Siddhi Vinayak 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra stays in Kundra House

Siddhi Vinayak 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin asks Rudra where he is lost. Rudra says nothing. He looks back up but Siddhi has disappeared. She is like butterflies. Vin says you came late in the house but I will make up for the 25 years. I promise you that you will get everything. I will show you Rudra Mansion. Rudra declines but Vin very sweetly asks him to come. Rudra tells him he only came to get his trident. I haven’t come here to stay. Vin says I understand we cannot get what we lost but I will get you all the happiness that you lost. Please stay brother. Rudra tells him he has no idea of relations. They don’t matter to me. I can live without them. He turns to go but Vin requests him to stay for Ma atleast. She wont be able to stay without you. She loves you very much. Leave after meeting her once. Please stay. Rudra gives in. Shankar goes quiet seeing Rudra there. He leaves quietly.

Vin takes Rudra to Manjari’s room. Papa ji did all that to you because of me. She isn’t at fault. She dint even know you were alive. She believes whatever she was told. Siddhi comes there looking for Vinu. Rudra looks at her. Vin tells Rudra that Ma has a very big heart. she loved me immensely even though I am her stepson. Don’t know how to thank her enough. You are my everything Ma. He finds Rudra lost. Are you listening? Rudra nods. Vin puts Rudra’s hand in Manjari’s hand. I cannot make up for whatever you both lost but I can try to reduce my and Papa ji’s mistake by uniting you both. Manjari tells him he does not know what a big favour he has done on her. Vin tells her not to say so. Siddhi looks on quietly. I know it is almost impossible to show Manjari Ma’s truth to Vinu. I will still make impossible possible. Manjari hugs Rudra. She murmurs in his ears as to why he came here. He makes a blank face when they break the hug. Vin and Siddhi leave them both alone. They walk out of the room holding hands. Rudra looks furious.

Vin tells Siddhi that Ma never made him feel as if he wasn’t her son. She has loved me very much. I don’t know if I was a good son to her or not but she is the best Ma for me. She will love Rudra just how she loved me.

Manjari slaps Rudra. You want to ruin my plan? Why are you here again? Rudra thinks of his meetings with Siddhi. He simply smiles at Manjari. I will tell the real reason at the right time. I don’t mind this slap for Siddhi. He pulls her cheeks sweetly. She does not scold him any further. You wont change. Rudra says I am Rudra. I can drink poison but I wont let anyone cheat me. I dint come suddenly. I have come prepared. I got the right which you couldn’t get me in mere 2 minutes. She asks him how Vin is still alive.

Vin is positive Ma will take care of Rudra just the way she took care of me. He will forget his bitterness afterwards. Siddhi feels helpless. Thank you Bappa for returning Vinu to me.

Manjari says I told you to finish him in jail only. Rudra says he was lucky. I planned everything but some angel saved him in the nick of the time (hinting at Siddhi). Manjari tells him to finish Vin’s story asap. I am afraid of Siddhi. She can uncover my truth anytime. He tells her not to worry about Siddhi. I will manage her. Vin has very less time. Don’t worry. She tells him what he thinks isn’t easy.

Vin finds Rudra sleeping on the sofa. You wont be able to sleep here. Come with me. Rudra reasons that he has spent his 25 years on roads or in jails. I will sleep anywhere. Vin asks him to sleep in his room instead. I and Siddhi will shift to some other room. Prachi thinks to score points and tells Vin to let Rudra sleep in their room. Rajvir and I will sleep in guestroom. She introduces herself to Rudra. Let me know if you need anything. Rudra agrees. He looks at Siddhi. The master and his wife should sleep in the master bedroom anyways. I am coming closer to you (Siddhi) day by day. One day I will be so close that even air wont be able to pass through us.

Siddhi and Vin are sleeping peacefully. Rudra comes in stealthily and looks at her. Siddhi murmurs Vin’s name in her sleep. Rudra touches her feet. She turns in her sleep. He keeps looking at her.

Next morning, Siddhi switches off the alarm and wakes Vinu. Don’t you want to go to the shoot? He holds her tight. I don’t want to leave you. She smiles. I am not leaving you. Go to the shoot now. He acts to sleep again. She gets up and pretends to be in pain. He sits up immediately and asks her if she is fine. She declines. You turned your face the other way so I cannot be fine. He hugs her tight understanding that she was teasing him. They share sweet romantic moments. They are about to kiss when there are loud knocks on the door. He isn’t keen to let go but she opens the door. It is Raghu (servant). He tells them that Shankar has called Vin downstairs. She nods and closes the door. She literally pulls him out of bed but he pulls her to him.

Prachi threatens to throw water on Rajvir. You aren’t awake yet! He warns her not to do so. They argue again. Prachi gets ready excitedly thinking about Rudra. Hope he notices me at the breakfast table. Rajvir thinks to score some points asap or he will be out of the house.

Vin sits for breakfast. He asks Siddhi if breakfast is ready. She tells him she will bring it. Rudra watches Siddhi putting poha in a bowl. Hak Hai Ik Mera song plays in the background. He happily follows her to the breakfast table. Rajvir asks Rudra why he is carrying this pack of cards at the breakfast table. Rudra says fate turns things around in a moment what hard work cannot. Vin tells Siddhi to serve breakfast to Rudra. Siddhi asks him about it. Vin advises him to have the parathas that Siddhi makes. Rudra nods.

Vin has an off but the media is calling him. Manjari says media dint believe that you will ever return but my son is back. She suggests Rudra to go to the shoot with Vin. Both brothers can have fun. Vin likes the idea and asks Rudra. We can share a lot many things. Rudra refuses to share what is his.

Precap: Rudra tears Vin and Siddhi’s picture. He burns Vin’s photo. He repeats the lines of the song. Siddhi is sleeping at night when Rudra leans over her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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