Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti apologetic to Veer

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti feels extremely bad hearing Ansh. Veer picks the luggage and tells Rohan to come along. Rohan says he isn’t going anywhere, he has to be here because otherwise people would believe he was wrong. Why he must go away when he isn’t wrong. Veer tells Mishti Rohan still didn’t speak a word, it itself says a lot. He turns to leave, annoyed. Mishti apologizes Rohan while in tears. Rohan doesn’t say a word and goes inside. Pari and Ansh follow Rohan inside the house. Mishti was soon left alone. The lift was going down, Mishti takes stairs.

Ansh allows Radhika to even beat him. Radhika was angry that he broke her trust. Arnav goes to make the settlement of catering. Sukhmani wanted to stay with Radhika, she is disturbed. Arnav says whatever happened to Radhika today, it will

take her time to settle down and must stay alone. He stops Ansh to help him pack up. Rani takes Sukhmani home.
Veer gets into the car. Mishti comes running to him, she was panting badly and crying. She requests Veer not to be angry, she apologized Rohan as well. She accepts she over-reacted but at least he must understand her. Veer walks out of the car and says he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know her for the way she behaved with Rohan. She crossed all her limits today. He really wants to know who this Mishti is. He gets into the car. Mishti was left pleading, but Veer drives away. Mishti cries behind.

In the room, Rohan unpacks his bags. Pari stood at the door of the room, and silently cries over his agony. She walks inside and apologizes from Mishti’s side. She now unpacks his bag, and says she doesn’t understand Mishti’s behavior and attitude. She always got the easiest solution to the biggest problems, it’s the first time she took such a huge step in life. May be, she is over thinking due to pre-wedding panic. She can’t understand how to react, and is thus overreacting. Whatever happened today must have hurt him, but she really wish everything gets sort out between him and Mishti. She asks if she must speak to Mishti. Rohan questions what would she speak to Mishti, does she want to know what the problem is. He can tell the problem…. But stops at once. He tells her to leave him alone. Pari apologizes and silently turns to leave the room. Rohan consoles himself and comes to Pari, he gets polite and says I am sorry. Pari replies he is rightful, after all we are friends. Rohan forbids her give this right to anyone, she must hold her self-respect the greatest for herself. Pari understands. She wish the bad vibes between him and Mishti soon mists away. She really wish he and Mishti also turn friends, like them. Rohan smiles that it can never happen, but there is no misunderstanding or bad vibes between them. He promises Pari to explain what it meant, but at the right time. He tightly holds Pari’s hand, then gives her a hug. Pari now leaves the room. Rohan was left upset.

Mishti comes home and cries in the lounge. There, Rohan sat in the bed and thinks he understands Mishti’s pain, he can feel her agony. He wish to remain with her and remove all her tensions; but she never gave him this right. He turns to see Mishti standing at his door. He stands up at once. Mishti walks into the room. Rohan gets her a glass of water, while Mishti sits on the bed. Rohan was moved by her gesture. He brings the glass of water. Mishti doesn’t take it, and stands up instead. She cries apologizing Rohan again, she says she isn’t like this and doesn’t know herself why she did all this. Rohan says he wish to know why she did all this. Mishti now turns to Rohan and silently walks out. Rohan thinks why Mishti behaves so awkwardly.

Pari sat in her bed, thinking about Rohan and his concerns. Mishti holds her hand concerned, as she rubbed it. Pari says she is fine as its only a cream. She says Rohan must be hurt, he had beaten that Ravi badly. He must also be hurt himself. She says Mishti once asked how she got so comfortable in such a short time; Rohan is like that. He can’t bear anyone’s pain. Mishti replies in a different stance, he has really owned them. She behaved badly to him.

PRECAP: Pari tells Arnav she thinks I am in love. Arnav cheers. Pari says Arnav was always right, but she always ran away from love. She takes her friendship a step forward now. Arnav was about to hug her from behind, but was shocked to hear her say I am in love with Rohan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Writer did not mention pari saying to ruhaan that mishti overreacted for silly thing today..Yes those who are reading updates and forming opinion that pari is too good and best today she left her sister and ran behind her crush that sister who fought with everyone and got a name as rude girl .Yes pari left mishti to be with ruhaan and more over she trashed mishti’s actions as overreaction on silly thing .

    Main tumhe samj sakta hoon mishti .you can imagine tumhe iss halat mein dekhkar mujhe kitni takleef hoti hai .(I dont remember other words in hindi)I just wish I could be with you , be there for you,not say a word and just console you ..I want to vanish all your pain .I am near you but not near you .I want to console you but you have not given me that right.

    Shraddha you asked that day why we did not bash ruhaan the way we bashed nandu
    Reason mouli never left kunal the way veer left her …Veer never understood her and ruhaan understood her .Mishti ‘s short temper is her flaw and veer never saw it but when saw it today he left her inspite of her pleading him like that and running behind him…He clearly said why should I understand you this is new mishti who is this mishti .On the other hand ruhaan he only got insults and hatred from her but he understood her so well and fell in love with that flawed mishti

    Mishti’s guilt and that MALHOTRA clan leaving her alone while she cried with no one to hold her was so so heart touching.
    I felt so bad for her .I actually wanted to hug her
    Inspite of all this when mishti was checking pari’s hand ,And pari didnt even ask her if she was okay or if everything was okay between her and veer ..Sorry again I am getting nandini feels from her

    1. Mauli fan forever

      You are right. I really don’t understand how people compared ruhaan with nandini and Mishti with kunal.
      1. Veer and Mishti are not married yet.
      2. Veer doesn’t trust Mishti as blindly as Mauli trusted Kunal.
      3. Mishti has never fallen so easily like Kunal falled for Nandini.
      4. Ruhaan didn’t fall in love with Mishti after knowing that she’s his best friends fiancé, he fell way before (unlike Nandini who fell in love with her life saviours husband)
      5. Pari was compared to Mauli by some pitiful people. I cannot digest that. Mauli was never selfish like Pari.

      PS: Mishti and Ruhaan are the best people here. It is proved everywhere that Mishti is Maulis daughter and that Pari is Nandinis daughter (selfishness undefined)

      1. Ur right

  2. today’s episode cleared many things actually ruhaan really loves mishty ,he doesn’t only attracted towards her bcoz after that much insult ,ruhaan still want to console her and be with her in her tough time,he is so sweet. Now I really want to know reaction of those persons who said pari is lk mauli and mishty is lk nandini , in today’s episode pari knows everyone is upset with mish and mish is badly broken inside , pari doesn’t realize that mish need someone to comfort her she literally doesn’t care she directly went to ruhaan to console him after that also she didn’t have intention to check whether mish is OK or not she came to her room and be in her dream land la la la with ruhaan whereas when pari accidently drop that cream mish concerned for her thinking if she get hurt due to that incident and come to comfort her this clearly proves mish is like mauli for whom family comes first than her feelings for ruhaan and pari jst her feelings are important not anyone else jst like Nandhini such a selfish attitude this clearly proves who is like who…

  3. This is the first time I liked ruhaan. Best thing is today I saw something like ishaan in him. Not ego but care and understanding.

  4. Wow again RiHaan shipper writer rocks. He/she skip- mish begging with veer& he left her crying& alone in her b-day. And that pari what to say about her! Pari’s sister stood up for her when no one did & ruined her own bday. And this Pari is left her sis alone in panic state while her sis needs her and this pari ran behind ruhaan. She tells about mish but do nothing . Like hormonal mom like hormonal beti. I thought pari’ll later console mishti,but in vain. She is in dream world &tell mish about Ruhaan. MOST IMP THING WHICH WUPDATER TWISTE – R’S thoughts . HE CLEARLY LOVE HER. he wants 2 be with mish. When noone understand her but he does.even her so called sis ko R’s padi hai.

  5. Loved today’s episode Ruhan is very serious for mishthi…and many say it’s attraction but today it is clear he really love mishthi and it’s true love…he understands her so we’ll…I wish Ruhan would have hugged mishthi and she should have felt better today…

  6. I don’t understand pari at all…. Her words & actions doesn’t match at all….. She always keep saying Misti is important for her and never showed that in her actions. Misti crossed the line and blasted on ruhaan but the source for this action is pari & ansh. If pari incident has not happen she might have reaction much in ansh incident and listen to ansh before shouting on ruhaan….. But pari in all she never showed concern about misti or her reasons for this step…. She is always running for ruhaan and finally she is also think what he might of felt bad…. But not a single time she was concern about misti…..

    I am not supporter of anyone…. She shared my view…. Plz no negative comments

  7. I’m really happy with Mishti’s development. She as really humbled herself and have realized her mistake. The fact that she apologized twice to Ruhaan says alot. I’m pretty sure that she’ll try her best to show to Ruhaan of how sorry she is. Not only Ruhaan but to her entire family.

    As for Veer its bitter-sweet. I completely understand his anger and frustration but i guess i really wanted him to atleast have a little bit of compassion towards Mishti tonight. Especially when she was begging and crying. I know he’s angry but driving away like that was uncalled for. In the same way he saw a new side of Mishti i have seen a new side to Veer that i don’t like much. You wanna be angry then be angry but don’t be so aggressive.

    As for Pari, i’m really surprised that she told Arnav her feelings and not Mishti, given the fact they are so close. However, im still excited to see where the story leads now that she as finally said it out loud.

    I was on the fence with Ruhaan’s character but i really fell for him in tonight’s episode. Even though he was on the receiving end on Mishti’s onslaught, he didn’t condemn her he just tried to understand her actions until Veer who stormed off. Ruhaan is the only one who tries to understand Mishti and i love him for his efforts.

  8. I dunno y what makes nandu better than maul. Both r caring , sanskari & loving. Some says nandu is pretty. I don’t think so. Both r pretty. In fact more than nandu I found Aditi more lively & DD just seems 2 be a barbie girl. If I had a choice b/w them I’ll choose maulu bcz she have a perfect blend of typical indian luk& modern luk. so if both r pretty beauty may not be the reason 4 which kunal ran behind nandu I think .If kunnu was ( my bro’s name is kunal& i call him kunnu baby) so desparate 2 eat kheer&pasta why didn’t he appoint a cook? If he is so excited to see glassy saree statue why didn’t he express to maulu? If he wanted 2 see mauli in backless blouse he can easily stitch a new [email protected] home ( he was jobless so he could learn how to stich a blouse). Why he didn’t think a women can cheat her frnd who treat her as family is not meant 4 a gem like him.
    Any of u plz answer my questions

  9. I’m shocked 2 see some KunDini supporters. I’ve a q if in place of nandu it was Pramila who slept with kunnu then will u support her? Will u root 4 KunMila? Where is
    Naina a.k.a X. I think she will give me the perfect answer

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol… don’t think I know this Pramila character… anyway, I think the ppl who liked Nandini are the ones thriving for romance ? … and this serial is a way for them to fantasize about having an extra marital affair, becuz that is exactly what the last part of the show was about… and I cannot see ‘normal’ ppl feeling that what both Kunal and Nandini were doing was correct… Lusting is a sin… and Nandini knew Kunal was married (to her best friend) so why didn’t she just refrain from making contact with him for fear of her own God… she encouraged Kunal, Kunal encouraged her… Wrong wrong wrong in anybody’s eyes… at least those whose eyes are opened to the sacrament that is marriage… and also one who fears their God… enough said

      1. Naina a.k.a X . Thanku. wonderful reply. Perhaps I mistook u as a kunan fan. I miss ur&Dhara aunty comments?

  10. I think Dhara aunty is an orthadoxian thats why she supp mishveer against mishaan. I think she should watch voot. this wu is a twisted art. Half truth is dangutous .

  11. I’m a mad fan of Sacred Games. I thought Indian shows may be improved but tv shows r running in backward direction. Even saathiya is far better than some craps like kkb,knb,ytg and all most everyone. I only like sbrk after bv i’m watchin bv everyday in rishtey. I wonder y the channel remember Pratz in her bday. Really felt sad. Usually i don’t care about any star’s death but Praty was too young and a talented 1. Indian jud.system is faster&sharper so that the creepy bf Rahul is living his life with full josh. Oh i talk a lot.

  12. Are we in for a love triangle??? That will be so stupid for two sisters to fall in love with the same guy while there are two others Arnav and Veer STEW why do the writers always messes things up huh?? Jeez.

  13. Mishti apologized to ruhan for losing her temper. Loved today’s episode … amazing a lot of tears . Ruhan was very sad and he dosen’t understand mishti and her problems with him. Mishti never learn her mistakes and i know that she is in love with him. As for, Pari is dreaming about ruhan and care about ruhan than mishti. I want to see more mishti and ruhan together.

  14. Today for the first time i felt for mishti, even reading just the written update. Veer should not have left her crying, not on her birthday, specially when she was apologizing. Ok ruhaan was not at fault. But his other friend was. Veer invited his friends on mishti’s bday, they got drunk and misbehaved with pari, it was the starting point of all the drama. Fine he was angry about ruhaan getting insulted. But its not like mishti stuck to her demands or kept insulting ruhaan even after knowng the truth. Driving off when ur ‘love’ is crying and feeling guilty is not done… Today i just wished mishti still had her mom and dad to support her. I can only imagine what mauli would have done and said if she was there to support her daughter… Being the elser sister, supporting everyone, taking care of everyone, and then getting left alone because you misunderstood and lost ur temper is too heartbreaking. And veer said he was seeing a new side of mishti… Well if they do get married, he will continue seeing new sides of mishti. With different situation there are different and new reactions. If he doesnt like something, will he leave in a huff? I hope he at least feels guilty and apologizes properly later…. I also wish next episode people are not too harsh on her. She might be rude to ruhaan, but she goes over and above to take care of her closed ones. Even she does so much for veer’s family. It is ironic that only ruhaan is thinking about mishti’s guilt/regret while the rest all are busy in their own world. Pari more concerned abt ruhaan than mishti’s bday getting spoiled. Veer more concerned about his friends insult than his fiancees apologies. Radhika concerned about ansh more… Everyone busy in themselves while mishti is running from one room to other apologizing…

  15. RSR

    Really good one. Every character in this episode had a backbone. I liked that little scene between Radhika and Ansh. I liked Sue’s concern for them. I liked Arnav when he stood with the family and scolded Ansh like a big brother. I liked Veer for how he supported his friend and not the temperament of his fiancee. But then he failed to understand Mishti’s situation and there shows his acceptance for the perfect Mishti and not her flaws. Anyway, some reaction from the handsome guy. Pari, she has gotten too deep for her own good. I liked it that she stood for Ruhaan but it would have been nice had she supported her sister who was left alone with guilt. She is a great sister but today she also failed to be there for her sister. Mishti, I really loved this flawed Mishti. She accepted her mistake, asked for forgiveness and reflected on it sincerely. And then Ruhaan, god! I’m loving this guy. When even Veer was standing against Mishti, he was there staring right into her soul. He understood her. He decide to stay so that she wouldn’t burden herself with the guilt even more. And he wishes to be there for her. Wow, just wow.

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