Siddhi Vinayak 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi tries to seduce Vinayak

Siddhi Vinayak 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra and Vin join Manjari for the puja followed by other members of the family. They close their eyes to pray. Siddhi is relieved to come here on time. My family needs patience and courage to listen to whatever is about to happen today! Give them strength Bappa. Urvashi stands next to Rudra. Gauri prays that she is saved from Manjari’s wrath. She looks at Siddhi and smiles but her smile disappears the moment she notices Urvashi standing there wearing Siddhi’s mask. How did they both come out at once? She asks Manjari to open her eyes and look in Rudra’s direction. Manjari thinks it to be Siddhi but Gauri turns her face towards Siddhi. They both panic. Why dint she come here in her real avatar? What will happen now? Manjari takes Urvashi with her. Rudra opens his eyes and looks at Gauri. He

does not find Ma there. He isn’t happy to see Siddhi standing next to Vin.

Manjari brings Urvashi to her room. You are a mere dancer! You are trying to play a game with Manjari Kundra? How dare you come downstairs in this avatar? We told you to come clean after the first night. Why are you still wearing this mask? She removes Urvashi’s mask. What are you up to? Urvashi tells her no one talks to her like that. I look better than your Siddhi. I am not interested in wearing it. There was no first night. Your son slept in seconds. Manjari slaps her to punish her for the unfinished task. Urvashi glares at her.

Aarti comes to an end. Gauri shakes her head to signal Siddhi. Siddhi walks up to her but Gauri walks away on the pretext of checking on Chachi ji. Siddhi is also curious as to where Manjari went in the middle of the aarti. Siddhi is about to handover Prasad to Vin when Rudra extends his hand. Prachi and Rajvir look at them.

Urvashi is angry with Manjari for slapping her. Manjari says you should have done some research on me before coming here. You wouldn’t have dared to do this then. Return me my necklace. She tries reaching out for it when Urvashi twists her hand. You too should have found out more about me before bringing me here. I dance and make people dance on my tunes too! Gauri has seen it all. What’s happening with Chachi ji? What’s Urvashi doing to her? I shouldn’t go inside or I wouldn’t be spared!

Urvashi takes out her sandal. Manjari warns her not to slap her. Urvashi remarks that entire public wants to touch her yet she slapped her. Don’t think me to be like your DIL! She hits Manjari with her sandal. Gauri is still watching them. Chachi ji has been hurting people till now but this is the first girl who has hit Chachi ji.

Prachi drops something on Rajvir’s jacket and it distracts everyone. He walks away hastily. Siddhi gives Prasad to Vin shocking Rudra. Vin goes aside to attend a call. Siddhi gives Prasad to Rudra too and goes to keep the rest back.

Urvashi keeps hitting Manjari. Manjari’s face is bruised by now. Urvashi’s sandal breaks. She warns Manjari not to try to take her necklace back or hit her again. I wont spare you then! She wears Siddhi’s mask again. Do not mess with me again. She walks out of the room in a huff. Gauri is hiding outside behind a table.

Siddhi is in kitchen. Where’s Ma and Urvashi? She should have told the truth to everyone by now as per the deal. Rudra asks her why she dint give Prasad to him first. Who is your husband – Vin or me? Why were you standing near him in the puja? She tells him that she was with Vinu only. He is irked to hear her call Vinayak Vinu. She insists that it’s all going as per his plan but he declines. It isn’t going as per my plan. Plus, I want to tell everyone our truth now.

Vin sees Urvashi walking by and mistakes her to be Siddhi. When did she change her clothes? And why she is going towards our room? He follows her upstairs before Gauri can do anything. She rushes to the kitchen to inform Siddhi but finds Siddhi talking to Rudra.

Siddhi suggests Rudra to wait till Ma is back. Don’t say anything till then. He stays put. I am making the announcement right away. Gauri panics that there will be fireworks in the house now. Siddhi and Urvashi have switched places. Siddhi wonders what she should do.

Urvashi is walking past Vin and Siddhi’s room when she sees Vin’s poster on the wall. She realises it is Vin’s room and is thrilled. She looks at his wedding photo. Siddhi is married to Superstar Vin Kundra! It means Manjari has two sons. She played a very big game with me. Why did she bring me here for that charcoal when she had a diamond? She looks at herself in the mirror and then at the photo. My fake face is of Superstar Vin Kundra’s wife. I wont let such a chance slip out of my hand! Vin is near the room.

Vin enters in his room and straight away walks up to Urvashi. He hugs her from behind thinking her to be Siddhi. Don’t we have to go today or not? You changed again? You look very beautiful in these clothes. She hugs him excitedly. I came to look at the photo only. We are looking so good together. He asks her what happened to her voice. She coughs to cover it up. She pulls him by his collar. Let’s not go in the puja. Let’s stay in bedroom today. He smiles. Why are you whispering? I am standing right in front of you. She pulls him on the bed. I feel very different seeing you today. I feel the moment will pass if I speak loudly.

Rudra calls out to everyone. Siddhi tries to convince him to wait for some more time. No one is here. He is getting impatient.

Urvashi closes the door and dances seductively around him. he is puzzled to see the sudden change in her. We have to go out. She pushes him on the bed. She tries getting close to him.

Rudra shouts out to everyone. I have to tell you guys a very important thing. Vin hears his voice and asks Siddhi (Urvashi) to go downstairs. Rudra is calling out to everyone. Come along. She realises she cannot go downstairs as real Siddhi might be downstairs.

Precap: Rudra sees Siddhi and Vin going out and is angry. He is about to go after them when Urvashi comes downstairs. Rudra is confused. How can she be here when I just saw her going out with Vinayak?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Rudra and Urvashi made for ‘each other’…
    Manjari ne apneliye ek dum sahi bahu layi… Vinu ko Kya haal bana diya…

  2. Summer

    Hmm, i’m struggling to buy this double act…hope it doesn’t go on much longer!
    1. How can Vin not notice the difference between Siddhi and Urvashi – their natural fragrant, voice and body.
    2. How can Vin not remember what colour saree Siddhi wore when she was standing beside him.
    Too many inconsistencies, but i have to say, the actress who plays Siddhi, her acting is brilliant! Very entertaining to watch.

  3. Yes u r right…🙂 Farnaz doing a great job as both Siddhi’s…
    In precap Vinu is going out with real Siddhi and few minutes before he was with fake Siddhi (she is in saree)..still he has no doubt..he is very innocent..dont know but I love Vinu alot..

    1. He is not innocent, he is just waaay too dumb.
      Actually, he is the dumbest male character I have ever seen in these indian serials.

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