Siddhi Vinayak 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin and Shivam’s meeting

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Siddhi Vinayak 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin is with Riddhi. He watches her eat ice cream. She says if this continues like this then no one will marry me. I will become fat if I eat so many ice creams. Who will like me then? He replies that he will. He sits next to her and wipes the ice cream off her lips. Riddhi is extremely shy. She touches her lips. He asks her if she would like to grow fat with him. He kneels on his feet holding the ice cream. Are you ready to share ice cream with me your entire life? She happily accepts it and feeds him as well. It turns out to be Vinayak’s imagination. He looks at the ring in his hand. Even after knowing that you are married to someone else, I feel as if you are only made for me. Why cant I explain this to my heart that you can never be mine? He is in tears as their past incidents flash before his eyes.

Doc tells Shankar and Manjari not to give any shock or tension to Vin at the moment. Shankar and Manjari still insist. It will be good news only. It might even make things good. Doc refuses to let them take any risk. One can even die out of happiness (happy heart attack). I would advise you to wait for 3-4 months. His medications will be over by then. Manjari acts to be concerned for Riddhi. We have no other option but to wait. Outside, Shankar tells Riddhi he knows that this is difficult for her but she will have to wait. We couldn’t give you your right. Riddhi reasons that Vin’s life is more precious than anything else. Manjari praises her. we must have done something really nice that we got you as our DIL. Don’t worry, I will bring you in Vin’s life in 3-4 months for sure. Riddhi agrees to wait till 3-4 birhts for Vin. Manjari goes back inside on the pretext of taking her phone. She pays money to Doctor for doing what she asked him to. She pays him extra as per his extra add-ons. It just made it look all the more good. She leaves.

Vin wonders what could it be that Riddhi is hiding about her marriage. Why is she not telling about her husband if she is happy in her marriage? He misses one call from Riddhi. She calls him again. I thought you would be home by now. He replies that he changed the schedule. I don’t think it is necessary to tell you. She asks him if he is upset with her. He denies. Tell me if there is something urgent. She asks him if he is waiting for someone else’s call. He agrees. I am indeed waiting for an urgent call. She decides to meet him directly at the shoot and ends the call. Vin thinks the farther I try to go from her, the closer she comes. I hope to find out about her husband. His car stops abruptly. The car refuses to start and his phone’s battery is also dead. He looks around for help. He manages to stop a car. It turns out to be Shivam. Vin asks him for help. He speaks of luck but Shivam does not believe in it. Vin requests him to drop him to a mechanic shop but Shivam is also headed to the same location. Vin boards the passenger seat.

Shivam plays radio. Vin’s interview is coming. Shivam is about to change the station but Vin requests him to let it play. Vin remarks that everyone listens to the words but no one really understands it; no one understands the quietness today because of the overcrowded places around. Shivam praises him but speaks negatively about the film star (Vin on radio). I feel he is reading it out from somewhere. They are not coming from his heart. Vin asks him why he feels so. Shivam says it isn’t easy to understand love or life would have been really easy. Vin thinks he might not have recognized him. What do you do? Shivam shares that he is a lawyer. Vin shares that he fulfils people’s dreams. Shivam calls him gym instructor. Vin lies to him. Seems like you are not fond of films? Shivam nods. She liked them very much though, especially action films. Her favourite hero is Hrithik. Vin asks him about “she” but Shivam halts the car. We are at Mehboob Studio. Vin thanks him for the lift. He gets down but leans in from the window. I feel as if something is incomplete about their meeting. Shivam tells him that they will keep meeting if they are destined to meet. He drives away. Vin is still wondering as to why he feels they will keep meeting now.

Riddhi gives chocolate pastry to Juhi. Juhi’s nanny shares that Juhi is upset with her as she couldn’t come yesterday. Riddhi apologizes to her. Juhi forgives her. I don’t like chocolate pastry though. Riddhi asks her about her liking. Juhi asks her if she will bring her favourite pineapple pastry for her tomorrow. Dadi thinks Riddhi also used to eat the same pastry when she was a kid. Juhi calls Riddhi Mishti. Who is she? Dadi asks Riddhi why she called her Mishti. Riddhi says I don’t know but she does that only. She introduces Dadi to her. Juhi calls her Mishti Dadi. Shivam calls Juhi. She hands over the phone to Riddhi so she can guide him to the park. She takes the phone and tells her name as Riddhi Sinha but her voice is drowned by the sound of traffic. Riddhi guides him to the park. Shivam is happy thinking Juhi made a new friend already. Riddhi takes leave from Juhi. We will meet here tomorrow with your favourite pastry. Juhi asks for heart promise making a heart sign. Dadi is again drawn to Riddhi’s memories. Juhi explains the significance of heart promise to them. Riddhi happily promises her. She leaves with Dadi.

Manjari is pacing in the living room. She asks Raghu if he got the newspaper from market. He tells her that he tried to get one but it is out of stock.

Dadi asks Riddhi if she found out who gave the ad. Riddhi denies. I even checked with the newspaper office but no clue.

Manjari sends Raghu to buy newspaper from railway station. He leaves.

Dadi and Riddhi decide to find out about the guy at any cost. He might turn out to be a danger for us.

Manjari gets hold of the paper. She sits down to read it when Police walks in. They want to ask Manjari something. They are told that they are coming from the Hospital. We have to ask something about Kanta. Manjari worries if she will be caught now. Shankar is surprised to know that his wife went to Pratima ji’s hospital. Manjari cooks up a fake story. I thought to ask Kanta who is trying to attack Vinayak. They ask her if she saw the burqa clad woman. She declines. I was so concerned for Vinayak. She acts to be tormented. Shankar offers to speak to Commissioner. Police leaves. Manjari thinks she cannot wait for Kanta to die. I got saved today but I am not sure about tomorrow. Kanta must die!

Precap: Shivam meets Vin at a function. He mistakes him to be Vin’s personal trainer. Vin plays along. He asks Riddhi to attend to his personal guest. Riddhi walks up to Shivam (he has his back to her).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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