Siddhi Vinayak 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin chooses his mother over Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari tells Vin to listen to his step mom before going to meet his wife. Vin stops in his tracks. Shankar asks Manjari what she is saying. Who is step mother here? She demands to talk to Vin in private. Shankar nods and leaves. Vin holds Manjari’s hands and gets teary eyed. You slapped me many times in childhood to make me realise the difference between right and wrong. It never hurt me as much as it pains me to hear you calling me your step son. Trust me. I am not your step son. I am your own son. She withdraws her hands from his clasp. You are the one who made me a stepmother. He requests her not to separate him from her. I am not your step son. She agrees but keeps a condition. You have to throw that woman out of the house if you really want me to not to call you a step son again. I lost my son because of her and you lost your brother. You can have only either of us in your life – Siddhi or me! The decision is yours.

Urvashi is smiling looking at something. She pretends to be in tears as someone knocks the door. Gauri enters. Urvashi returns to her normal self. It is you! Let’s play cards. Why do you look so pale? Gauri dismisses it. Eat something. Urvashi complains about the food. Gauri asks her what kind of a woman she is. I am supporting you and going against everyone yet you are taunting me only? Urvashi pins the knife around Gauri’s neck. You think I wont be able to do anything without your support? I could handle too many guys in one go back where I was working. Gauri moves the knife aside. I wonder what’s happening to everyone. Everyone seems to be in angry mode. Downstairs, Prachi was asking me why I changed party. Urvashi says people switch sides depending on who is making them powerful. King is powerful but in reality, it is the queen is much more important than King.

Siddhi is crying in the house temple. She thinks of the past moments with Vin. We were so happy. Everything was shattered at once. Why did it happen to me? I dint do anything wrong. Why am I being punished like that then?

Vin is in tears thinking about his mother’s condition. He is drawn back to his memories with his mother and Siddhi and of that video. He shouts angrily as Rudra’s death incident plays in his mind. He walks up to Siddhi. I have to ask something or I will not be at peace my entire life! What did I lack that you had to look at someone else? She asks him what she should say. When you have already decided that I am guilty then you should have found the reason too! Don’t you trust me? You said you trust me more than yourself. What went wrong? You said that entire world might turn against me but you will stand by my side. He calls himself blind. I dint know what was going on behind my back as I used to believe every word you used to say to me. I believed you. I went against the mother who dint give birth to me yet she has loved me her entire life. My mother thought I became her step son after supporting you. She lost her both sons. See where we are standing today! You don’t trust me or you could have told me about the plan that you shared with Ma and Gauri Bhabhi. You blamed Ma for cheating you. You blamed my brother for chasing you. Truth is that it was you who was after me! I am disgusted! He narrates the points where she was happy spending time with Rudra. She tells him it was a drama. He asks about the video. It was you in that video right? You just accepted you were trying to lure me. She declines. I will prove everything in some time. Just give me some time. He asks her if she sent him to the dinner intentionally on the night Rudra was married. You wanted to spend quality time with Rudra and you say that it wasn’t you in that video! You mocked our relationship or maybe you never accepted it as your own. She holds his feet. You are my childhood love. I can never do this to you. He says I don’t know that. I only know that you only said lies to me. I cannot bear lies! Leave this house for forever if you have even a little shame left! Don’t show me your face ever again!

She begs him not to say that. I wont leave you! He says relations make home. You wont stay in this house when the relation is no more. She tries to make him understand but he walks away angrily. Siddhi breaks down. Vin throws Siddhi’s stuff from upstairs and shouts at Siddhi to leave the house. She refuses. Manjari asks her to leave. Dint you hear what he say? Siddhi understands she is behind all this. Manjari denies. You invited the storm. See where it will take you now! Vin throws their wedding photo down thereby breaking it followed by her clothes. Take away your every belonging. I don’t want any of your belonging here. Our relation is over today! Siddhi looks at him.

Precap: Siddhi says I might be leaving this house but I wont give up till the time I prove my innocence and truth. It is Siddhi Vinayak Kundra’s promise to you! She looks up at Vin when she reaches the main door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Good episode… fantastic acting Siddhi…❤️? she is leaving that Kundra mansion..’he calls himself blind’ he said something sincerely.its true Vinu doesn’t know what is going on his behind..

  2. Eagerly waiting for monday episode…

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