His Silent Love – Chapter 1

CHAPTER -1 – Introducing the idiots


(There’s a prologue to this story too. So you can check it out)



“Ben Jonathan! Put it down right now” I hissed and picked up a small vase pointing it at Ben. He shook his head smirking at me and took a few steps back. “I said it put it back”

“I won’t. You literally ate the whole box” He whined looking at the rest but they shrugged too scared to argue with me right now. “Just give it back” Nat muttered furiously pressing on the controller buttons and I nodded agreeing with him.

“Just give my ice cream back or else I’ll smash this on your head” I said and he rolled his eyes placing the tub back on the table. He huffed loudly taking a seat on the couch and crossed his arms.

“No one loves me here” He mumbled and Chloe chuckled patting his head. I grinned to myself and sat on the couch opposite to Ben beaming at him as I ate my ice cream. He kept scowling at me and I kept grinning at him crazily.

“I have some news , loserssss” Maira rushed inside the living room grinning broadly. “What? What is it?” Chloe questions curiously and sat beside Maira , “Melody is throwing a party tomorrow night”

Chloe squealed loudly and they started discussing about it. I shook my head looking at my four crazy best friends.

Sitting opposite to me and currently glaring at me is Ben Jonathan , 17 years old. Captain of the basketball team and probably every girls dream guy. We both met in kinder garden when I ‘accidentally’ poured paint over a guy who was bullying him.

Since then , we have been inseparable. With those light blue eyes and blonde hair , he may seem charming and chivalrous to every girl expect us.

And sitting across from me playing need for speed , my second best friend Nathaniel Scott , 18. Me and Nat used to have painting classes every evening. While I sucked at painting, Nat was the best in each class.

He’s the smartest and sweetest person mostly in our group. With his dark brown hair and hazel eyes , he’s got every girl swooning at him but he’s heart is set for one.

Chloe Harper.

Yes , another one of my best friend , 17. Remember that one new kid at every school who can’t make friends because no one needs another friend in their groups.

Yup , we met Chloe in second grade when she came to our school. The moment I saw mulan’s stickers on her notebook we became best friends.

She’s a got a lovely shade of strawberry blonde hair with dark brown eyes. Basically, she’s the school’s sweetheart. Being nice , caring and helpful runs in her blood.

And then comes my partner in crime , Maira Sarna , 18 years old. We are what people would call the ‘diaper buddies’

Our houses are exactly opposite to each other since her father and mine are best friends and decided to build their houses close to one other.

And these four are a part of me.

While I’m just a plain 17 year old girl who can’t stop whining about how 11th grade is gonna start in less than a day and I have to get up early in the morning.

Do ya feel me?

“TWINKLE!” I jumped frightened at Maira’s voice and glared at her , “Why did you have to shout?” I was about to eat my ice cream again but it wasn’t there and looked up to see Ben smirking at me with the tub in his hand.

I laughed shaking my head at him , “I’m letting you live just because you cook the best pasta” he rolled his eyes muttering not-so-innocent words.

“So are we going to the party or not?” Chloe asks leaning her head back on Nat’s shoulder and he looked at me. I tried to hide my laugh but idiot Ben couldn’t.

“He likes you but you don’t know…Ooo he’s likes you but you don’t knowww” Ben started singing in his ear splitting voice and I pressed my hands against my ears.

“Are those even lyrics?” Chloe asks narrowing her gaze and Ben shrugged going back to eat his ice cream.

Correction. My ice cream.

“No. We aren’t going to her party. Melody hates us” Nat speaks up and I nodded shrugging. “Excuse me?” Ben looked at us with narrowed eyes , “Correction. We hate melody”

“And there’s another news” Maira looks up from her phone, “My asshat of a brother is coming back”

“Are you serious?” Nat questions shocked, “Kunj coming back? How?” Maira shrugged mumbling a quick I don’t know.

“And even his brainless friends are coming back” she added and Ben gasped loudly. “Don’t call me them brainless. They are so hot and smart as f**k. Even you know that”

The Golden Trio.

That’s how everybody knows them.

Theo Adams. (18 years old)

Kunj Sarna. (18)

Jacob Charles. (17)

When I got into 10th grade, the three of them were in 11th grade. But in the beginning of their 11th grade , the three of them left school and nobody knew where they went.

And that was the last time I saw Kunj who wished me a not-so-happy-birthday.

Nobody knows Except for Mr and Mrs. Sarna, Theo’s and Jacob’s parents.

“Since they missed 11th grade, they are coming back now to get their admissions again” Maira explained.

“So now they gonna study in the same year as us” Ben cheered and Nat and I looked at him weirdly. “Why are you so happy about it?”

“You’ll know” he winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

And the cherry on top , Kunj and Maira and twins.

Oh and they have a sweet six year old sister , Sarah Sarna.


“No. Let me sleep” I grumbled trying to snatch the covers. “Get up , sistaaa” I groaned loudly hearing Dhruv’s voice and got out of the bed rushing down the steps.

“Mamaaa” I yelled and got a smack on the head from Yuvi. I frowned at him and turned around , “Why’s this creature back in the house? I thought you dumped him somewhere”

I pointed behind at Dhruv who stood there grinning and papa chuckled but stopped earning a glare from mama. “Did they throw you out of college or what?” I ask my brother and he rolled his eyes coming downstairs.

“Nope. Holidays” he started stuffing his face with his burger and I sighed going up to change.

“But you still love me more than Yuvi” he called out. “Unfortunately , that’s true”

I could hear Yuvi complaining from downstairs. Brat.

Dhruv Taneja , he may be 21 but he still acts like a 5 year old. He isn’t your typical over protective brother but the one who’d find excuses for me to date.

Dhruv is currently in university and well no matter how much I tell him to we don’t miss him , he knows it’s a lie.

And then comes Yuvraj Taneja , 19 and your typical over protective brother. The reasons why every guy stayed away from me was because of the school’s soccer captain and your stereotyped bad boy’s orders.

AKA because of my brother , Yuvraj Taneja.

“Stop day dreaming” Yuvi came inside plopping down on my bed and I turned around brushing my hair , “Just thinking when you’ll get out of 12th grade and actually let me have a love life”

He laughed shaking his head in a no , “That ain’t happening , baby sis” but just then Dhruv came inside with his usual grin plastered on his face.

“And why is that , so called soccer captain?” He questions leaning against the door frame and I smirked.

“Because…” He trailed standing up , “I have left people behind to keep an eye on you” he pointed at me and I scoffed loudly. Yuvi went around the room stopping in front of my book rack and checking out some books.

“And I heard Kunj is coming back” I stopped applying my mascara and frowned , “Why’s everyone getting so crazy about him coming back, anyway?”

“Because he’s..” Before Yuvi could finish Dhurv passed him a look.

“What? What’s there you guys aren’t telling me?” they shook their heads before going out of the room. “Hey! I want my answers”

“Ben’s downstairs eating your pancakes” Dhruv yelled and my eyes widened before I started running downstairs.

“Ben Jonathan! You are so dead”


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