Siddhi Vinayak 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shankar hears his kidnapper’s voice

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Siddhi Vinayak 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi extends her hand towards Urvashi asking her if she will support her. Prachi mentally coaxes Urvashi to accept it. Urvashi heads upstairs. Prachi asks Siddhi what will happen to Urvashi now. She dint agree to what you said. Urvashi is still listening to their conversation. Siddhi says she will also become Ma’s target. She will meet a similar fate like Kanta. What can I do? Poor girl! Her dead body will come in 4 bags. They wont be needed if Ma feeds her body to dogs. Urvashi is sure Manjari cannot do this to her. I have her son’s kid inside me. I will tell her what these people are planning!

Manjari is relieved that her hand is bit better now. She is looking for the property papers when she notices coconut and knife. She starts peeling the coconut. Urvashi enters and sees her using that big knife. Siddhi’s words echo in her head.

Prachi and Siddhi high five. Siddhi is positive that Urvashi will now listen to her. She is too smart. She will try to find out about Papa ji.

Next morning, Prachi asks Siddhi to switch on the app. I saw Urvashi going to Chachi ji’s room. I am sure we will find something.

Manjari is irked that her plans are failing miserably. Urvashi asks her about Shankar. Manjari asks her if she has to poke her nose in every matter. How did you think of this? Urvashi says I am sure you would have kept him safely. I wonder where he would be as he cannot stay at a random place. Manjari tells her that Shankar is fine wherever he is. Go now. I have a lot to do. Siddhi, Rajvir and Prachi have heard everything but decide to plan something else.

Shankar tries to escape but the goons catch hold of him. Manjari calls the main guy. He tells her that Shankar is trying to escape. He has put the phone on speaker. Shankar hears her voice. Manjari tells the goons to tie him tightly. I wont spare you if he manages to flee! Goon assures him that they will take good care of him. She touches the vase while talking and screams in pain. Goons tie Shankar again. He is too stunned to realise that his Manjari got him kidnapped.

Siddhi plays the audio for Prachi and Rajvir. Chacha ji is safe as of now. Rajvir wonders where they will find Chacha ji. Prachi suggests him to listen to the audio closely. We might find some clue.

Manjari rues that if is becoming difficult to tackle Shankar. She throws her phone angrily. Urvashi comes in. Is everything ok? Manjari replies that nothing is fine. Shankar tried to run away. If he comes home then! I have to get Vin’s signature on property papers. If Shankar manages to escape then my dream of owning property worth 3k will go in vain! Urvashi realises that Siddhi was right. This woman is crazier for property than me! I should run away. Rajvir wonders what kind of a woman Chachi ji is! Siddhi decides to divert Manjari’s attention towards getting Vin’s signature till the time they find Shankar. Prachi asks her how they will do it. Siddhi smiles.

Manjari is receiving back to back calls for interviews. She denies but the guy explains that Shankar is in abroad and Vin is in coma. Nothing seems fine in Kundra Mansion. You should give a byte. Manjari gets thinking. How will I do makeup with this shaky hand? I will teach a lesson to that Siddhi!

Prachi asks Siddhi what their plan is. Siddhi says we will do 2 things in one go. We will find Papa ji and we will also do Ma’s makeup for an interview. Prachi asks her about it but Siddhi tells her to just help Ma get ready. Urvashi has started her work already. Don’t forget to include Gauri Bhabhi. Prachi is puzzled as to why she will help them. Siddhi replies that she will help them only. She wont realise though as to how she will be helping us.

Manjari asks Urvashi to start her makeup. Urvashi thinks I don’t know how to do it. She will look like some ghost if I will do it! Manjari asks her to start. Urvashi nods. Gauri comes there. MIL-DIL are bonding too much! Manjari says it isn’t so. It is my interview today so she is helping me! Prachi enters wearing goggles and points out that she does best makeup in the entire Kundra Mansion. Gauri does not want Prachi to score any number so she takes charge of it. Manjari sends Urvashi to make preps for tea and snacks. I don’t want Siddhi anywhere near the interview. Urvashi goes. Prachi suggests making coffee for Manjari. I make the best coffee. Gauri tells her that she is the one who makes best coffee in the house. She goes to bring it. Gauri brings coffee for Manjari. Manjari takes the cup from her. Gauri asks her to close her eyes so she can do her eye makeup first. Manjari happily closes her eyes. Prachi drops a pill in the cup when Gauri isn’t looking. Manjari is tempted by coffee’s fragrance and takes a sip. It is amazing! Gauri smiles. Prachi tells her to do the latest kind of eye makeup. I don’t have my phone at the moment though. Even Gauri has not brought her phone along so Manjari gives her her phone. Prachi shows her few pics. Manjari likes it and asks Gauri to do the same makeup. Gauri agrees. Manjari loves her new look. Gauri butters her that she is already beautiful. Manjari sends them outside. She starts feeling sleepy.

Urvashi tells the servants to prepare snacks for the reporters. Decorate everything well. She turns to go when Siddhi asks her if she has thought of an escape plan. Urvashi tells her she was right. How do I escape from her clutches? Siddhi advises her to keep Gauri busy till the time Ma does not come outside.

Siddhi checks the call list. They see an outgoing call at the time when Manjari had called the goon. The name is saved as Mrs. Bhalla. She speaks to the goon and asks him to send Shankar’s location right away. He asks her about her voice but she scolds him like Manjari. Manjari is sleeping. Siddhi receives location from the goon. I am going to the location with Rajvir to bring Papa ji. They turn and see Manjari staring at them.

Precap: Siddhi and Prachi watch Urvashi giving instructions to Gauri to take good care of Aai. Siddhi does thumbs up towards her. Reporters enter just then. Gauri goes to wake up Manjari and is taken aback to see her hideous makeup.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…?it’s going interesting day by day… ??but Vinu still in coma…? Finally Papa ji know the ugly truth of his perfect patni… ?Siddhi is playing each and every step very carefully… ?she is doing great job…?

  2. Eagerly waiting for Monday episode…? good precap…? hope that Siddhi will save Papa ji in next week episode…

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