Siddhi Vinayak 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi and Rudra get married

Siddhi Vinayak 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi tells Rudra they will unite in a new relation very soon. Everything will go just as I have planned. Will you just keep standing here? He nods. I want to see my would be bride get ready in front of me. she tells him there isn’t any rush. We are about to get married. All this can follow later. She closes the door from inside just as she takes him outside. She holds her mangalsutra. This is my strength. I will remove it only when I will die. Just want and watch what I will do now!

Manjari is getting ready when she gets a call from someone. She is shocked to hear the news. How can it happen so soon? Caller ends the call. Manjari thinks of tonight’s plan. The wedding is due tonight. Nothing should go wrong. What if someone finds out? No! It wont happen. Support us Bappa. She hears Vin calling out to her and heads downstairs. Manjari comes downstairs and whispers in Siddhi’s ears that everything is set. Gauri asks about Rudra. Vin decides to check on him. Manjari offers to go with him so as to avoid Siddhi’s questions. Gauri wishes Siddhi good luck. Siddhi hopes it all happens as per their plan.

Rudra pretends to sleep when Vin and Manjari come to his room. Rudra likes that he feels feverish. Vin checks his forehead and he indeed has high temperature. I will call doc. Rudra assures him he will be fine. Vin wants to stay with his brother but Manjari tells him Siddhi will handle everything. Rudra and Siddhi second her. Siddhi tells Vinu to go. Wrong message might be spread otherwise. Vin gives in. Call me if you need anything. Rudra nods. Vin goes out from there followed by Siddhi. Rudra shows the onion to Manjari. My plan worked so easily. I fooled your good son too easily. She smiles. Pretend to rest so no one catches you red handed. I will try to come asap.

Downstairs, Vin tells Siddhi to take care of herself and Rudra. We might take some time. She nods. All 3 of them leave. Rudra looks at Siddhi from upstairs. Siddhi smiles back at him awkwardly.

Pundit ji prepares the mandap for wedding. Rudra is already downstairs dressed in the groom’s attire. Pundit ji asks him to call the bride. Siddhi comes downstairs just then in the bridal attire. Rudra looks at her mesmerised. He extends his hand towards her. I haven’t seen anything in life which is more beautiful than you. You will be mine now. From now onwards, you will wear my mangalsutra. I wont even let that Vinayak’s shadow fall on you! Either we will go away from everyone or I will send that Vinayak so far that he wont be able to return ever. She hastily tells him not to do anything of that kind. You will be in jail for another 14 years if you do so. Promise me you wont harm Vinayak. He keeps his hand on her head and swears for her sake. Let’s go now. He notices that she missed wearing her other earring. She replies that she might have missed wearing it. I will wear it and come. He nods.

Manjari is on call with someone and tells the caller not to delay any further. Make sure the item reaches Kundra Mansion on time. It is ok if everything goes smoothly or Siddhi will refuse to marry Rudra if anything is going wrong. She wont even care for her life then. Vin asks her what happened. She says I cannot bear crowd these days. He offers to go home but she does not want Mrs. Roshan to feel bad. They offer their prayers.

Siddhi and Rudra start the wedding rituals. Pundit ji does their gathbandhan.

Vin, Manjari and Gauri are busy with Ganpati puja.

Siddhi and Rudra take pheras around the holy fire. Rudra makes Siddhi wear the mangalsutra and then fills vermilion in her hairline. Rudra keeps looking at Siddhi. Pundit ji announces them as husband and wife. Siddhi and Rudra look at each other.

People click selfies with Vin. Manjari is restless. Vin notices it and ask her if she is fine. She nods. I am a bit tired. I should go home. He suggests having dinner and then heading home. She denies and doctor has told her not to eat outside food. He too wants to go right away but she convinces him to stay for dinner. Come home after dinner. He agrees.

Pundit ji clicks photo of Siddhi and Rudra as he asks them to chant Gayatri Mantra with their eyes closed. Rudra gives him dakshina. Pundit ji goes. Rudra asks Siddhi to come to their room. Manjari enters just then. You guys got married already? Rudra swirls her around excitedly. It is done! Rudra got his Siddhi. She is looking so beautiful. Manjari nods. She smirks at Siddhi. She is indeed looking very beautiful. She joins their hands. These 7 vows are very significant. Rudra tells her to save this lecture for later. It is my first night tonight. I am taking Siddhi to my room. I cannot wait. Manjari tells him to wait. Let me give our ancestral bangles to my DIL. Waiting is much more fun on the first night. Wait a little. You will then understand how well the night passes. She takes Siddhi with her but then goes back to Rudra. Have you decorated your room? He nods. She agrees to send Siddhi soon.

Precap: Manjari says now I will have to find out if Rudra has indeed fallen in her trap or if he is playing some game. Siddhi walks in just then. He is trapped in our plan Ma!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. OMG double role…ab yeh fake Siddhi Vinu se pyaar karega…?

  2. Fake Siddhi k pass ab Shaadi ki photo bhi hai..?
    Vinu ko pata chal gaya toh baha ki raasta Nazar as raha hai Siddhi..?

  3. Summer

    Ok, Siddhi is playing double character…hmmm, why do is sense that the plan will not go as smooth and possible back-fire! Only time will tell!

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