Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal grievances over Mishti’s fatherhood

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli hugged Kunal and fearfully screams of a cockroach over her bed. The cockroach flies and vanishes around the room. Kunal joyously calls the cockroach not to come to Mauli’s tent at all. Mauli was offensive that he was making fun of her situation. Kunal says she had called him for help, and he, in spite of all the insults he bore came for her help. He turns to leave, but the cockroach reappears. Mauli screams and jumps over Kunal again, the cockroach flies to Mauli’s head. Kunal catches the cockroach, throwing it out of the tent. Mauli pours a glass of water for herself. Kunal complains he is welcome by the way.
Mishti asks Ishaan why they have come to the restaurant. Ishaan says they have to meet someone who is dearly important to him in life. Mishti exclaims she is important

in his life. Ishaan says there is another lady as well, who is most important in Mishti’s life? Mishti says it’s her mama, and understands that it must be Ishaan’s mother. Ishaan turns Mishti’s chair to his mother. Mishti doesn’t shake hands with her, takes a round of the lady and complements her to be beautiful, then touches her feet. Ishaan’s mother presents her with a gift.
Mauli stood in queue while busy with her cell phone. The vegetable and daal had finished by her turn, only bread and pickle were left. Kunal observes Mauli eating dryly with pickle only. He brings his share of curry to Mauli. Before Mauli could object he says she would need energy even to fight to him, so take it.
Mauli gets hiccup while having soup. Ishaan at once rubs her back and attends to her, then tasting the soup he scolds the waiter for making Mishti’s soup as spicy. The waiter takes the soup to change it. Mishti assures she is fine, while his mother calms her down. She then asks Mishti who is her favorite Disney character. Mishti says its Rapunzel, she is really pretty and her long hair got her prince. Ishaan’s mother asks Mishti to call her Dadi, as she is Ishaan’s mother. Mishti was confused and asks Ishaan how she can have two Dadi. Ishaan sends Mishti to watch the fish near aquarium. Ishaan then convinces his mother that Mishti is really young, she must be given time to understand these complexities of this relation.
At night, Ishaan spoke to Mauli about missing her, and jokes if he can still be a male nurse. Mauli wasn’t paying attention, and explains she was on toes all day, she is really tired. Ishaan says she is tired because he isn’t there with her, should he come for a foot massage?
In the tent ward, a lady screams due to severe pain. Kunal watch Mauli attend to the lady and administer her a pain killer injection. She sends the nurse to call her husband. The lady says she has no one but a son, Sahil only, his father died for them even before his birth, as he never turned to inquire if they were alive or not. Mauli and Kunal steal a look at each other. Kunal recalls how Mauli had lied to him about her pregnancy. Mauli curtly tells the patient that some fathers are like that, they move on and never return. She tells Savitri that she will surely be able to bring her son up really well, her son’s father doesn’t deserve to be a father if he couldn’t take the responsibility. Kunal leaves the tent. She assures Savitri she will be fine. Mauli now comes to Sahil’s cradle and was about to walk out of the tent. Someone drags her aside, stuffing her mouth tightly. It was Kunal. He demands Mauli what it all meant? If she had told him she was pregnant, he wouldn’t have left anyway. She decided herself to hide the truth. Mishti wouldn’t have to be brought up without a father. He brought up Pari single handedly and can even bring up Mishti as well, he stepped back because he realize how important Mishti is for Mauli. She has no right to judge what kind of a father he is, she never gave him a chance to be a father, so don’t even dare. Mauli couldn’t hear what else Kunal had said. He walks away.

PRECAP: Ishaan’s mother objects that she wanted to meet Mauli’s family, not Kunal’s. Mauli still lives with Kunal’s family and linked to her past. Mauli was unable to handle a baby and gives him to a colleague. She turns around to see Kunal cradling the baby and he was happy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Dragging show now… I am getting bore with this story….
    I hope better to end show soon…

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    The cockroach scene was good, even the hand over the mouth incident was good… but the pre-cap, daddy-O ?

  3. Actually makers try hard to convience the audience for kunals favour…. how kunal can say like this??? He never wanted a child at that time… he only took nandinis name and want to stay with her only… and the precap was very poor.. ok makers always keep kunal nandini mahan mahati and ema as special love.. oneday the kids must know about his past then the kids hate him and nandini only… what is he trying to say he must be stay with them??? Are u out of mind kunal?? Mouli is not a statue she is a lively thing… hate u kunal… he is very rude to mouli in almost all situation.. but on nandini he is in very much love.. ok he hate mouli… mouli u love kunal but u have to move on with ishan… ishans mother is saying right.. kunals mom now shows her color.. only dida mishti ishan mouli are normal persons

    1. I have watched this soap for a while now. It is unbelievable how the writers are trying to personify stupidity. Mauli in the first instance never believed her friends, earlier on, that her husband and Nandini were close. She was quite adamant that her husband and her best friend are above all suspicions. The good trait about her is when she took the decision to tell Kunal, that she is not pregnant because this man never ever wanted to have anything to do with her neither with anything that concerned her or the child to be otherwise while his suspicion. He could have remained quiet and observed as he is supposedly a doctor. Coming to Nandini, other than her exposed body which was sometimes grotesque, in this soap, I did not find anything else with her. All her acts of desparation was a way to attract a man that she wanted for her own needs. This goes beyond decency when her and Kunal were sharing their moments under the roof with all Kunal’s family and Mauli around. I wonder if shame is the name for this kind of behaviour or is it too weak as an adjective. Kunal who is supposed to be a paediatrician, so if he does not know how to handle children, WHAT IS HIS USE THEN? There was an episode which showed his incompetency, when he had his daughter in the consultation room trying to distract a child who was having an injection. Is it the norm for a child to be a chaperone to a doctor, do you have any ethics in your country, are you making a mockery of this noble profession? The only acceptable behaviours have been dida, Ishaan and his mum. Kunal’s mum is just a typical traditional narrow minded hen-pecked son’s mother, nothing else. Mauli will be worst than Nandini, if she lets Ishann down, as she above all person must understand about trust and betrayal. While Kunal, with his menacing finger is just a big laugh. He never wanted to be with his child. He said it clearly in one episode to Nandini, even when we are married, we can have the child to come and visit but Nandini as a coward who needed all the attention to herself, was afraid that the child would not like her. Her daughter is following in the same steps as being a selfish and possessive brat.

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