Siddhi Vinayak 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri angers Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri asking Siddhi about the papers. Siddhi lies to her that its Vin’s personal papers, which she can’t share. She says its none of your business, so sorry. She goes. Gauri says I will find out whose marriage registration is that. Manjiri and Vin pray. Manjiri says these ten diyas are for ten directions, just wish to Bappa to protect you from dangers.

She makes him do the rituals. He asks about Riddhi. Siddhi comes there. Manjiri teases Vin and Siddhi. She asks them to start the puja. Siddhi and Vin do the aarti together. They see each other. Manjiri gets a call. She goes. Vin smiles seeing Siddhi doing aarti. He asks why do you do this for me. She says I do this for myself, if anything happens to you, my job will be in risk, I love my job, I do this for my profit. He says none can win you in words. She thinks you have won over me, I lost already. Gauri makes Mannu drink wine. She romances him. He aims a gun at her. She gets shocked. She gets scared and asks why did you get this gun. He laughs and says I got this gift for you. He lights her cigarette by the gun. She drinks wine. She says we will have drinks. She asks him about the marriage registration papers. He says it was ours, no, it was….. He falls asleep. She gets angry and thinks he is useless for me, I wasted wine and time on him.

Manjiri acts protective of Vin and does a drama. Vin gets angry. Siddhi asks him to calm down, his health can get upset. Manjiri wants him to get angry and die. Vin says I have to talk to you. Gauri says Mannu had headache, he is resting. Vin says let him rest. Siddhi says I got event details from Mannu. Vin says fine Riddhi, I mean Ms. Sinha, you follow up, I will talk later. Siddhi gets glad.

She makes a call. He asks is everything in control Riddhi, will you manage everything. She asks what did you say, you addressed me by my name Riddhi. He asks can’t I take your name. She says no, you can call me by name, I felt good. He asks about the preparations. She praises him. She asks him not to worry, she will manage work. He says I will not sleep if you work all night, I will become your PA for the night. She asks you sure. He says yes. She says think again, its not an easy task. She asks him to get the notepad and pen. She explains him the work. She gets a call and gets busy. He smiles seeing her. He does her work. He cares for her. She falls asleep. He sees her. Samaj paun na…..plays….. he lifts her and makes her rest on a sofa.

Vin sees Siddhi and smiles. He closes eyes. She asks are you getting dizzy. Music plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Summer

    Hi Amena, thanks for update.
    So nice to see Vin finally falling in love with Riddhi/Siddhi, very cute sweet romantic moments.

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      Hi Ooshi, no, you are right. I don’t go on other forum except &TV serial because other channels such as ozee etc, don’t offer english subtitles and I am not able to understand hindi.

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