Siddhi Vinayak 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari gets scared seeing Vaibhavi

Siddhi Vinayak 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin asks Rudra to get ready. We both will go together. Rudra points out that Siddhi will also come along right. Why are you only referring to us? Vin denies. She does not like action movies. Only we brothers will go! Rudra says what she will do alone at home. Siddhi replies that Bhabhi and Ma are at home. You should spend some time now. Afterwards, you wont get any time because of Ganpati Puja. She asks Vin if he will also go for long drive and dinner with his brother after the movie. Vin nods with a smile. He goes with Siddhi to get ready. Rudra is irked that his plan failed. What will I do with that boring Vin?

Siddhi waves at Vin as their car drives away. Ma should remember all her sins as she has to confess it all before the world now! Gauri scares her from behind. Siddhi gets afraid.

You almost killed me. Gauri says I thought to show you Vaibhavi’s look as no one is at home. Siddhi says everything is great except the face mismatch. Gauri wonders from where she will get Vaibhavi’s face. Siddhi smiles.

Prachi and Rajvir’s shoot is on. Rajvir is shivering due to cold water. Producer says I kept it there so you could be natural. You should learn something from your elder brother. Rajvir asks for black coffee and threatens to walk out of the shoot. I am falling sick. Producer asks Prachi to remind her husband not to throw tantrums. Remember the contract right? Prachi reminds Rajvir and he returns to the shoot reluctantly. Producer speaks of shooting a song now.

Vin is smiling to himself in the car. His thoughts keep going back to Siddhi. Rudra sees him smiling and asks him about it. What’s the good news? Vin says the song is very nice so I got reminded of someone. Is there someone special in your life who you love? Rudra nods. He too smiles thinking of Siddhi. Vin asks him more about the girl. Rudra shares that he was mesmerised when he saw her the first time. Her eyes, her fragrance are just amazing! Vin smiles thinking of Siddhi. Your fragrance is amazing Siddhi! They both start reacting at once as the song ends. Vin asks him to show the photo. Rudra says who else I will show it to. You will I have to wait for a while though. Vin calls waiting a beautiful phase. Bappa brought me and Siddhi together after lots of difficulty. He will help you too. Rudra asks him to ask Bappa to hurry up. Vin says Siddhi and I will do Ganpati puja together this time. You too might find your partner there. Rudra prays that his words come true.

Rajvir and Prachi shoot the song.

Manjari is drinking water when the lights in her room begin to flicker. Lights go off suddenly. She lights a candle. She feels as if someone came closer to her and looks around. Candle blows out. Who is it? Come here! I am not afraid of you. She turns and sees bloodied foot marks on the bed. She shouts and runs out of her room. She calls out to Shankar, Rudra and Vin but there is no response. The servants also don’t react. Siddhi comes out of the room and hurriedly changes the bed sheet of Manjari’s room while she is outside. She sees some marks on the floor too.

Manjari collides with Vaibhav and Vaibhavi’s photos fall down. She asks him where he found them. He shares that he was cleaning store room and thought to throw them away. Manjari asks him who made those marks in her room. Did you see anyone going there? Vaibhav shakes his head. She takes him to her room to prove that she isn’t lying.

Siddhi is cleaning the marks from the floor. She hears their footsteps and quickly cleans the floor. She manages to get out of the room safely. Manjari takes Vaibhav to her room. Clean those marks! I am not scared of anyone. vaibhav asks her what he should clean. There is nothing. She says I just saw them with my own eyes. Vaibhav asks her if the same person whose name she got scared of did all this. Manjari says Vaibhavi’s ghost and walks out of the room.

Siddhi hides the bed sheet under her bed when Manjari comes to her room looking for her. Siddhi acts to be sleeping. Manjari wakes her up. How dare you! She checks Siddhi’s feet but they are clean. Siddhi asks her if she is satisfied now. You think you can do anything? Manjari tells her not to try and scare her using Vaibhavi’s name. Your game is up. Siddhi asks her why she will do so. Manjari blames her for all the incidents that have happened just now. I am Marathi. I have played such games in my childhood already. I wont get afraid.

Gauri checks the water and finds it to be too cold. She sprinkles a few drops on her face and lies down next to the fountain. Siddhi opens the balcony door. Manjari tells Siddhi her game is up. Don’t try to scare me using Vaibhavi’s name. She trips as she takes a step towards Siddhi and sees a body lying near the fountain. Who is there if you are here? Vaibhavi? She looks down scared. Siddhi asks her if she wants to say something. Manjari refuses to believe it. She runs downstairs in the corridor shouting about Vaibhavi’s dead body. Gauri hides in the meantime.

Precap: Manjari cannot understand why she is seeing Vaiabhavi everywhere. Siddhi thinks Ma’s fear will make her confess her crimes now. Gauri is in her room when the lights begin to flicker. Manjari comes there wearing fake lenses and looks pointedly at Gauri.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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