Siddhi Vinayak 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Hit and Miss between Shivam and Riddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riddhi reaches the shooting. She watches Vin talking to the producer. She thinks of their marriage. She also remembers Vin making Mona wear a ring. Doctor’s words haunt her. I know that the coming 3-4 months will be really difficult for me, for our wedding. You can marry Mona and throw me out of your life as you don’t know that we are married. Don’t worry though; I am not the one who gives up easily. I was, I am and will always be with you. Rakesh ji calls out to Riddhi. Vin reminds her that he asked her not to come but Rakesh ji is happy to see her here. You have to select the poster for the movie. He goes for some work. Vin asks Riddhi to tell which photo is better. She asks him if he chose the ring for Mona herself. Why don’t you then select one of the photos? I believe you should call her here and you both should select it together. Vin compliments her idea. She has gone to US for her film’s shooting. Riddhi says that’s really sad. How can we take such a big decision without your fiancé? He says the same for her. Just like you take all the decisions in your husband’s absence. Rakesh ji calls Vin.

Riddhi is happy that Mona is out of their lives for some time. Till when will I hide the truth from Vinu though? From where should I get a husband?

Shivam comes to the shooting to meet Vin. Vin greets him. They speak of fate. Shivam mistakes him to be Vin’s personal trainer. Vin plays along. Shivam asks about Vin. Vin asks him to wait but Shivam puts it on star tantrums. You know how they make us wait all the time. Vin excuses himself for some work.

Vin asks Riddhi to attend to his personal guest (Shivam). Riddhi walks up to a guy (he has his back to her) and calls out to him. He turns out to be someone else instead. She asks him if he is Vin’s guest. He declines. She asks spot boy about Vin’s guest. He guides her to another guy speaking on his phone.

Shivam requests Juhi to go to home with Reema (nanny). Juhi refuses to go anywhere. He calls her Dadi Amma. She shares that she met a good Dadi Amma today. He asks about her but she makes him heart promise her for an ice cream treat. Riddhi is about to call out to him when a girl asks him to call Vin for the shoot. Riddhi asks her to call Vin’s guest while she goes to call Vin. Shivam ends the call.

Manjari is in the hospital. Kanta is the strongest out of all those I got killed till date! She escaped from the accident and injection but I wont spare her today at any cost! She speaks to Bappa’s idol. Don’t worry. I will send that Kanta to you real soon. She notices Riddhi’s Dadi coming towards her and panics. Dadi tells her that Kanta has gained conscious. Would you like to meet her? Manjari says I want to ask her once as to who is after my son’s life. Dadi assures her that that wont be required. Police is recording her statement right now. Manjari agrees to meet her some other time. She turns to go when Nurse comes running to Dadi (Doc) for help. Constable does not allow Manjari inside as she does not have the card.

Shivam looks on as Vin does the shoot. He is surprised to realise that it was indeed Vin Kundra who he had met earlier. Vin also looks at him. He apologizes for making him wait. They greet each other formally. Shivam asks him why he dint tell him the truth earlier. Vin says I find such people rare who treat me like a normal human being. When you dint recognize me, I felt free. They sit down to discuss the contract. Shivam suggests him to read it really carefully. Camera’s focus shifts to Riddhi and Vin is distracted. Shivam follows his faze but Riddhi covers her face so as to avoid the light by that time. Shivam gives him the contract. Vin agrees to call him once his legal team goes through it. Shivam agrees. You must come to my home next time. Vin agrees. He finds Shivam interesting. There is something about it.

Vin has to show his body for a scene. His assistant goes to bring something. Vin drops the bottle of oil on the floor while picking it. Riddhi comes in and covers her face. He asks her when she will learn to knock on the door. She slips on the oil while answering his question and he holds her. Hawayein plays in the background. They share an eye lock. He helps her stand straight. She asks him to come quickly. Daylight will go soon. He shares that makeup Dada has gone to bring spray. Will you help me in putting oil? She agrees. He turns his back to her as she applies oil on his back. She keeps stealing glances at him all along and so does Vin. Makeup Dada comes just then. he thanks Riddhi for her help. Sir is waiting for Vin Sir. Vin wears a robe and begins to go but stops to look at Riddhi for a moment. She has a slight smile on her face.

Dadi lets Manjari inside. Police is questioning Kanta. Dadi asks Officer to stop seeing Kanta ji’s condition. Kanta begins to say Mann. Dadi removes the mask from her face. Kanta keeps saying Mann. Lady Inspector points out that she is trying to say someone’s name. Kanta is shocked to see Manjari there. Her eyes widen in shock and she points a finger in her direction shocking everyone.

Precap: Dadi wonders why Kanta is pointing at Manjari. Vin gets a call from someone and agrees to come right away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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