Siddhi Vinayak 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra drops his bracelet in Siddhi’s room

Siddhi Vinayak 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police does not let media go inside to click Manjari’s photo. One reporter pays bribe to Constable and clicks Manjari’s photos. Vin pulls him back. Reporter deletes all the pics as Vin threatens to break his expensive camera. Lawyer submits bail papers.

Vin asks Manjari who kept the drugs in her purse. She shakes her head clueless. Lawyer points out that Manjari will have to spend the night in lockup only. Bail will happen tomorrow only. Manjari cries saying she wont be able to stay here tonight. Vin agrees to stay with her entire night.

Siddhi is getting ready. Dadi wonders how it is possible. It means Manjari ji is involved in drugs too. Siddhi says I don’t know about Ma. Vinu cancelled the trip as soon as he heard about Ma. I got a chance to meet Kabeer though. Dadi agrees. You can get all the info about Vaibhavi’s death. Siddhi nods. Once Ma accepts that she killed Vaibhavi then everything will be out in open. Dadi tells her to make sure Kabeer wont be able to recognize her. Siddhi steps forward dressed as a Chinese girl. Can you recognize me? Dadi says how someone else can recognize you when I cannot. Siddhi says Bappa is with us. I am taking our good time with me and will come back with Ma’s bad time.

Rudra calls out to his mother. gauri shares that Chachi ji is in jail. Someone found drugs
Rudra hides his smile and acts to be sad. Gauri asks him if he will go to see his mother. Rudra replies that Vin will look after her. I am tired. He goes to his room. Gauri wonders if he is Manjari Ma’s real son or not. He isn’t bothered about his mother at all. Rudra asks about Siddhi and finds out that she has gone out. She goes to bring food for him. Rudra remarks that she is like a butterfly. I feel sad though to put Ma in this condition but I am sure you will forgive me as I am your son after all. Where did Siddhi go?

Siddhi’s words echo in Manjari’s head as she looks at the plate in front of her. Why dint I realise that it would only be Siddhi who would do something like this! I will show her her place soon! She scolds Lady Constable for the food. Lady Constable taunts her if she should bring food from Taj Hotel instead. Vin comes running there and calms her down. I have brought food for you. Only I know what I am going through seeing you here like this! Who kept the drugs in your bag? She thinks to take Siddhi’s name but then realises it wont be right to tell him that she doubts Siddhi. I have no clue as to who is after my life!

Siddhi meets Kabeer in disguise. Manjari told me about you. He asks her what he can do for her. She tells him that she wants him to murder someone and dispose the body stealthily. He tells her not to worry. I am an expert in that. She replies that she knows it already. Manjari told me how you killed Vaibhavi and disposed her body nicely. Kabeer shares that it was Manjari who had killed Vaibhavi and not him. I only took care of her body. People still don’t know if she is still alive or not. Manjari Madam is amazing though. She killed Vaibhavi with ease. Siddhi demands to know everything in detail. He tells her everything. Siddhi thinks no one found out what all Ma has been doing right in front of them. You and Manjari are very good crime partners. The deal is on! She takes his phone on the pretext of writing her name correctly. She ends up blocking Manjari’s number. Kabeer wont be able to contact Ma now. She pays him advance. You have to murder someone in Bangalore. I will give you flight ticket. You will get the rest of the details in 3-4 days. Someone there will guide you about the rest. I will dip you in fountain and kill you if you do anything wrong! Kabeer nods and leaves. Siddhi thinks to unveil Manjari’s truth in front of everyone when Kabeer is away.

Siddhi is talking to Vinu on phone. He wont come home tonight. He agrees to come home tomorrow with Ma. Lawyer said she will get bail tomorrow. She tells him to take care. They both say I love you to each other. Siddhi lies down to sleep.

Rudra comes to Siddhi’s room. I stopped Vin and Siddhi from going to honeymoon but how to stop Siddhi from thinking about Vin. She looks like an angel while asleep. He sits on the bed next to her and leans closer. She is sleeping as if everything has stopped. He leans closer for a kiss when she shifts in her sleep. His bracelet falls down as he lies down next to her. It is such a pleasure to sleep next to you Siddhi! I would like to spend my entire life with you right here. Siddhi shifts in her sleep. He moves the hair away from her face. Siddhi wakes up suddenly and sits up startled. She utters Vinu’s name. Why do I feel as if someone was here? Maybe I am missing Vinu! She is blinded by some reflection and notices Rudra’s bracelet there.

Precap: Manjari pulls Siddhi’s hair. I wont spare you! Siddhi tells her to understand but in vain. Siddhi twists her hand. I respect you as you are Vinu’s mother. Manjari raises her hand to slap her but Siddhi holds it in time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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