Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti and Rohan to see the flat

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti was in her room and rejects Rohan’s call. Mishti takes the second call, then promises to be there in a while. Pari asks about everyone in the house. Mishti says Ansh left early morning for coaching, Dadi is in temple; Rohan is lost and she is also going for their event. Pari says they must dissolve the contract of Veer’s company, and say no to organize Veer’s party. Mishti says they have worked hard for the event. Their contract is month’s old, and she will leave the event before the party starts. Pari had negative vibes about it, and offers to go in place of Mishti. Mishti thinks she can’t lie to Pari, but she wants to meet Veer in the party tonight and tell him about themselves. Pari asks Mishti why she and Rohan went to meet Veer. Mishti inquires who told Pari. Pari says Rohan told her during their beer. Mishti explains she was hurt watching Veer in the police station, and wanted to meet him. Pari says Mishti could have shared it with her, she would have loved accompany Mishti. Mishti explains that Rohan is Veer’s friend. Pari understands. She reluctantly asks Mishti if she is reconsidering about her relationship with Veer. Mishti says she only wants to tell him the truth. Pari asks what’s left. Mishti looks away, and says she wanted to clarify to Veer that there is nothing left between them, she now wants to move on in her life without any baggage. Pari gets an intuition that there is someone else in her life, someone very special. Mishti teases that Pari gets this intuition because she is someone special in Pari’s life. Pari denies. Mishti says she has heard Pari smiles in vain, and sings while alone; the ball is in her court now. Pari was silent for a while, then poses to be clueless. Mishti’s phone bell rings but she was determined to know whom Pari fall for, finally. Pari finally replies Rohan! Mishti was taken aback. Pari says its Rohan’s call. Mishti was relieved, Pari also breathes of relief. Pari thinks there is something wrong with her, firstly Rohan didn’t understand and now Mishti can as well not understand. Pari asks Mishti why Rohan called her. Mishti lies that she had asked Rohan to arrange a photographer for the event. After Mishti had left, Pari thinks it seems Mishti is also hiding something.

Mishti and Rohan comes into the flat. Rohan sends the vendor away, so that they can see the flat for some time. Mishti laughs as she comes into a room. She hides behind a wall, while Rohan comes in looking around for her. She walks to hug him from the back. She says this house is pretty. Rohan looks into her eyes. Mishti breaks the moment and reminds they came here to see the house. Mishti exclaims she loved the house, she has decided about the interior. She discuss the interior with Rohan while he looks on with a smile spread over his face. Mishti complains he is only looking towards her, he must also give some input. Rohan walks to Mishti and says he has only two inputs, he wants to see her both early in the morning and at night as well. He decides the corners for their fights and patch up. Mishti kiss Rohan’s cheeks and promises there will only be love in this house. Rohan suggests about beginning the love right away. They were about to kiss when the broker comes inside.

Pari was in the coffee café, and was curt that Arnav must be taking a revenge from him by making her wait. Arnav says he thought Veer was a sensible person, but he feels Veer has mingled their professional and personal life. He pays Pari the advance cheque for tonight’s event. He says he doesn’t trust Veer. He behaved so aggressively with him, and is stuck on that one event. He feels Veer would insult her or Mishti. He is warning her to back out. Pari asks why is he so aggressive, Mishti isn’t the first girl to break up. They were not happy with each other. Veer must understand it’s not a big deal. She calls Mishti.

Mishti was with the broker and discuss about the loan procedure and down payment. Rohan asks about registration. The broker says it costs 3 crore and including all the taxes, it will be 3 crore and 75 lac. He says they can apply for loan but will need their salary slips. Mishti and Rohan say they are both freelancers. Rohan speaks to the bank manager, then says they can’t get the loan. Mishti tells Rohan they will buy this house. Outside, Mishti says she has a few savings and jewellry as well. Rohan says he will work very harder, he can get more work now. Mishti requests him to let her help, this is their house. Rohan says this is his dream, he will turn it into a reality. Mishti offers any help if needed.

PRECAP: Mishti comes to speak to Veer. She offers to come aside. Veer insults if Mishti speaks to every guy like this, whom has she trapped after him now.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    This show has turned insane, writers has lost their mind, just dragging without any reason… Though here people will think I am mad, but atleast S1 had clarity with limited dragging and showed timely proper end, though ishan and mouli marriage and ansh was in flashback, but it ended on good story… Unlike S2 writers even themselves don’t know what should they write and show, just turning show stupid…

  2. Where is this show headed to??

  3. Veer char is being butchered brutally, what the hell is wrong with u writers, if u don’t have any damn story finish this crap soon, why turning good people to villain to justify others

  4. Damn why butchering veers character, u mad writer, to justify other couples u will turn good people to bad what the hell, is this web series or typical ITV shows? In this head ache the show got extension for another 2 months, oH god

  5. This show is heading to send veer to jail n giving mishaan a happy ending

  6. And who know they may show that veer is the one who trapped mishti by using her past baggage, they may show all shit abt veer just to butcher him

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