Siddhi Vinayak 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi refuses to risk Juhi’s life anymore.

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Siddhi Vinayak 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The goons hold Siddhi and Vin at gunpoint. Vin says we know Chota Raju but Deepa refuses to listen. Chota Raju pushes his men aside. He apologizes to Vin and Siddhi. They are extra alert because of that attack in police station. He introduces them to everyone. Is everything fine? Vin denies. Police thinks I am responsible for whatever happened in police station. They believe I only killed Inspector Mane. Chota Raju knows Salim was behind the attack. He wont admit it though. Siddhi requests him to give his statement to police so Vin is set free. Deepa asks her if she wants her husband to go back to police station so Vin is saved. He will be caught again. Enough. Leave! She is about to hit her with a knife when Chota Raju holds it with his bare hand. Siddhi gets concerned for him and nurses his wound.

Chota Raju is touched and so is Deepa. Chota Raju says I told you she isn’t just Biwi No. 1 but Tai (sister) no. 1 too. I will have to do this for my sister now. Deepa too tells him to do it. This is your duty. Chota Raju assures Siddhi he will not let anything happen to Vin till he is there. My friend Vin came from a small town and became a Super Star. He went to jail first as a girl committed suicide in his name. He came out but then went back inside because of the murder case. There was a film called Sanju and now there will be a film called Vinu. He hugs Vin. Vin suggests surrendering to law. I trust the law completely. Chota Raju agrees but Deepa stops them. Will you guys go like this? Come with me. I will give you clothes. They will not be zero figure though but they will look better than what you are wearing. They all follow her happily.

Chota Raju, Vin and Siddhi are in police station. Chota Raju gives a statement against Salim and signs it. Shankar apologizes to Siddhi. How could I forget that the one who risked her life for my son cannot think ill of him? Please forgive me. She tells him not to say so. Anyone would have done the same if they were in your place. Shankar is relieved that Vin got rid of one blame. Inspector says Vin still has the blame of killing Shivam. Shivam’s daughter is a witness to that. We must do something asap. Shankar tells Vin not to give up. We will get you out of her soon. Vin nods. Siddhi cannot understand why Vin is saving his mother. Vin mentally apologizes to Siddhi. I have to save my mother and take the blame. He leaves. Lawyer tells Shankar he will call him the moment bail papers are ready. Shankar thanks him.

Manjari is watching news and gets update about Vin. Siddhi won once again and saved Vin! She stands in front of him like his shield and saves him always!

Siddhi thinks I will save Vin. I know what I have to do.

Manjari decides to find out what Siddhi will do next.

Manjari is doing aarti. Siddhi comes home. I still can’t believe Ma is behind this. How can a mother do this to her son and why? She remembers Juhi’s statement and of the recent instances. Everything is pointing at Ma. It means she planned everything but why? I have to talk to Ma and find out the truth.

Manjari acts to thank Bappa for saving her son from one blame. Save him from other one too. She offers aarti to everyone. Siddhi meets everyone on her way in. Prachi acts sweetly with Siddhi but Siddhi tells her to stop her drama. Don’t you get tired? I am fed up of your drama! Saying so, she walks away. gauri asks Prachi to pinch her. I want to understand if I was dreaming or it was reality. Prachi goes. Rajvir thinks she lied to me.

Manjari says my son escaped from the shootout case but Shivam’s death is still a mystery. That truth should remain hidden forever. Siddhi asks her what should be hidden. Manjari looks at her. Siddhi asks her what she is hiding. Manjari acts innocent. I was talking of saving. I will have to do something to get my son out of jail. I will rest for a while. Help Raghu with dinner. Siddhi confronts her. I know what you are hiding. You are the one who shot Shivam! Manjari drops the plate in shock. Did Vin tell you everything? He swore upon me he wont tell anyone. Siddhi declines. He remembers his vow but maybe you forgot that he is your son. He loves you so much that he will remain quiet till his last breath to save you. How can you be quiet? You are his mother! Manjari demands to know how she found the truth then. Siddhi says that’s not important. It is important to save Vin. Manjari refuses to accept the truth. I shot Shivam by mistake. He would have killed me otherwise. Where am I wrong? Siddhi says nothing will happen to you if you shot him in self defence. Vin is innocent. Only you can save him. He is your son. A mother acts as a shield to save her son. Why are you not doing anything? I accept that Shivam might have abducted you and threatened you! I cannot accept it though that he did it willingly. He might be forced. Manjari asks her how she is so sure. Siddhi relates that the note seemed forced. Don’t know who kidnapped Juhi. No father can do that! I am sure police will investigate if you will confess everything. Manjari realises Siddhi is trying to blackmail her emotionally. Siddhi begs her to save Vin. We have really less time. I beg you.

Manjari stays put. I dint kill Shivam! My son gave me his swear. I cannot break it till my last breath! She acts to be upset and goes. Siddhi cannot understand what motive she might have to say no. She isn’t ready to save Vinu!

Siddhi tells Dadi that Ma was changing her statements every second. She said she wants to surrender but Vin gave her his swear. It is true that Ma shot Shivam as she has accepted it herself but I fail to understand why she isn’t trying to save Vin. Dadi says maybe she is doing it intentionally to trap Vin. Siddhi wonders what could be the reason. Dadi tells her to think. Maybe Manjari ji planned all this. Mane Kaka said that the handwritings are same. Plus, Juhi also took Manjari ji’s name. I still feel she is hiding a lot from you. Siddhi finds logic in her words. Ma came last in the garden too. Maybe she only switched on / locked the fridge. Is she responsible for Juhi’s kidnapping? Kanta ji was in hospital and she said Man. Maybe she meant Manjari? Dadi nods. It might be. She suggests her to bring Manjari and Juhi face to face. Truth will be out. Siddhi refuses to risk Juhi’s life anymore. I will have to think well before doing anything. I must find out first if Ma is indeed responsible for this. I will have to defy the norms of a DIL to save my Vin. I have no other option. I will get the culprits punished. There is no other way. I know what I have to do.

Precap: Siddhi (pretends to) calls Inspector in front of Manjari. She lies that she has found some proofs which might help in determine who Shivam’s killer is. She goes inside leaving the briefcase there. Manjari tries to open it in her absence but Siddhi keeps her hand over her shoulder.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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