Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli gets drunk in her birthday party

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli and Nandini open the door at the same time, from opposite sides. Nandini hides behind the door at once while Mauli comes inside with Dida, Mamma and Pramilla. The lights of the hall goes out at once. A spot light fell over Mauli and party poppers shower over her. Kunal was relieved as Mauli laughs enjoying the moment. Nandini smiles watching her happy. A screen plays the message of Mauli’s birthday. They walk inside. Nandini gets a chance to walk out of the hall but stand there. The screen now played Mauli’s photo collection which she enjoys cheerfully. Kunal notices Nandini still outside and nods at her thankfully. Nandini walks away. After the screenplay, Mauli looks around at the arrangement. Mayank comes inside wishing Mauli and had brought a gift for her. Mauli finds a napkin under a table and goes to pick it up. Kunal spots a bracelet, walks towards Mauli and hides the bracelet. He mocks as if he was also about to pick up the napkin. Dida asks Mauli if she liked the arrangement, Kunal did this. Mauli tells Dida it’s all beautiful, then silently tells Kunal it is exactly like the beautiful lie which fancies the eyes, but has no meaning.
A waiter serves the cake. Mauli cuts it, and gives a bite each to Mamma, Dida, Mayank, and Pramilla and in the end to Kunal as well, but with blank eyes and emotions. Mauli thanks everyone for making the day so special for her, everything here is perfect. She thinks its not perfect, yet being perfect in all aspects. She says that today a new Mauli has taken birth, a sensible and mature Mauli. She says a little pain is missing in this pleasure and Dida recognizes this pain very well. She goes to get the Champaign.
Nandini returns home and finds the angel girl left on the table. She thinks its better Mauli gets the gift today.
The family enjoys drinking together. Everyone notices that Mauli was already drunk above limits. Kunal tries to stop her. Mauli asks so what? Its her birthday, and she deserves this much on the day. It’s a perfect combination, his shame and her pain. She names another drink to both. She says Kunal did a lot for her today, can he dance with her as well? She asks for some music, and tells Kunal it will be their last dance together, for old times’ sake.
Mauli does the opening steps, then brings Kunal under spotlight. They dance on ‘Kamli’. Everyone clap for them after the dance. Nandini leaves the hall but Mauli spots her and follows her outside. She stops Nandini in the gardens who was shocked to see her. Mauli asks if Nandini remembered her birthday? Her best friend’s birthday? Or Sotan’s (second woman)? Nandini says she didn’t want to ruin her birthday. Mauli asks if she came to wish her, then go on. She stood with a wide smile on her face.

PRECAP: Mauli reminds Nandini she always demanded gifts on her birthdays, and Nandini brought the gift. She takes God promise from Nandini and demands Nandini to return her Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Such a heart breaking episodes, mauli is suffering so much she deserve all happiness let cheaters rot in hell

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Now i get, nandini will scarifice her love kunal on mouli request… As yesterday they showed nandini ask kunal to stay away and this will be the reason… And instead showing Mouli great writers will show Nandini great… I thoughted Mouli should deserve much better than kunal but this demand made me think mouli is only in her teenage love, her divorce decision was showed her mature but now her asking cheater kunal back is total immaturity…. Writers use your brains and better end this bakwas… Everyone was hoping for kunal and nandini punishment and mouli new journey but now, kunal and mouli will stay together, nandini will become great to scarifice her love, nandini new journey, and leap…. If this is plan, show will be become much bakwas and boring…

  3. Nandini didn’t have any secound thought about mauli before getting intimate with kunal or when she was showing her rights on him neither when post revelation mauli was broken nd she was thanking god for giving kunal’s love. But suddenly she will leave kunal because in highly drunken state mauli ask her kunal?! Seriously That girl is drunk, not in her senses, doesn’t know her friend and husband crossed limits of decency’s, there is nothing to fight for. Why would she want love by pity or so called “sacrifice when she can have much much better. I got it nandini is the lead but doing so much injustice with one character to make mahan another is not fair. Accepting a cheater husband being a modern, self respected, educated women is out of character, it is not mauli. Mauli was never a mahan or pityful character she is very realistic. Writers can do whaterver they want with kunal and nandini but spare mauli, she was the only decent nd relatable character. Spoiling her will make this show more disgusting than it actually is

    1. Well said

  4. DannyComments

    Well was fun while it is time to give Kunal back I go ahead and be the selfless Woman you are and let Kunal go..he will still come back to you ..if the writers allow it tho..

  5. If I was Mauli, I wouldn’t have returned to Kunal. He is just a cheater nothing else

  6. Sujitha

    what is the nonsense precap we don’t want that cheaters in mauli life as a husband and as a friend .Writer don’t dare to make them mahan because they sacrifice their so called relationship for mauli . we want them they must be punished for hell betraying the person who had trust on them like they not have any respect from the society,not have any loyal friends,not have their so called relationship (I don’t take their so called relationship is love it destroy the purity of love and also give the disgusting feelings whenever I heard their so called relationship is love ) mostly not each other not sacrificing their love but hating each other and want feel the same betrayal from each other like now mauli got from each other , Maybe if he went to mauli and living with her thinking his so called relationship and intimacy with his mistress very second is more torture for mauli than what she feel now,so it’s better she live her life happily with marry other good person than living with this bastard husband ( if only love have mouth it’s cry lot and spit their faces for destroying its purity for their lust ) ,and we don’t want him in mauli life out of their pity toward mauli mind it writer

  7. I think we all should understand that mauli was drunk and hurt that’s why she did what she did. We let our heart take control over our mind when we are drunk.

    Story of all the drunk call and texts ever. So please beli from that poor soul.

  8. Sujitha

    After ruined her marriage life by having affair with her husband and enjoying with him in front of mauli she said she didn’t want ruin her birthday party really,what are writer trying to project that she is mahan are some things so,if you try that whenever she act to care for mauli happiness and shade her crocodile tears for mauli sufferings to give more and more disgusting feelings towards her. Is She wants mauli accept her and that blo*dy bastard as a friend again in her life , If mauli accept them again in her life I must say she is a most stupid person in the world . once you made the mistake by allowing her your live mauli don’t do that again and again after she showed her true colors.

  9. Mauli ……let allow kunal to go away……he is not deserve for u….u r strong women…and this cheater in ur life no more………….pls back of from kunal or else he will cheat u life long & give much pain to u

  10. I lost my interest in this crap long back but still watching because I wanted to know how a strong and independent woman like mauli handle this worst situation and how she move on.But the makers have to destroy the only character worth watching. A woman like mauli would never stay with shameless kunal ,if he was sorry and ask for forgiveness then it would be different case.Big disappointment makers!

  11. Poor mauli, she is really broken, but guys please don’t blame mauli, she is drunk and we know that she loves kunal, she applied for divorce for her self respect and also thinking of kunal’s happiness. and now she is drunk and we know her heart still loves kunal. i am feeling so bad for mauli, how can nandhini ome back to party, disgusting!!!

  12. Sujitha

    I think writer try to destroy mauli character to get attention toward that cheat girl and try to make accept the audience that girl is good than mauli.

  13. S they don’t deserve mauli

  14. Moulis fans wanted her to be independent.
    Nandini fans wanted her to be independent.
    Either fans do not want romance.ha ha poor kunal.that character too could be eliminated like rajdeep without wasting money and show the women empowerment and this show will be a hit.

    1. Exactly kunal is the worst hero ever happened in some point I feel that kunal took advantage of nandini’s vulnerability.she was at low point of her life and she would have fallen for anybody who support and care for her at that kunal is the root of all problem.

  15. anjali sharma

    spoiler alert ##Mauli accepts that Kunal can never return to her. Kunal has chosen Nandini over Mauli. Mauli and Kunal are behaving like a happy couple just for Dida’s happiness. Mauli learns about her pregnancy and gets worried. She didn’t wish that the pregnancy news will come in such a time when Kunal isn’t with her. Dida also gets this news about Mauli’s pregnancy. Dida and Yamini get very happy and congratulate Mauli. They believe that the coming child will get Kunal and Mauli closer. Mauli knows Kunal doesn’t love her now. She doesn’t know how will he react hearing about her pregnancy. She wants the child to get the father’s love. Mauli gets stressed. Dida encourages her to save the marriage.

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