Siddhi Vinayak 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi keeps fast for Vinayak

Siddhi Vinayak 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari is happy thinking they got rid of the problem. Siddhi recalls under which circumstances she had married Vin and for what reason. She is Vinayak’s shield. She wipes her tears the opens the doors once again shocking Kundra family. I wont leave this house. I will stay right here! Shankar and Prachi smile a little. Siddhi walks up to Manjari. I am the DIL of this house. No one can throw me out of this house! Prachi tells Rajvir her Tai is amazing. She turns the game around in the last move. She is like this since childhood. He too is impressed by Siddhi. Urvashi wonders what she will do now. Gauri too is trapped. I will be finished if Siddhi stays here!

Manjari shouts after Siddhi to stop. How can you go inside like that? Vin questions Siddhi as to why she came back. We share nothing anymore. Leave. She refuses. I am your legal wife. My name is Siddhi Vinayak Kundra. No one can stop me from staying in this house! If anyone here is mistaken that they can do that then, they are foolish to even think of that. I have a right on this house till the time I am Vinayak Kundra’s wife. No one can ask me to leave. Vin asks her what marriage is she speaking about. You have made fun of it! She replies that these people have mocked them. You were neither in your senses even when you got married nor are you in your senses now! We took wedding vows. They may not matter to you but they matter to me. If you think that by throwing my stuff out of the balcony, you have thrown our vows and relation outside too then you are highly mistaken. I know you don’t trust me anymore but I will prove myself. I wont go anywhere. He refuses to live under the same roof as her. I am leaving! Siddhi Vinayak Kundra can happily stay in Kundra Mansion! Manjari and Shankar go after him trying to explain him.

I am not cheap like you but I am also a Marathi. I wont let you win so easily. Now I will also see what all games you will play! Urvashi smiles seeing her go upstairs. I have found a good opponent for the first time. It will be fun now.

Manjari and Sankar tell Vin to stay. This is your own house. Vin refuses to stay in the house till the time Siddhi is there. Shankar reminds him that Siddhi is the DIL of this house. Manjari again cribs that Rudra was the son of this house. She is the one who killed him! You should only explain to Siddhi if you want to explain to someone. I don’t want to lose my other son because of her! She looks at Vin teary eyed.

Siddhi comes to her room. It is a mess. Judai song plays in the background as she fixes everything. She even hurts herself while fixing the photo. Shankar comes there.

Manjari asks Vin if he saw the real face of Siddhi. Do you still think your mother is wrong? He denies. Trust me. I threw her every belonging out of the house. I don’t want to stay with her. Don’t know why she came back. She is talking about legal stuff. I don’t understand anything. I will go crazy!

Shankar says I don’t know what’s right or wrong but I know that you have always thought well about my son and this house. I have come to ask you something today so that peace is maintained in the house. She nods. He asks her to leave the house. She asks him if he too does not trust her. I dint do anything wrong. Just give me some time. I will fix everything. It is karvachauth tomorrow. Vinu might be angry with me but he will surely come to break my fast. She touches his feet. He blesses her with lots of happiness.

Prachi is happy that her sister hasn’t left the house. There will be hope if she will stay here. Rajvir sits next to her. She turns and hits him on his nose with hers. She suggests putting their plan in action before something goes wrong. He agrees. We have to get hold of the video to expose the truth. She likes the idea. You should try to get video while I will keep an eye on Gauri Bhabhi. Something is brewing between the two. We must find out what it is! He agrees.

Next morning, all the ladies are making preps for Sargi. Manjari asks Prachi to give almonds but Prachi hands her salt. Manjari asks her where she is lost. Prachi mumbles that she is up since 4 am and is very sleepy. She asks Manjari why they wake up early every year on Karvachauth. Manjari explains it to her. Gauri says I will go to jail in the evening and pray that he comes out of jail soon. Urvashi cries at the door. Manjari asks her what happened but Urvashi stops her from coming near her. I am widow. Siddhi comes in the kitchen to take sargi. Manjari says our relations ended the day you killed my son. You made my DIL a widow! Urvashi acts to cry again. Manjari asks Siddhi who she is keeping a fast for. A MIL gives sargi to her DIL on Karvachauth. I wont give you Sargi! It wont be complete then. I will see what you will do now! Epi ends on Siddhi’s face.

Precap: Siddhi stops Vinu. It is karvachauth today. Please return on time. He asks her why she is acting now. She tells him that she has kept the fast with faith for her husband. I will wait for you. You have full right to decide if you want to be present here for me to break the fast or not!

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  1. Summer

    I shall look forward to seeing the ugly truth being revealed right in front of Vin eyes! Not to forget Shankar learning the truth that it is his own very wife, who wants to murder his son. There are video footage and evidence that Siddhi collated against Manjari, why is that not used! As for Gauri, fickle as sheep, her dishonesty and unfaithfulness to her husband should be exposed! Despite Prachi own motives, it is nice to see her have some loyalty and support for her sister!

    1. Summer u r right…????
      No one believing her now..but Siddhi staying the Kundra mansion only for Vin/protecting him.. Siddhi loves him alot…❤️I really loved Siddhi’s acting…?❤️
      That Gauri don’t know where is going in evening..may be she start the relationship with Kabir again…?
      Prachi and Rajbir started their mission.. but not shown any convo between Siddhi and Prachi..?
      Siddhi Prachi and Rajbir the trio’s where definitely rock…?
      Good episode…???❤️

  2. Summer

    How can Vin doubt Siddhi when she is the one who saved him many times! His faith and love for Siddhi is very weak! Once truth is revealed, Siddhi should make him suffer, then forgive him! 😉

    1. I don’t understand why people blame Vin. He saw a VIDEO of her dancing around Rudra. And nobody can believe the stupid and unrealistic mask story.
      It is completely normal for Vin to think she is a cheater.
      Anyone would think that, no matter how good the person was before, humans can change, and for him there is PROOF that she changed and cheated!
      WE know it wasn’t her, but he has no idea!
      It is not his fault.
      Relationships in real life break for much less than this.

    2. Summer

      Hi Radika, you have made a valid point. We as viewers know the truth but Vin does not! Also, another valid point addressed, relationships certainly do break much easier in reality than fiction. I am very much looking forward to seeing Vin learn the truth, he would be so guilty of his lack of faith in her despite his promise not to doubt her.

  3. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode… it is interesting to watch Vinu break the fast or not..?

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