Siddhi Vinayak 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s ever increasing madness towards Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari suggests Rudra to go to the shoot with Vin. Both brothers can have fun. Vin likes the idea and asks Rudra. We can share a lot many things. Rudra refuses to share what belongs to him. I mean what will I do there. You go ahead. Vin says it is nothing. Rudra says I have never seen the toys you guys play with. I will play out of place in front of your friends. You should go. Vin tells him it isn’t so. Rudra agrees to join him whenever he is more comfortable in that skin. Vin tells him to spend time with Ma at home then. Vin is about to go but Siddhi tells him he cannot go. I made poha with so much love. She feeds him herself. Rudra holds the fork angrily and pokes it in his palm. They notice the blood and rush to him. Vin asks him if he is fine. Rudra says nothing would have happened if you had even seen it. I am not used to eating with fork and knife. Siddhi tells him to go to his room. I will come with first aid kid. Manjari wants to do it Vin tells her to let Siddhi do it.

Rudra keeps looking at Siddhi as she nurses his wound. He leans closer and closes his eyes relishing her fragrance. Siddhi tells him to be careful in future. You don’t have to eat with fork and knife in future. Rudra thinks Vin is too lucky. Siddhi is so innocent. Seems like God has created her in free time. Bandage falls down. He helps her. When I saw you in jail for the first time, I understood that Vin Kundra takes good decisions. She thanks him. He offers to help her but she does it herself. She asks him why he was in jail. He replies that he went to jail because of his love. Have you ever loved someone so madly that you forget your existence? She is confused but he tells her that such things mean nothing. His eyes are fixed on her face / lips. He looks away as she moves. I dint understand what you said but your wound is bandaged now. He thanks her as she leaves. He smells his hand and murmurs Siddhi’s name.

Manjari brings parathas and milk for Rudra. He points out that he isn’t a kid who will drink milk. Get me something nice to drink. She agrees and is about to feed him parathas but he tells her to keep it aside. What are you after? She wants him to get Vin out of their lives for forever. Rudra assures her that her work will be done. The plan is in progress. I will get the speck out of your eye very soon. She leaves. He thinks I am dying seeing Siddhi right now. I will tackle everyone else later.

Siddhi comes to her room and removes her long jacket. She lies down to rest. Rudra walks in just then. She senses someone’s presence and wears her jacket again. I am sorry I dint know you will come here. He apologizes to her. There was no water in my bathroom. I don’t have clothes. Can I borrow Vin’s clothes? She gives him a pair of clothes and looks away. He touches her hand while taking them. She tells him to change and goes out of the room. Rudra caresses the side of the bed on which Siddhi was resting. Your fragrance will drive me mad! Till now I haven’t even seen you properly and you looked away already? No problem, I will be seen in these very eyes real soon. I will have a right over you and this room then. Last night I only saw you sleeping but tonight! Maybe it is time to go to shoot. He calls Vin and tells him something (in mute).

Prachi is cleaning her room. Gauri taunts her on her condition. Prachi tells her to stop worrying about herself. Think about you too. I gave the room to Rudra and have become a nice human being in front of Tai. Till when will you go around with your sham of being a helpless woman? Gauri is angry. Gauri gets an idea. I will be a helpless woman now. What I can do!

Vin is not responding to any of Siddhi’s call. He finally picks it and apologizes to her for being late. I have some urgent shoot. She tells him to come soon. I am waiting. She lies down and says I miss you to Vin’s photo. Rudra finds Siddhi sleeping peacefully and goes inside the room. He calls his name sweetly. She starts talking in her sleep. You are back early. You couldn’t stay without me right? His smile disappears seeing her and Vin’s photo. He sits next to her. He picks out a feather kept on the side table and caresses her with it. She starts mumbling in her sleep. It is tickling Vinu. Please stop. Rudra leans very close to her. Siddhi is also smiling in her sleep. She suddenly opens her eyes but no one is there. She wonders if he was there or not. She calls him again. He again tells her that the shoot is still on. What happened? She looks around worriedly. You dint come home? He denies. I kept waiting for Rudra. He said he will come but he dint come. I will come asap. She agrees but then wonders if she was imagining things.

Rudra tears Vin and Siddhi’s picture and burns Vin’s photo. He repeats the lines of a song.

Precap: Siddhi reads a message – Kabeer Shekhawat was the owner of the car. Siddhi is sure he is associated with Manjari Ma. Rudra must be in this game with Manjari Ma since long. She asks Rudra when exactly he met Manjari Ma.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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