Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhika knows about Rohan-Mishti

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti walks across the hall thinking why he is chasing her, its difficult for her to explain to him. What if Dadi or Pari watch them together. She walks out of the apartment. Rohan chases Pari outside. Radhika wakes up at the bang of door and wonders who is moving in or out at this time. She goes outside the room and notices both Pari and Mishti aren’t in the room. She thinks Pari was at Arnav’s place, but where Mishti has gone. She was tensed and goes to Rohan’s room
Downstairs, Rohan stops Mishti. Mishti forbids him to tease her. Rohan holds her arm and says she is troubling him, if the feelings between them are false, or their love is fake. She herself claimed she can’t live without him, and when he was starving she was also uneasy. And this is a lie when she now says she doesn’t love him anymore. Radhika comes downstairs. Mishti questions if she ever claimed to love Rohan. Rohan says it doesn’t change the truth, he is well aware she loves him because when emotions are deep they don’t need words. If she didn’t say I love you, it doesn’t change things. He holds feelings dear than words. He knows very well that they can’t live without each other, she belongs to him, ‘only mine’. Radhika was taken aback hearing all this, and hurriedly goes upstairs.

In her apartment, Radhika cries for the love triangle that was being formed. She says this isn’t possible; like Kunal and Mauli. She speaks to Mauli’s photo that she wants to hear it’s not all true. How she would bear all this now. Mauli appears to Radhika now, and says uncertainties are a part of life and determine our future lives. Everyone has to bear the troubles in their lives. When situations are worse, anyone can be the victim. Radhika had taken the right decision earlier as well, she is sure this time as well Radhika would take the right decision. Her heart knows that Radhika’s decision would be the best for both children. Radhika thinks she won’t let past repeat itself for her kids now, she won’t let it happen.

The next morning, Rohan and Pari were on the breakfast table. Rohan speaks to Pari about last night and asks if she still didn’t forgive him. Pari agrees she should have understood him. She holds his hand. Pari says it might take her little more time to understand his likes, dislikes and mood. She gets a call from Arnav who asks about Sukhmani. Pari tells Arnav that Radhika and Sukhmani have gone to temple, and will surely have refreshment on their way back. Rohan was about to leave the table when Pari stops him after the call. She tells Rohan no matter how upset he might get, she will surely mind but will never be angry at him. She will always try to understand his point of view first. Rohan was quizzical about her attitude.

Mishti was getting ready in front of the mirror. She then tries to zip up her dress from the back. Rohan comes to the room and ties the zip for her. Mishti turns around at once. Rohan clutches her arm behind her back. Mishti tells him to stop it, he is hurting her. Rohan says he is still ready to forget everything. He wants a clear answer, they were going to tell Dadi everything after his return from Nasik; how thinks overturned overnight. She is trying his patience now. Mishti asserts its all clear, she isn’t interested; and then why is this so difficult to understand. She begs him to let her be, she has apologized already for misleading him. Rohan pulls her closer again, and tells her to look into his eyes and say she didn’t love him. Mishti says she had been confused, and now wants to spend her life with Veer. The bottom line is, she belongs to Veer. Rohan threatens to suicide, but Mishti mocks if he is 16 now. She warns if he tries to interfere between her and Veer, she won’t spare him easily. Rohan stares at her for a while, then leaves the room. Radhika watches him leave Mishti’s room and going towards his. She stops Rohan and says he is a PG, his limits are kitchen and hall. He shouldn’t wander around so freely, and she hopes he understand that. Rohan gets a call and leaves the house.

Radhika thinks about Pari’s excitement for her love of Rohan. Rohan’s words echo in hers mind. She thinks she can’t bear such dilemma for her kids anymore. She must finish the matter right away. Rohan must leave their lives once and for all. She goes to Rohan’s room and packs his bags, murmuring he can’t ruin her house anymore. She shouldn’t keep such people in her house. Mishti comes out of her room and was shocked to see Radhika hurriedly packing Rohan’s luggage. Radhika tells Mishti she is closing the leaf of pasts which tried to open up once again. Her son Kunal broke Mauli’s heart because of Nandini, she witnessed her heart shatter. And now fate is playing the same game with both them sisters now. She asks Mishti if she is telling a lie. She told Mishti that Pari and Rohan love each other and she is happy about it, then how is Mishti related to Rohan.

PRECAP: Radhika asks Mishti if she broke her engagement with Veer because of falling for Rohan. Mishti says Radhika must have heard half the matter. Rohan isn’t happy with her reconciliation with Veer. Radhika might as well not be happy with it because Veer and his family were behind her kidnapping.

Update Credit to: Sona

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