Siddhi Vinayak 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prachi shares her Sargi with Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari gives Sargi to Gauri and Prachi. She picks her own plate and begins to go but stops to taunt Siddhi. Sargi is over. You should keep your fast without having Sargi now. Married women celebrate Karvachauth and not cheap women! We have only seen one phase. Don’t know how many performances you have given with how many people! Siddhi tells her it is enough. You know the truth. You know everything yet you are playing this game to trap me! Manjari asks her what she means. Siddhi knows it was her who told Urvashi not to remove the mask from her face on the first night. You only told her to seduce Rudra. I am sure Urvashi would have recorded it right then but you are still blaming me. You know everything but you are still bent upon maligning my name! You have used your son’s dead body as

a pawn here to question my character! I am disgusted to know that you have fallen so low! Manjari raises her hand to slap her but Siddhi holds it. I have held onto your actions and not hand. If you would have remembered that you too are a woman then you wouldn’t have said it. I will prove my honesty at any cost in front of my family. How will you do it though? I will surely keep fast for my husband. You can stop me from eating Sargi but how will you stop me from doing puja in front of Lord? Manjari challenges her that she wont be able to break her fast. Your husband wont come. Siddhi accepts the challenge. We will see if your plotting works or my love. I trust my husband’s love more than another’s cheating. My Vinu will come as Vinayak and Siddhi are incomplete without each other. I will break the fast this time after drinking water from my husband’s hands. This is my promise to you. Prachi looks relieved whereas Manjari is irked.

Prachi comes to her room and closes all doors. He asks her if she saw a ghost. She says I saw a Chudail. Chachi ji kept my awake since morning. I am so hungry. She is about to eat but he stops her. Women keep karvachauth for the long life of husbands. She takes a bite. He tells her to fast for him. She taunts him. He decides to fast for himself. She tells him to continue with his plan. I will stay with Tai. I think she needs me. I will give this Sargi to the one who I think deserves it most.

Prachi comes to Siddhi’s room with Sargi. I don’t want to keep this fast but I have to do this drama in front of Mummy ji. You want to keep this fast but you don’t have Sargi. Siddhi asks her what she wants now. Prachi says I have come to give you Sargi. I dint come here to take anything today. Siddhi looks at the plate. Prachi says you know I don’t fast but I know you will fast for Vin Bhaiya. I can only do this much for you right now. Siddhi asks her if there is any hidden agenda behind it. Prachi knows she has never helped anyone without any reason. This time I am only doing it for you. I know you dint kill Rudra and you are not in that video too. I cannot say it for myself but you are a genuine person who can never stoop this low. I am saying this as I know you. I am your sister after all. You are not alone in this fight. I am with you. Please accept this for Vin Bhaiya’s long life if not for me. Siddhi accepts it and takes a bite.

Shankar brings Vin downstairs to eat something. Vin is reluctant but Shankar refuses to give up as he hasn’t eaten since two days. He invites Urvashi to join them but she denies. I am also fasting today. I agree I am a widow and cannot fast like other DIL’s but I have kept fast for Rudra’s soul. My life has finished. I have nothing but his memories to spend my life with. I was thinking to donate something in an orphanage or old age home in Rudra’s name. Shankar agrees upon the idea. She asks for 10 lacs. Rajvir coughs. Shankar tells Manjari to give money to Urvashi. Let me know if you need anything else. Urvashi wonders if she asked for lesser amount. He agreed readily. Urvashi runs away while pretending to cry seeing Siddhi coming there. Manjari questions her as to why she is here. You are not a part of Kundra family anymore. Siddhi replies that she has come to see if her husband has eaten or not. Vinu keeps the spoon back without even taking a bite. Who told you to do all this? Stop all this pretence!

Siddhi stops Vinu. It is karvachauth today. Please return on time. He asks her why she is acting now. Do you want to prove your innocence this way? She denies. I know you wont believe me if I try or say anything right now. This karvachauth is for my husband who I love. I have kept the fast with faith for my husband. If my childhood love is true then you will surely come. I will wait for you. You have full right to decide if you want to be present here for me to break the fast or not! She walks away. Vin shouts that she broke his trust and not he will break hers. You can wait for as long as you want to but I wont come! Manjari shouts after him to eat something but he walks away in a huff.

Siddhi recalls Vin’s words. She clenches onto her mangalsutra. It is the test of my love today. I want to see how much pious my love is!

Precap: Everyone is doing puja. Siddhi thinks that she is only standing here basis the faith in her love. Will you come here to prove me right?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode🙂… Siddhi looks beautiful in pink😍
    Loved Siddhi and Prachi scene🙂
    I think Vinu also kept fast for Siddhi..he will definitely come and break the fast…😌

  2. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…🙂 very excited and good precap…🙂

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