Siddhi Vinayak 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin is declared innocent by the court

Siddhi Vinayak 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra keeps the doll down and thinks of Siddhi. She looked just like you. You know how easy it is for me to get girls like you. You are the memento of the one I loved dearly. She dint accept me so I killed her. If she couldn’t be mine then she could not be anyone else’s! I did the right thing right? We both got punished in return. I got punishment for loving her while she got punished for not loving me back. She would have been alive if she had loved me too. I want to get someone after so long. I will make her mine at any cost. Siddhi is only mine! Rudra’s Siddhi and Siddhi’s Rudra! He laughs.

Siddhi, Shankar and Vin’s lawyer are discussing the case. Siddhi shares her theory with them. Shivam was shot from behind but as per Vinu’s statement, he was standing in front of Shivam. There were lot many bullets too hinting that there might be a sharp shooter who was present there too. They both are happy with the new theory.

Siddhi says I know you are doing this to get Vinu’s property. You got everything in your name stealthily. Manjari says this is your problem. You are smart but you aren’t smarter than me. I add 2 and 2 to make 5! Siddhi tells her to wait and watch. You wont even be able to make 1. I will make it so worse for you! Manjari warns her not to be smart. don’t mess with me or you will regret it! Serve food now as everyone must be hungry. Your dialogues will not satiate their hunger. Siddhi agrees. Wait here for a minute. I will bring something for you. Manjari thinks she gave up easily. She might do anything but she wont be able to harm me. Siddhi returns with a plate which has roti, green chilli and onion. Manjari asks her why she gave her such food. It is served in jail. Siddhi calls it her future. You should get used to it as this is what you will eat in jail. A wife promises you today that she will bring her husband, your son back home and will also prove him innocent. Don’t worry. I will give you time to regret. You will have ample time in jail to wonder why you did this! Get ready as I wont let my Vinu get punished. This is Siddhi Vinayak Kundra’s promise to you! She goes. Manjari thinks she can try as much as she wants but she wont be able to prove Vin innocent. It is pointless now as Vinu wont live for too long. It is time for him to meet Bappa. Rudra will finish him tonight itself!

Next morning, Manjari thinks Rudra would have killed Vin by now. Why hasn’t police called yet? I am dying to hear that news. Siddhi seeks blessings from Shankar. She then turns to Manjari. Bless me to remain a married woman. Manjari smiles. Your husband would be dead by now. Shankar asks Siddhi to come to court but Siddhi refuses to go to court. I will do puja at home and I wont stop till you tell me that Vinu is coming home. Shankar agrees. Manjari thinks pray as much as you want to but only Vin’s dead body will come home. Rudra must have killed him by now!

Siddhi turns to Bappa. You will have to show your magic today. You must get my Vinu out of jail. She starts her puja. Due to lack of circumstantial evidence, all charges are withdrawn from Vin. Siddhi’s phone rings. Shankar tells her that Bappa has heard her prayers. Vin has been proved innocent. She heaves a sigh of relief. She offers gratitude to Bappa.

Manjari looks at Vin. How did my plan fail? How is he still here! I fail to understand why Rudra left him alive! Vin meets his parents. Manjari acts to be happy with court’s decision. Reporters throng them with questions. Shankar gives credit to Siddhi.

Siddhi fills her hairline. My husband is alive today only because of you. Ganpati Bappa Morya! She runs towards her room happily. Gauri and Prachi congratulate her. Siddhi happily applies colour on their faces and goes to get ready. She imagines Vin helping her and cups his face. It turns to out to be her imagination. She imagines him everywhere. She feels his presence and runs downstairs happily. Her dupatta catches fire while running towards the door but she is unaware of it. Someone is shown walking inside Kundra House. Siddhi closes her eyes.

Precap: Vin pushes Rudra. How dare you hit me? Shankar asks Vin what he is doing. Rudra asks him if he recognized him. I am the son of this house and you are my father!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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