Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini organizes Mauli’s birthday party

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli comes outside to the car. She remember her past birthdays when her car used to be filled with balloons and rose. She was heartbroken and gets into the car, crying. She hears a Muslim Calling of Prayer and gets the car stopped at a Dargah. Inside, she gets a shawl to cover herself to walk inside.
There, Nandini feed the poor at temple and requests the people to pray for her friend Mauli.
Mauli watch a couple talking to each other, thinks about herself and Kunal and walks ahead blindly. A man at the Dargah blesses Mauli and asks what’s that she is hiding at heart? It reflects through her eyes. Mauli hopelessly says she is all alone in the whole world, no companion or friend. It feels she has reached some desert. Tears fell off Mauli’s eyes who stand there for a while,

then leaves the Dargah.
In the temple, Nandini prays that Mauli gets the strength to recover from what she has been suffering from.
Mauli was crossing the Dargah’s hall. A chandelier was about to fell off but was pulled by a man. People gather around. The old man comes to Mauli and assures that someone is surely praying for her, she isn’t alone. She needs to be patient, and good times will surely return.
Nandini looks around at the party arrangements of Mauli. She recalls their past together. Kunal comes to her with a smile. Nandini asks how the decoration is. Will Mauli like it? Kunal was sure she will like it. He asks where Nandini had gone in the morning. Nandini replies she went to temple, she always visit temple for Mauli on her birthday, and this year it was even important. She hurt Mauli this time. Kunal says Dida and Mamma must have left, Nandini must leave now.
In the car, Mauli asks Dida where they are headed, they kidnapped her from clinic. Dida assures it’s only a silent dinner. Nandini just left the hall. Kunal notices his phone had no network, only then he gets Mamma’s call that they have almost reached. Kunal tries to stop Nandini. Mauli comes inside with Mamma, Dida and Pramilla. Nandini was walking across the same corridor from opposite direction. She was about to open the door of the hall, Mauli pushes the door from the other side. Kunal held his breath.

PRECAP: Nandini tells Kunal to leave her house, she wants to stay alone for some time. Kunal was worried. Nandini says she only wish to stay alone for a few days, its better they don’t meet for some time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Seriously I didn’t understand this nandhini. She is hurting mouli more and more and praying god to give strength.. And this kunal , he is not having any pain while seeing moulis pain.. Did he really loved mouli?

  2. It seems like Kunal n mauli will b reunited no I don’t want this, mauli doesn’t deserve Kunal, and am confused in yesterday someone kept card written I love u in maulis car, today that man saying someone is praying for her n she needs to be patient, this all are indicating that either mauli n Kunal will be United or some new happiness is going to come for mauli, and I don’t want that pathetic cheater near mauli

  3. Kunal is pathetic idiot, he only cares for nandhini n nobody else


  4. I want mouli&kunal to be united. I’m waiting for it. Mouli can’t easily forget kunal. MouNal’s reunion is my dream. Nandini should go to hell

  5. You know what I want ?
    I want Kunal and Nandini to get married and live a happy life. While mauli on the other hand has moved on with her life. She still lives with did and mama and Kunal visits them with Nandini when mauli is not there. Dida and mamma are still cold towards them. While mauli just don’t talk to them.

    Then one day a man sees mauli and falls in love with her. Mauli doesn’t acknowledge his feelings because she is afraid of falling in love again. But he time and again proves what a man he is and how much he loves her. So they finally become friends.While all of this is happening this guy somehow befriends dida and start coming to their house frequently and dida helps him get close to mauli. Now mauli doesn’t give a flying f*ck about Kunal and Nandini and actually starts enjoying his company. Kunal on the other hand gets super jealous of there friendship and start getting possessive of her. But mauli rebukes him as he has no rights on her. Kunal is busy obsessesing over this and ignores Nandini. Now because Nandini had made Kunal her world and literally had no other friend and everyone she knows through Kunal everyone hates her so she feels lonely. Finally Kunal realizes that he loves mauli. And Nandini was just a phase. He is distant towards Nandini and now divorces her. Out of the blue. Heartbroken Nandini goes back to Lucknow. And Kunal goes to mauli house and declares his love for her. Everyone gets happy thinking they both will reunite but mauli tells him that she is over him, she doesn’t love him, and he never deserved her. And in front of everyone declares her love for this guy and they both get married. While Kunal is crying and has no where to go.
    Then they take a 5 year leap
    Kunal is a alcoholic who has no friend no nothing and he lives with mauli’s memories.

    Nandini is in Lucknow she has her own cooking classes but she is still not happy and regrets betraying mauli for Kunal. And she hates Kunal.

    Mauli is married to this guy and is blessed with twins.
    She is the senior most doctor in her hospital. And this guy is a house husband who says out in the open how lucky he is to have a strong independent and lovely woman like mauli and they both are crazy in love.

    Dida and mama still live with them

    Happy ending

    Mauli had the last laugh

    1. I wish people like you would get job as show writers instead of the disgusting people who work there.

    2. 👏👏👏👏👍vidu…wow ur just an amazing I really enjoyed it to the end I hop something like dt happen in future

    3. I wish for the same, writers and producers should have a look on this and learn something. They are not projecting their creativity but their mental instability through the show

    4. This is really nice thinking. … but they will never do that it’s always and at disgusting point😡

    5. Fan of YUDKBH

      Well said, I would also want same

    6. I wish this happens, because both kunal and nandhini need to suffer more making mauli’s life a hell, super thoughts dear

    7. very nice

    8. I liked your imagination.. Even I want the same.. Kunal n nandini should regret and feel lonely whereas mouli should deserve all the happiness.


      your story is sooooooooooo f**king better than the shit we watch and have headache!!

    10. Thank you everyone for such kind words

    11. Wow! Yes…this is exactly what this show needs now. Loved your storyline!

  6. i cant believe the precap. Will Nandini seriously go away? If she does i wouldnt feel so badly about her. After all, her life was always a wreck and it is difficult to be strong. Its only her selfishness and apathy towards mauli that angers me. Anyways am sure cheater Kunal will go running after her again and pull her back like he did last time. And am sure Jyoti will create some new drama so that Kunal takes Nandini’s side again. the end result will be Kunal and Nandini staying together, but now no one can say Nandini was not ready to SACRIFICE her love. huh
    Even if Nandini leaves, i want Mauli to throw Kunal out of her life too. Why should she stay as a compromise in a man’s life who has no feelings towards her, no respect or care? Mauli deserves so much more. Not to be someone’s forced partner.
    As for today’s episode, i am tired of reading these things. What’s the point of praying to god to give Mauli strength? What’s the point of feeding the poor in the name of Mauli, when you give zero thought to her pain in front of your own happiness? I hope the one month gets over soon. And also cheater Kunal tells Mauli he had slept with Nandini. I know Mauli is going through lots of pain, but she needs to know the whole truth and go away from Kunal. As long as she stays with him in that house, she will not be able to move on. Whoever comes in Mauli’s life, cheater Kunal has no place in it.

    1. Hello Dhara dii! R u the same person we use to comment in ishq mein marjaw

      1. Hi Lutfa. yes i am the same person. How are you?

    2. I’m good thank you

  7. Spoiler:
    Mauli gets surprised seeing the birthday celebrations. She turns happy and sees Kunal. Kunal shows Mauli’s childhood pictures on the screen. Mauli likes the surprise. Nandini hides from Mauli. Her happiness gets down on seeing Nandini. Nandini celebrates Mauli’s birthday. Mauli meets Nandini in the birthday party. She drinks a lot. When Kunal stops her, she asks him if she has no right to stay happy. She irritates Kunal and Nandini. She wants to hurt Kunal. She asks him to dance with her. She sees Nandini leaving and runs to her. She stops Nandini and thanks her. She hugs Nandini.

    She says you gave me happiness today, but you are responsible for bringing the storm in my life. She asks Nandini to gift her Kunal on her birthday if she wants to see her happy. Mauli begs her to return Kunal. Mauli tells Nandini that she has broken down. Nandini gets speechless. Mauli asks Nandini to promise her that she will return Kunal. Nandini goes home and sheds tears, imagining Mauli’s pain and sorrow. Will Nandini sacrifice her love?

  8. Wow really 😍 this story… Hopefully this happens

  9. is nandhini really dumb? I can’t understand her feelings, I hate the way they show the spoilers, like trying to get people sympathies with nandhini, which will not happen, please stop torturing mauli, please make some new entry who can support mauli,poor thing she is completely alone.

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    This dragging making me sick more and more… Writers ko kuch samjg hi nhi aa raha hai hadd hai….

  11. Preethika

    Now Nandini vil leave Kunal and move ahead to Lucknow but kunal vil never forget Nandini nd he still misses her. Eagerly waiting to watch Drashti in negative Role(didn’t understand y she want to take revenge from mauli and kunal), Mauli can’t build d Same passionate love between them so asking kunal back is a wasting time nd hope’s. Better to move on for Mauli.

  12. Sujitha

    Your Comment they are blo*dy pigs didn’t care for others feelings expect their happiness

  13. Sujitha

    Your Comment what are they trying to do ,doing all this which is totally fake, they want the sympathy from mauli toward their like they really love and care for her ,and that lady where were she brought that fake innocent look in front of mauli and public ,god whenever I saw her crocodile tears for mauli I want to pull her hair and slap her left and right and that what that bastard said this sl*t there is the gaps between him and mauli than why he left her before securing his s*x life with another other woman . how many promises you gave to mauli though out your married life like now you giving that sl*t. After he behave more worst with his wife I don’t want him return to mauli. I just want some good person in her life. More over whenever I heard the word friend,friendship,love, relationship,trust,believe and so from that bastard and sl*t mouth it’s give disgusting feelings and also give the feeling of these words loss that purity.

  14. Sujitha

    was she really broke and sad when her married life was broken or pretend look like sad to get sympathy from the people especially from another woman husband. If she felt sad and pain when her married life broken forget friend she never thought give the same pain to others by snatching or entering their married life .

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