Siddhi Vinayak 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi tells Manjari’s truth to Gauri

Siddhi Vinayak 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari taunts Rudra. You said you love Siddhi. See what she did to your mother! She sent me to jail! I wont spare her. I will teach her such a lesson that she will never forget. Rudra reminds her that she wont even think ill of Siddhi, forget about doing anything to her. Manjari says she is the one who sent me to jail. Are you not angry hearing this? Rudra accepts that it was he who did all that. She sits down in shock. You? Rudra nods. Don’t doubt my Siddhi for no reason. Manjari says Shankar told me the same thing but I was in your favur. Why did you do that? What did you get by sending me to jail? He shares that he wanted to stop Vin and Siddhi from going to honeymoon. I got money from your bag, bought drugs and asked you out for dinner. You got caught as per the plan. I knew that your illegitimate son Vin will cancel the plan and it did happen. I know you had to go through pain but accept that my plan worked well. She is still shocked to know that her own son sent her to jail. He nods. Who else will help a son if not his own mother? I will do that only if my love will leave with someone else. Manjari insists that Siddhi was going with her husband only. Rudra insists that love is important than husband. I thought you will be out in a few hours but you had to sadly spend the night there. You should be happy though as you could help me. She rebukes him for it. He says you panicked after spending one night in jail. What about the 10 years that I spent in jail? Forget that, think what all I can do if I can send you to jail to get Siddhi. It would be better for you to keep quiet. It would be better for mother-son duo too. Take rest. Manjari looks at him pointedly.

Gauri is decorating house temple. She receives Kabeer’s back to back calls and picks it. Why are you bothering me? He asks her why her tone changed suddenly. She tells him to say whatever he wants to. Siddhi wonders who Gauri Bhabhi is speaking to like that. Kabeer blackmails Gauri for money. She tells him to do whatever he wants to. If you dare to call me again then I will show you your place! She disconnects the call. Siddhi pats at Gauri’s shoulder who turns around startled. Siddhi tells her not to say anything. I understood everything. Gauri requests her to help her. I really love Manbir ji and I cannot do this anymore. I want to punish the real culprit. Siddhi ends up telling her the truth. Manjari Ma is responsible for all the wrongdoings in our house. She only sent Manbir Bhaiya to jail. She even tried to get the property in Rudra’s name but somehow failed. You don’t know how many people she has killed (Shivam, Kanta, and many more who I do not know about). Gauri stumbles in her step in shock. Siddhi holds her.

Manjari is angry with Siddhi as Rudra sent her to jail because of Siddhi. She is the root cause of all my problems! Vin hears her taking Siddhi’s name. Manjari lies that she asked Siddhi to bring tea for her. What did you come to talk about? Vin asks her when she left for the dinner and where were you supposed to meet Rudra. I am sure this info was leaked from one of the family members only. I am certain someone from our house only is behind this. She thinks to trap Siddhi. I met Siddhi on my way out! I also told her that I am going without driver. Only you and Siddhi knew about it but neither of you can do something like this. Our relations were strained when you were in jail but she loves me very much. Vin gets thinking. He goes out to bring something. We will very soon find out who it is. Manjari wonders what he is thinking about. It is good if he doubts Siddhi too. my son will be safe then.

Gauri cries hearing Manjari’s truth and all her plotting. Siddhi says I know you wouldn’t believe it but this is the bitter truth. We can get Manbir Bhaiya out of jail. We need to unveil Ma’s true face before the entire world. Will you help me in this? Gauri agrees to support her knowing it well that Siddhi is trying to become her husband’s shield. I too want to become my husband’s shield and gain Manbir ji.

Vin checks the CCTV footage of that night and notices Siddhi going somewhere last night. Who did she leave to meet at that hour? He thinks of what Ma had told him. Why dint she inform me?

Siddhi makes Gauri swear on Bappa that she will not tell the truth to anyone. Only I knew this and now I have told you. Vin calls out for Siddhi.

Gauri keeps her hand over the diya and assures her that she will keep this to herself only. Vin asks them what they are talking about. Gauri mumbles if he heard their conversation. Vin again questions them as to what they were referring to. Siddhi covers up saying that they were talking about cleaning all the curtains of the house. Gauri agrees. We have to decorate the house as Ganesh Utsav is coming. She excuses herself. Siddhi tells Vin that she found Rudra’s bracelet in their room, right under their bed. How did it reach there? He says Rudra comes there to work out. It might have fallen down then. Siddhi is certain Rudra is trying to hide something. I tried to ask him but he was twisting things around. He tells her to give some time to Rudra. He is different than us. I want to know where you went last night. She gets tensed. Why are you asking this suddenly? He explains that he saw the CCTV footage and she left hurriedly. Was there something urgent? She lies that Dadi called her. She wasn’t well. I thought to be with her and left. She excuses herself on the pretext of helping Gauri. Vin heaves a sigh of relief.

Manjari brings food for Rudra. He returns the keys of locker to her. I got what I wanted. She notices a necklace in his hand. She is pleased to see it. I know you got it for me. I knew that you will pacify your mother one day. I am cool now. He pulls it out of her hand. Why will I bring it for you? I got this for Siddhi. She will become all the more beautiful in this necklace. Manjari is irked that Rudra is using her money to bring gifts for Siddhi.

Siddhi is talking to Dadi. Someone kept the drugs intentionally in Ma’s bag. I don’t know who it could be but this person can help us somehow. Dadi agrees. Gauri joins them. Dadi asks her Siddhi about her. Siddhi shares that she knows Ma’s truth now and will help them expose Ma. Dadi is pleased to have one more soldier on their side. Gauri asks Siddhi about her next move. Siddhi tells her that she got all the info from Kabeer. Dadi asks her how she will compel Manjari ji to confess. Siddhi turns to Kali Ma’s idol. She has guided us till now and will do so in future too. I don’t know what I will do but I will surely make Ma confess all her crimes somehow.

Precap: Vin cooks breakfast for Siddhi. You have to guess what it is and you will get to eat it. She nods blindfolded. Vin leans closer for a kiss. Manjari slaps Rudra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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