Siddhi Vinayak 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin decides to bring Rudra to Kundra Mansion

Siddhi Vinayak 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra asks Manjari where she was when he was in problem. A mother’s soul is attached to her son. Why dint you feel my pain ever? It is because you were wasting all your love on your stepson! Vin pulls him by his collar. How dare you call me a stepson? Enough of drama! Leave. Rudra agrees to go but first asks him to ask his Ma if he lied. Manjari goes quiet. Vin asks Manjari to tell Rudra he is lying. I am your son right? Manjari hugs him. To me, you are more than my own son! Vin is stunned. I am not your son? Entire Kundra family is taken aback. Vin asks his mother what she means. Am I not your son? He falls down on his knees. Siddhi holds him. Rudra says till now Vin was living my life. You are the reason of my bad childhood. He was living my happiness while I was in pain because of all of you but now everything will change. Now things will happen as per my wish! I want him to go through the pain and helplessness which I lived because of you guys! It is my turn to gain now and your turn to lose. Shankar calls Rudra son. please forgive me. I made a mistake. Rudra calls it a crime. Manjari also requests him to not leave. Rudra taunts her for not giving him this love and attention when he needed it the most. You are trying to join relations with me now! He walks out of the house. Manjari cries. Shankar keeps a hand on her shoulder but she shrugs it away and heads upstairs. Vin is heartbroken.

Manjari comes to her room. Rudra messed up my entire plan by coming here. I must do something now. She opens a suitcase and acts to pack her stuff. Shankar requests her to listen to him but she shouts that there is nothing left to hear. I was unaware of this truth. I loved Vin like my own son and never let him find out that he is a stepson. You sacrificed my other son in return? He reasons that he did that to save Vin. She refuses to hear anything. You cheated me. Why dint you tell me the truth? I will be happy staying with my son instead! Shankar agrees to leave the room if that’s what she wants. Don’t leave though. I panicked for Vin. I forgot that Rudra is my son too. What should I do? Tell me. Manjari says a wife can forgive but a mother cannot. If you want to repent then bring my son in this house. This is where he belongs! Shankar goes out. Manjari says you (Shankar) donated my son in the Mattha. Now I will destroy everything and will remind you of your crime every second!

Siddhi is pacing in her room. She thinks of Manjari’s words. It means Ma was hinting at Rudra when she said she was doing everything for her son only. It means she knew the truth since long. How can she play such a game? Vin enters mumbling to himself. Why was I cheated so badly? Why was it needed? He hits his hand. Siddhi stops him from hurting himself. Vin is hurt that Manjari Ma loved him so much even though he is a stepson. I wouldn’t have been alive if it wasn’t for her. I have started respecting her more. I love her very much. Siddhi thinks how to tell him what his mother is planning; how she has been trying to kill him just to save her real son. I am helpless. I cannot tell you as you wont trust me. Vin thinks of his moments with Manjari and cries. Vin gets up to go. Siddhi asks him where he is off to. Vin replies that he is going to give his younger brother his right. Siddhi asks him who he is referring to. Vin takes Rudra’s name. Papa ji snatched everything from him because of me. He dint get his rights or love. I was unaware of it but if I continue to do so then I will fall in my eyes. think how he would have spent his childhood. He wouldn’t have known that his parents are alive. I can make his future better atleast. I want to bring him back here. This house belongs as much to him as much to me. Ma will be happy to see him here and I will be happy to see her happy. Rudra must come here. I will bring him. He leaves.

Vin asks the guard about the guy who came in the morning. His name was Rudra. Vin checks the register but there are no details apart from name. Vin checks the CCTV recording next. He clicks Rudra’s photo and calls someone. Circulate this photo everywhere. I find info on this guy. I will find you Rudra. I will get you the rights that you dint get! Shankar asks him why he is trying to bring Rudra home. Vin tries to walk away but Shankar stops him. I know you are upset with me but I did it for you only. Vin says now you have to focus on Rudra. Shankar insists that donations are never taken back. Vin agrees. You donated a baby though. Shankar reasons that he wont be able to adjust in this house. He has spent his life in jail and on roads. Vin blames it all on him. You dint do the right thing. you risked the life of one kid for another. It would have been better if you had let me die. Now I will make sure Rudra gets what all he rightfully deserves, including a place in your heart. Siddhi overhears their convo. I should talk to Dadi.

Siddhi comes to meet Dadi and tells her everything. Dadi is shocked to know the truth. Siddhi says I don’t know why Manjari Ma is playing such a game. What would she gain this way? Dadi replies that weak people find their superficial strength in money. Manjari ji is doing this for the same reason. Siddhi wonders if Manjari Ma brought Rudra to Kundra Mansion. Dadi also feels the same. Siddhi adds that she is feeling bad for Rudra. Don’t know what all he would have gone through. Papa ji risked his life to save Vinu’s life. Dadi tells her to be very careful. It is very difficult to know what Manjari will do next. Siddhi agrees. Now I will have to keep an eye on Rudra too. Maybe he came here willingly or he was intentionally brought home!

Rajvir is upset with the latest turn of events. Prachi advises him to do something better if he wants to. He calls her Chawlchaap. You care about the pillow and not me. She calls Rudra smart. He warns her to be quiet. Are you in your senses? She says you are not good for anything. If I had known about Rudra then I would have married him only. They argue again.

Rudra comes to Kundra Mansion and looks around for Siddhi. Wont you do my aarti? Vin shows the trident to him. You came back to look for this only right? I knew you would come to take it as it is your memento. Mementos are very special. Siddhi comes outside just then and is drying her hair. Rudra watches her thus. The bracelet was an excuse. I came to see you only. You are special for me and not this bracelet.

Precap: At night, Siddhi lies down next to Vinu. Rudra comes in stealthily and looks at her. I will get you Siddhi!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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