Siddhi Vinayak 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi leaves Kundra Mansion

Siddhi Vinayak 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone gathers are Vin throws Siddhi’s stuff from upstairs one by one. Rajvir and Shankar question Vin but he tells them to stay out of this matter. It is between me and Siddhi. I don’t want anyone else to intervene. He tells Siddhi to pack her stuff and leave. Kundra Mansion has no place for murderers. Gauri is pleased that Vin is going at a really faced pace. Prachi reminds Rajvir of his plan. Rajvir thinks to do something. Shankar tells Siddhi to wait and goes to talk to Vin.

Manjari smiles seeing Siddhi in tears. Urvashi decides to put her plan into action. Prachi and Rajvir also head inside. Prachi tells Rajvir to think of something. He too tells her to think of something. They both think of the outcomes. Rajvir knows that their dreams will never fulfil if Siddhi is out of the

house. Prachi is only concerned about her sister whereas Rajvir is worried about his big break.

Vin shouts loudly in his room. I threw Siddhi out of this room and my life for forever Ma! He notices their photo. I will destroy any memory of us. No memory of Siddhi will stay here. He hits at the photo frame and gets hurt. Downstairs, Siddhi is trying to pick the photo frame and ends up hurting herself. Sad song plays in the background. She lies down on the ground resting her head on the photo frame. Vin burns all the clothes gifted by Siddhi. I burnt everything that used to remind me of you. Now there is no place for you in my heart or in my house. Siddhi is crying.

Urvashi keeps a bag next to Siddhi. Vin threw everything but dint give you a suitcase. I thought to bring it as you would need to pack too. I have such a big heart. Siddhi says you have helped enough in breaking my relation with Vinu. I don’t need any more help from you. Urvashi says everyone has to do something to stay in this house. This house is just like snakes and ladders game. I was feeling really bad when I trapped you but I had no option. You shouted and said it wasn’t you in the video but no one listened to you! How was my performance? Papa ji couldn’t see my performance. He looked down. He too must be feeling like watching me. Siddhi tells her not to say such words after being a woman. It might shame all the other women. Urvashi praises her dialogue. I need someone as Rudra is no more. Siddhi shouts at her to stop her drama. Urvashi replies that the drama will continue. Only you wont be here in this house to watch it! I won Manjari Ma’s heart. I did what Manjari Ma couldn’t do in all this while! I separated Siddhi and Vinayak! Pack your stuff and leave! I shouldn’t see you in Kundra Mansion tomorrow! She gives her some money and tells her to leave.

Next morning, Urvashi is impressed by the environment of Kundra Mansion. She notices Siddhi sleeping on the floor and wakes her up. I warned you to leave by morning. Leave now! She begins to pack Siddhi’s stuff. Siddhi tries to stop her but in vain. Manjari also comes there. Urvashi complains that Vin gave such an expensive suitcase but this shameless girl isn’t leaving. Manjari makes her step aside. She wont go like this. She removes Siddhi’s jewellery. She has nothing to do with Kundra family so these don’t belong to her anymore. She hands them over to Urvashi. Urvashi is on cloud nine. Manjari shouts at Siddhi to leave before Vin sees her again. Just leave! Siddhi drags the suitcase sadly in the hallway. Everyone is there too. Siddhi says I might be leaving this house but I wont give up till the time I prove my innocence and truth. It is Siddhi Vinayak Kundra’s promise to all of you!

Shankar shouts after Siddhi to stop. He questions Manjari but she tells him to let her go. She has ruined this family! Siddhi stops at the threshold of the main door for a moment. Her wedding memory flashes in her mind. She loops up at Vin. Roke Na Ruke Naina plays. Tears stream down her cheeks. I will unveil my truth and everyone’s lies! She finally steps out of the main door. Manjari closes the doors on her face.

Precap: Siddhi comes in the kitchen to take sargi. Manjari asks her who she is keeping a fast for. A MIL gives sargi to her DIL on Karvachauth. I wont give you Sargi!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode.. but felt very slow… Finally she leaves that Kundra mansion..🙂🙂
    Wonderful acting Siddhi…😍😍😍❤️❤️

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode…So this week we can see karwachauth special episode..ok let see what happening next…🙂

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