Siddhi Vinayak 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri kills Shivam

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam going to check Vin. Vin throws color in his eyes and scolds. He goes and frees Manjiri. She acts and cries. Vin hugs her. Shivam and Vin have a fight. Vin asks how dare you beat my mum, I will kill you. He beats Shivam. Kabir aims at them. Manjiri signs him to shoot. Kabir shoots and misses the aim. Shivam sees the mobile falling in pool. She asks Vin to leave Shivam, think of his daughter. Inspector talks to bomb squad.

The bomb squad guides Siddhi. Siddhi guides Juhi. She asks him not to take tension, look around and get something to cut the wire, be careful. Juhi tries. Pratima prays. Vin aims gun at Shivam. Juhi cuts the wire. She removes the bomb belt. Siddhi says I m so proud of you, just sit there, we are coming, don’t go. Juhi runs. Siddhi asks when will

we reach there. Inspector says just five mins. Juhi sees Kabir aiming the gun and pushes him down. Kabir falls down and his face dips in colors. Vin asks who are you. Manjiri signs Kabir. Kabir runs away. Shivam gets the gun and points at Vin. Juhi shouts Papa. Shivam asks are you fine, I m coming, don’t worry. He says Vin, I need to talk to you. Vin says no. Shivam says its imp, you want to know why I kidnapped your mum. Manjiri gets tensed. Vin says you have gun in your hand, so its your game. Shivam throws the gun and says now I don’t have the gun in my hand, the truth is……

Manjiri picks the gun and shoots him. Juhi shouts Papa. Shivam says Juhi….. Shivam falls down. Juhi cries for him. Shivam dies. Vin looks at Manjiri. Juhi asks Shivam to get up. Vin worries. Juhi sees blood in hand and falls over Shivam in shock. Vin asks Juhi to get up, open eyes. He asks Manjiri what did she do, Shivam wanted to tell something, why did she shoot Shivam without thinking anything. Manjiri shouts yes, I shot Shivam, else he would have killed my son. She cries. She hears police siren and asks what shall I do, I don’t want to go jail. Police comes with Pratima and Siddhi. They get shocked. Pratima asks how did this happen with Shivam, he is my son-in-law.

Inspector says sorry, find clues around. Pratima asks Juhi to open eyes. Inspector asks who has done this. Siddhi sees Vin holding the gun. He says I have shot Shivam. Siddhi gets shocked. Siddhi says no, you can’t do this. Vin says I have done this, forgive me if you can. She says no, I can’t believe this. Vin goes with police. Siddhi holds her stomach and falls down. Pratima worries for her. Manjiri smiles. Siddhi is taken to home. She says don’t know what’s happening, why did Shivam kidnap Manjiri, how did Juhi reach there, how can anyone kidnap a kid and tie her a bomb. Manjiri is interrogated. She says I was just talking to Shivam at the hospital, I fainted and found myself in the dye factory, there was no one there. Siddhi says Juhi is the prime witness, I m sure that Shivam can’t kidnap Juhi. Manjiri says Shivam kidnapped Juhi. Inspector says you can’t go out till enquiry is going on. Siddhi says I have to ask Shankar as well.

Manjiri says Juhi will get fine soon. Juhi gets scared seeing Manjiri. Siddhi tries to ask Juhi. Juhi points to Manjiri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This manjiri is just implicating people and sending them into prison and killing people and doing away with. She has murders 4 persons now. The police force in this series is to weak. And im no longer watching

    1. The worst thing is that vinu knows that her “mother” killed shiv for no reason and that she is asking her young son to go to jail instead of her. He can see that she is wrong, but still is stupid and dense enough to accept that crime in her place.
      I hate vinu now more than anyone.

  2. Summer

    Will Manjiri try and murder Juhi now to eliminate her witness ? Surely her time is up, Manjiri has become very confident and too bold – serial killer she is! Will she throw Kabir under the bus or will Kabir sell her out?
    The police are slack, there are clues and trails of evidence, yet they fail to link it up.

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