Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpati Visarjan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli and Nandini unveil their idols. Both whisper their prayers into the ears of idols. Mauli wish for a child, and solution for any hurdles in the way of Kunal’s clinic. Nandini was thankful to God for all the respect and love Kunal has given her, she wish for his happiness. The Pandit asks for aarti. Chakor comes in and apologizes for being very late. Mauli goes to greet her. She introduces Chakor as her patient initially but now a very good friend. She introduces the family to Chakor as well. Mauli tells her that Nandini is her oldest and bestest of friends. She holds her second to Kunal after life, she can even trust Nandini with closed eyes. Kunal takes everyone for aarti. He and Mauli does the Pooja together. Afterwards Nandini moves forward for her aarti. The Pandit asks

Nandini where her husband is. Mauli says she will do the aarti alone. Tears fill Nandini’s eyes. Kunal cautiously looks behind, everyone prayed with their eyes shut. He holds Nandini’s hand in the Pooja. Chakor notices this.
Afterwards, Kunal finds Nandini alone and brings Prasad to her. Chakor was noticing them again. Kunal smiles towards Nandini and walks ahead. Kunal makes photographs of everyone, Mauli and Nandini and then take a selfie with them. Later, Mauli gets busy with the guests. Kunal photographs Nandini solely. Chakor notices that something is wrong here. Friends never stand in Pooja like this stood, its how couples stand together. She decides to speak to Mauli about it. Mauli was telling Nandini that she and Kunal are about to start their family but Chakor takes her aside. Chakor explains she might be wrong but… Mauli was called by Dida.
Nandini thanks Kunal for all his support. Kunal asks who thanks in love. Tear fell off her eyes. Kunal demands her expression of love today. Nandini asks if he doesn’t trust her. Kunal smiles that he trusts her, but he wants to hear from her. She demands for some time, Kunal insists he wants it right now. Kunal says alright, but he won’t eat anything until she expresses herself. Nandini requests him not to be stubborn. Kunal boasts about more stubborn than Nandini is.
Chakor speaks to Dida about her sweets. Mauli comes to take her aside and asks what Chakor wanted to say. Chakor was a little reluctant and requests Mauli not to take her words false. She says during Pooja she went outside, when she came in again he noticed Kunal held Nandini’s hand during the Pooja… She gets a call, was disturbed and leaves in emergency. She promises to call Mauli and tell her on phone about the matter.
Nandini works in kitchen with Mauli and Pramilla. Kunal comes into the kitchen. Mauli tells him to have food. Kunal says he won’t eat, his stomach is upset. Mauli leaves after instructing him to take medicine. Kunal speaks to himself aloud that he is really hungry, but it seems he will have to fill his stomach with water only. Nandini asks him to have his meal then, he will get acidity. Kunal says even his heart is burning, doesn’t matter if stomach burns as well.
Kunal introduces Ahaan and Pankti to Mauli who had also come. RJ Jai (Internet Wala Love) also comes there. Mauli watch Aadhiya come in and goes to greet her. Jai was shocked to see her there, both make faces to each other. Jai complements Kunal and Nandini being a complementing couple. Adhiya corrects that its Kunal and Mauli’s house. Kunal takes all the guests for Antakshri. He announces he will have to do this to get rid of hunger. Dida corrects its for time pass, not to satiate hunger. Nandini gets the point.
From girl’s side, Sweet sings Muqabla. Jai comes forward singing ‘Larki Beautiful kar gai chul’. Next song is from Mauli who sings “Lagg Jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raat” She brings Kunal forward where both dance. Next is Ahaan singing “Le jaen tujhe kahan hawain” and dance with Pankti. Afterwards, Kunal challenge the girls. Nandini decides this is the chance, she begins “Teri umeed tera intizar kartay hain; Ae Sanam tou sirf tum se pyaar kartay hain”. Everyone claps for Nandini, Kunal nods in approval and appraisal.
It was night. Mauli bid farewell to the guests when Rajdeep comes there. He offers her some Prasad and asks about Kunal. Mauli asks what his concern is. Rajdeep says he forgot, a man can be with a single woman at a time.
At home, Nandini brings food for Kunal as he heard what he wished for. Kunal smiles.
Rajdeep points that even Nandini can’t be seen. What if they are together? Mauli slaps Rajdeep.
Kunal gives the first bite to Nandini while she gives the next to Kunal.
Mauli curses Rajdeep for being a downtrodden. He is playing this trick against Nandini, he connected her name to Kunal to ruin her character. Rajdeep says he isn’t like Kunal and Nandini. Mauli tells him to get lost, she doesn’t want him ruin this day for her. Rajdeep tells Mauli to save a few breathes, she will need to cry a lot in future. Mauli turns to leave. Rajdeep promises to bring her proof against Nandini.
Mauli had come at the window where Nandini and Kunal were enjoying food. They hear Mauli speak on phone and vanish from their seats. Kunal comes to Mauli who was tensed and hugs Kunal. Nandini watch through the window. Rajdeep’s words haunt Mauli.
The next morning, Zoya comes at Mauli’s place for Ganpati visarjan. Mauli leaves Kunal’s mobile with her to watch photographs from yesterday. Kunal, Nandini and Mauli dance around in the procession. Rajdeep was there as the drum beater and thinks Mauli would soon forget to dance when her friend’s reality unveils. He goes to a side and mix some ‘bhang’ in their drinks.
Mauli gets Chakor’s call in the procession where she could hear less. Chakor says Kunal and Nandini did the Aarti together, Kunal left Nandini’s hand then looked at each other and did the Pooja like a couple. Mauli laughs that any third would be suspicious, Nandini lived at their house for a long time and is much frank with everyone else. What Chakor is thinking can’t be possible. Chakor requests Mauli not to mind whatever she said. Mauli instead thanks Chakor to think about her.
There, Nandini and Kunal get drunk. Kunal swirls Nandini around singing Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Everyone enjoy their dance. Mauli returns after the call and watch Kunal draped in Nandini’s dress. There, Zoya notices a lot of pics of Nandini in the phone and wonders why Mauli’s friend’s photos are there. Kunal and Nandini gets intimate, troubling everyone else as well along with Mauli. Dida saves her eyes from Mamma. Mauli cries watching them dance, Rajdeep and Chakor’s warnings echo in her mind.

PRECAP: Zoya advices Mauli that wedding is a weak relation, it’s important to point out any weakness in time. She must figure out what was left in her and Kunal’s relation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Love triangle is on.. Whom will Ganpati Bappa listen??
    2. Mouli was looking too prety in pinkish golden dress.
    3. I knew Rajdeep will try to expose Nandini Kunal affair and Mouli will not believe.
    4. I hope Mouli see truth during Kunal Nandini dance.
    5. 1 hour episodes for whole week, but I doubt will kunal and nandini get exposed?? And most of time this type of maha episodes just make viewers crazy and in end nothing happens
    6. Rest show was ok ok..

  2. Thank you, Sona for the quick update. I am not going to be watching tonight-hate to see Mauli crying.
    Unfortunately, she is going to be doing that for the next few weeks

  3. Feeling sad for mauli, and me too have a same doubt whether their affairs will b exposed or not

  4. It’s really hurting… I thought to not take this to my heart…. But I can’t…. I can’t imagine mauli situation… How she can tolerate her best friend and husband betrayal. Pls don’t justice kunal nandini love

  5. Oh God this is disgusting. How can these two be so shameless. The worst part about the episode was Kunal demanding Nandini to confess her love and not showing an ounce of guilt even when mouli was worrying for his health. This is bullshit. And the worst part was Nandini’s expressions when mouli was dancing with Kunal as if screaming that that is my man you are dancing with. Pathetic! Everyone is now warning mouli and she has herself started to realise that something is fishy. I just wish that when she comes across the truth, it doesn’t open a chapter for kunal-nandini’s illegitimate relationship as enunciated by the promo but opens a chapter of their struggle and hatred they’d endure for themselves throughout the journey. Hope they soon realise that what they feel is nothing but infatuation and pay for their mistakes. Curses! Curses!

  6. Hate this show. I really created negativity in the relationships. It should b closed down. I don’t think there will b a happy ending for mauli and kunals relationship. At d end the extra marital affair only will be proven right. Pls we like to see mauli and kunals back together happily ever. They rock

  7. What ever Rajdeep said its tru. What ever he is Infront of everyone, not Like Nandini and Kunal who pretend good infron of everyone and cheat and have EMA behind. Disgusting.

    This show ruined all my thoughts and days, I dont watch this show but read updates only to know how moulis character is going to face this situation. I feel very bad how can a women do this to another women that too being a best friend. Infact even enemies dint do this.

    People say its just a show and blah blah blah, but even if its a show people gets connected to serials so much thats the reason they are getting trps and everything. I am justing feeling bad and helpless just having a though of this serial. EMA is such a worst thing pls CVs dont color coat it with pure love and dont Justify it.

  8. One thing from latest promo i really dint liked is, Mouli getting ready as Nandini and asking “Yehi chahtha hei na tu..” this shows how badly it impacts other partner one cheats them. They feel that there is some fault in them and even go into depression.
    I have a question to Kunan fans, tell me truly if it happens in real life will u support Kunan based on there chemistry.

    We just request when it is wrong accept it as wrong praise the actors but not the concept. They are overly sugar coating Kunan scenes which is disgusting. There is not even an ounce of guilt on both Kunan faces.

    Only hope from CVs is they will show how bad it is having EMA and after effects. Even if is true love b/w Kunan (which i dont feel) i dont accept cheating.

    If you are so sure about ur feelings for god sake pls say that to Mouli and take divorce then do whatever u want. Y this EMA behind Moulis back.

    1. Well said, these two are playing with maulis life and emotions, which is not right and Kunal if ur sure abt ur feelings for nandhini then go n tell to mauli n divorce her then do shameless shit with ur so called true love

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally right .. Writers and production have gone mad and showing such thing, and didn’t think after impact as many viewers take reel life as real life and think of consequences, this show give message that don’t help your friends and keep doubting husband/wife. I mean i agree that no girl deserve rajdeep type husband, but showing extra matrial affair is beyond it.. And latest promo spoils more as they have shown Mouli take Nandini look and say you like Nandini so I turned like her: that words express in how much painful her heart and depression her mind went.

  9. Nina

    I feel sorry for Mauli you see she is giving much heartfelt warmth friend and husband, whereas she is receiving negative things only.

  10. This story sounds interesting to see and watch die to the actors who can attract and capture the audience. In reality the entire plot and story line is a very bad message to society. It is encouraging extra marital relationships which is dangerous. Beware!!!!!

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Most funny thing i forgot to mention from today’s episode for laughter dose:
    Nandini and Kunal holded hand during pooja this was seen by chakor from far but panditji was infront of them he didn’t see that😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀 and mouli was clicking selfie, she didn’t notice that kunal and nandini were looking at each other not in camera, as this is very clear to see😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀

  12. Kunal and nandini I love you

  13. If mauli becomes negative in future it is far more justified than Kunal so called truelove.not every body is so dare to accept these kind of deceitfulness from their most dear ones and sit quiet.i have no problem if mauli becomes negative or stay positive I support only mauli .

    1. You spoke my words..😀 even I’ll support mauli even though she turns negative..

  14. For the first time I liked Raajdeep character whatever he said he looked genuine. And apart from that I always liked abhinav’s acting he perfectly played Rajdeep’s role.
    Feeling sad for mauli I would like to see her individual journey and I don’t want her to be with Kunal anymore. Better she leave him witj nandini and start her new journey.

  15. I will also support mauli if she turns vamp,

  16. Its interesting how everyone is reacting over Nandini and Kunal are doing wrong etc etc… no I am not supporting extra marital affairs… every serial ever made in the history of Indian television always had one male lead two female and there has always been love between others than main two characters…it’s just that the other lead is shown as vamp…or the first has lost memory changed face had plastic surgery etc etc ….. the only difference in this serial is that they are showing it openly….and has no vamp concept, these things happen in real life, one can be in denial……watch crime patrol you will get enough similar cases….so many marriages leading to divorce because of lack of love….I think this serial is probably showing how love happens….and usually logic takes a back seat…..
    But every serial is always based on a love triangle or sometimes love square…. there are hardly any serial with only two people in love….yes there was madhubala, that vampire story…..
    Well it’s my thought…please don’t attack me…. peace!

    1. I see what you are saying with other programs but the thing with this one is the couple were happy together, they didn’t have issues, now a husband whose wife is not even evil is betraying her and the so called best friend who has a new start in life because of her friend is also betraying her. I don’t even watch this even though I am a fan of Shakti Arora but I watched the episode because of Ahaankti Chakor and Zoya making an appearance and even though I don’t watch it I really felt for Mauli, at the end of the day as far as I’m concerned it’s a sordid affair there can be no justification for it at all. The worst thing is they didn’t even look guilty and Kunal looks sleazy every time he looks at Nandini I find it nauseating. Mauli defended them not only in front of the ex but even took Chakors warning lightly so that shows how much she trusts the cheating pair. Poor woman I hope the writers don’t drag the reveal for too long because that would be more humiliating for Mauli. I know it’s a show but the damage these things do in real life destroys everything and hope the show portray the total devastation and the consequences that EMA cause

      1. We don’t know whether they had a lovely marriage….I watch bepannah too ….adi thought he had best marriage bcoz he was married to his best friend….but the truth turns out to be different….there was no love so she chose Yash for love over adi…same with this…..these two were friends and got married I suppose….I don’t know coz they haven’t shown much about Mauli and Kunal’s story…. from the beginning it was Nandini’s story…not mauli’s.

      2. The reason it’s not affecting people so much in bepannah is bcoz and Yash and priya are dead and here Mauli is alive….that was also about extra marital affair only….if you look at it…

      3. But if you see bepannah both Zoya and ADI were destroyed, it’s later when they analysed it became clear that ADI mistook love and friendship whereas Zoya genuinely loved Yash and she gave up everything for him

      4. Exactly…Zoya loved….Yash had no love towards her… was one sided…may be it was there in the beginning then he found actual love in Priya…….
        I guess this serial is mostly about Love and that eshsaas that is beyond logic and when people caught up in their own personal accomplishments like career, family….couples lose the intimacy and love is gone……if it was real love will never go in the first place….I think that’s the point here….
        but most drishti’s fans may not like the character she is playing and misconstrue it as extra marital affair….. well it is EMA no doubt….. but I think it’s focussed more on the ehsaas and love itself…not relationship….not right or wrong…nor logic… oohhh it’s complicated…. the writers will make everyone go crazy in the process…

  17. Wtf man like what this shit is happening …if kunal and nandini are unable to control their emotions they must clear the air with mauli from their part and be honest with her …atleast she would know the truth and she herself can try to move forward in life… she is like andha pyar trusting kunal and nandini…who are not even thinking of her atleast once …they are like pyar ho jata hai use koi rok ni skta…like really dude emotions pe control krna har bande ke bas me hota hai …its like u yourself dont want to control yourself and just think once what are going to be the consequenses next…agar emotions pe control ni hota to aaj har banda wahi krta jo is serial me showcase ho rha hai we all like attractive people good looking people but we know that we can’t get it… its in our control to get over from our emotions ..whatever it is it is wrong …it’s ok it’s just a serial but dude it’s conveying wrong msg among most of the audience i bet …and it’s not like log serial dekh k bhul jate hain it obviously creates an impact on viewers and after this shit no friend’s gonna help her other friend and no one’s gonna show a piece of insaniyat to the troubled one rather than pity on him/her and leave in their situation…

  18. Joo

    I don’t think iss 1 hr episodes mein kuch bhi prove hoga. I think kunal & Nandini will convince mauli ki aisa kuch bhi nahi hai she is just misunderstanding them. Is ke baad surrogacy track hoga, mauli ko lagega ye uska aur kunal ka baccha hai but actually it’s kunal and nandini’s child. Stopped watching.. Just reading updates just to know what will mauli do after knowing their truth. But I think that’s not going to happen so soon

  19. Better they close this stupid shop and do something creative!!!!

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