Siddhi Vinayak 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Manjari fools Siddhi yet again

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Siddhi Vinayak 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir, Prachi, Siddhi and Urvashi join the pieces and find the address. Rajvir searches it on google maps. They realise that it is an old industrial area which is why Shankar has been kept there. Siddhi thinks to go herself but Urvashi suggests taking police’s help. Commissioner is Papa ji’s help so call him first. They agree with her on that. Rajvir offers to go with her. Prachi and Urvashi assure her that they will look after Vin. Siddhi tells them to not move from Vin’s side even for a second. She tells Vin that no one can stop them from bringing Papa ji home now.

Siddhi is checking the location and guiding Rajvir. A police jeep is following them. Commissioner asks her if she is sure about the location. Siddhi replies that she is simply following the GPS. They stop at a place.

Urvashi vomits. Prachi gives her water. It must be because of your pregnancy. Urvashi says the smell of medicines have gotten to my head. Prachi sends her to rest in her room. I will look after Vin.

Gauri clicks seductive selfies and sends to Kabir. I will see how he wont come to meet me now!

Kabir looks at the pics and is tempted. He receives Gauri’s call. Will you kill me now? She tells him to first show his wild side right away. He says I could have come right away if it was up to me. She tells him this is his last chance. You wont even see my photo after this if you don’t come! She ends the call. Kabir looks at Shankar. He is unconscious. He wont wake up for hours. I will come back before he wakes up.

Commissioner and Rajvir stop Siddhi outside and go inside to look for Shankar. She prays that they are not disappointed this time. Rajvir assures her that they will come back with Shankar this time.

Urvashi is unhappy. I shouldn’t have been in Vin’s room. The smell of medicines has gotten to my head. Manjari gives her something. You think I wont know when you will join hands with Siddhi. She thinks I wont know she will leave you and Prachi to look after Vin and I wont know? You gave her the address by picking the pieces from my dustbin. Urvashi drops the plate in shock.

Rajvir and police don’t find Shankar at that location too. They might have tipped us incorrectly. Rajvir wonders where Chacha ji would be.

Manjari laughs. I am better than everyone in terms of planning. I knew everyone’s plan beforehand. I threw that paper intentionally so you could steal it and give to Siddhi. You did that only. You both have to learn a lot! Urvashi asks her how she found out about it. Manjari shares that she overheard Siddhi and Prachi talking in Vin’s room (flashback of the same is shown). I found out that Siddhi has put a microphone in my room! She crushes it and throws it away. That Siddhi will never find out where I have kept Shankar!

Siddhi is shocked to know that Shankar isn’t inside. Police says it is a case of misleading us. Rajvir also says that they have been fooled by Chachi ji. She asks him to drive home asap. Vin is in danger.

Prachi is reading some magazine. Servant comes to tell her that Commissioner has come to meet her. Prachi asks him how he is here. He went with Tai and Rajvir. The servant shrugs. He is downstairs. She goes downstairs after telling him to stay with Vin.

Manjari says no one will come between me and my foolish son Vin now. Prachi too must have gone to meet Commissioner. Urvashi is puzzled.

Prachi notices a guy dressed as Commissioner and starts asking him about Siddhi and Rajvir. He turns and sprays something on her face because of which she loses conscious. He makes her lie on the sofa and leaves.

Manjari heads to Vin’s room.

Siddhi tells Rajvir to hurry up before Ma can take Vin’s sign. What if she? I wont think anything negative. She prays to Bappa to take care of her Vinu.

Manjari and Urvashi come to Vin’s room with property papers. Manjari says your wife has played enough games with me but maybe she does not know that no one can match up to me. I also played a few tricks to prove the same my foolish son! I did it so I could get your thumbprint on these papers. Poor Siddhi tried a lot but failed! Urvashi looks on. Manjari says neither your shield Siddhi nor her foolish sister Prachi is here. It is just you and me here today. I wont miss taking your signature on the papers today. She shouts for Raghu who enters with a bowl filled with hot water. Urvashi asks her what she is doing. Manjari dips Vin’s right hand’s fingers in the bowl. There is sensation in his other hand.

Siddhi is worried. Rajvir asks Siddhi how Chachi ji found out about their plan. Siddhi says she is way too smart. I don’t know how she did it but she has outplayed us this time. Despite the fact that Prachi and Urvashi are there I am still very much worried for Vinu right now. I feel he isn’t safe. Prachi isn’t picking my call. She tries from his number. Prachi is still unconscious. Siddhi tells Rajvir to drive faster.

Manjari tells Vin she has waited for this moment for years. You are born with such a great fate. You escaped every time. I tried killing you so many times but Siddhi used to save you every time! Urvashi asks her if she has tried killing Vin in the past too. Manjari admits doing it way too many times in the past. I got the cottage burnt a year ago. He got saved but his Siddhi got burnt! I thought I will kill him next time but Siddhi came here as Riddhi. Truck accident, attacks on his conference but Siddhi saved him every time! Monitor is beeping loudly now. Urvashi is stunned. No one tries such tactics even in video games but you tried all this on your own son? Manjari sternly replies that he is her step son.

Precap: Prachi, Rajvir and Siddhi look at Vin. Siddhi notices the blue ink on Vin’s thumb. It means she got Vin’s thumb impression on the papers. Now she will try to kill Vin. She has only seen my defensive side till now. Now she will see my attacking side. Manjari looks at Vin’s photo (the glass is broken). Just getting Vin’s sign on the property papers isn’t enough. I have to make sure that tomorrow is his last day!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice head line…? that Manjari is always winning the game… but in today episode I am sure Vinu heard everything that she told in front of him… that pagal Gauri again started her nautangi…

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode… it’s really very interesting…?

  3. Hmmm I think maybe, just maybe, Vin has heard all that Manjiri has said.
    It would make sense, otherwise why mention all those past events in front of him?
    Hopefully he will finally hate her after recovering.

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