veer ok. But how can she avoid him that much. There is no luv but friendship and respect to hai na? Mishti celebrates with ruhaan as if she dont know veer. She remembers me kunal sometime like he was careless about maulis pain. Y didnt mishti tried again to tell veer about ruhaan. She is like I used u now i have my true luv y should i explain u.

  5. Mishti and ruhaan are busy with their romance. Of course ruhaan forgot about is best friend veer. Ruhaan is not thinking about veers pain. But when they will know the truth about mishti ruhaan secret love behind their backs. Look like Veer and Pari will team up against mishti ruhaan.

  6. No moral values in this serial… always showing betrayal in relationship… and taking love and culture for granted… Mishti is behaving like his father…. shes didnt even realise how her mother felt…. she should ve thought well before taking any step… And moreover, Pari thinks that Kunal didnt love mauli…. thats insance…. mauli and kunal had a love marriage… and they were really happy… until Nandini came between… i dont understand why the hell people while breaking up getting affairs then they say its not love its not working… y such cheap thinking…. such serial should be banned…

    1. Misti is a hore and she wants one plus.

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