Siddhi Vinayak 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi lashes out at Vinayak

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Siddhi Vinayak 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir enters and the house is full of smoke. He notices the ladies lying unconscious on the floor and hears Urvashi talking to someone. He hides behind a sofa to find out what’s happening. She called people from outside and looted the house. Urvashi keeps the keys back with Manjari. I am only taking 2 things with me. You will miss me very much when I am gone. Rajvir calls Shankar asking him to come home asap. He also calls police.

Siddhi paces wondering if Vin really left. I haven’t heard his voice or seen him since morning. She peeks out of the window and talk about Vin. One of the ladies wonders why he was holding a big knife in his hand. Another one says he had a big fight with Siddhi. They rush to look for him. Siddhi gets worried for Vin and runs outside to look for him. It

is all dark outside. Lights come on suddenly and she stands rooted in her place. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. Siddhi looks at the decor. Fireworks light up the sky. The same boy (from the Chawl) gives a rose to the girl and wishes her Happy Birthday. They address each other as Siddhi Vinayak. Vin takes the mike. I want to tell you all the story of two kids named Siddhi and Vinayak. Lights are dimmed and only focused on the kids. They were best friends who always stayed together and did everything together. They used to share everything with each other. They had promised not to let go of another at any cost! Siddhi turns to go when the girl asks the boy if he will never leave her. Siddhi looks back at them emotionally. The boy promises to never leave her. They do Bappa Shapath like Vin and Siddhi used to do in their childhood. Childhood memories flash in the background. Teri Meri Prem Kahani plays in the background. Siddhi stands there teary eyed.

The girl was a magician. Her silence, her words, everything was like music. My world used to stop still whenever I used to look at her. The story is played in the front. Vin says whenever Siddhi used to hold Vin’s hand he used to feel as if he will win over the world and cast away her troubles. A time came when Vin dint trust her. She pleaded, begged to be trusted but Vin dint hear anything. The kids enact that scene when Vin throws Siddhi out of the house. Siddhi is n tears as she recalls the incident. Vin says Vin had lost everything by the time when Vin realised he was wrong and Siddhi was actually innocent. He promised himself that he will take Siddhi with him to their home on her birthday. He dreamt of uniting Siddhi and Vinayak again. Will Siddhi help Vinayak fulfil his dream? Will she go to her house with Vinayak? Will Siddhi support Vinayak? I cannot see you crying but these tears are a proof of the fact that you will accept me very soon. Just forgive me once. Our life will become beautiful afterwards. Rajvir and Prachi come there and wish Siddhi a very happy birthday. Prachi gives her a gift. Siddhi opens it upon their request. It is the clay form of Vin and Siddhi’s hands. Siddhi thinks Vin only would have sent it. He knows I wont decline it. Vin thanks Bappa mentally seeing her accept it. Vin tells Siddhi that this is the emblem of the promise that he made to her in childhood but couldn’t fulfil when they grew up. Let’s try to fulfil it again. Let’s start with friendship once again. Shankar also wishes her. I don’t want much from you. I threw the girl who insulted you. I only want you to come home with us. A lady also coaxes Siddhi to go to her house now. Everyone has come here to take you home.

Siddhi nods sadly. It wasn’t just Urvashi who hurt me. You all supported her instead of me. That hurt me the most. I saved my self-respect somehow and got out of that house. I will lose it again if I go back there. No one, not even you, objected when Vin was using stupid ways to get my sign on the divorce papers. Why should I go back to that house now? Shankar accepts his mistake. I have nothing to say in my defence. I can only apologize. Either forgive us or punish us. The decision is in your hands. He receives a call. The guy informs him that Manjari has left to police station to meet Urvashi. He agrees to come right away. Shankar requests Siddhi to come home last time. I promise you I wont let anyone insult you till the time I am alive. He tells Vin not to return home without his DIL. Vin nods. Shankar leaves.

Vin walks up to Siddhi. Please accept his request if not mine. Rajvir and Prachi also request Siddhi to come home. Siddhi picks up a wine glass. You have done a lot for me till date and have kept me really happy. Thank you very much. He smiles a little. Siddhi says cheers and throws the glass on the ground shocking everyone. She throws the gifts and everything away. Chawl people are stunned to see it. Siddhi throws away everything angrily. Vin calls out after her to stop but she warns him not to come closer. She pulls the gift from prachi’s hand. The relation tied with these fingers broke long ago. She throws it but Vin catches it safely. He looks at her. I might die but I wont let this relation break. No obstacle can stop me now. Bappa Shapath! Your anger and distance is justified but if I have to walk over these glass shards to come to you then I will do it. I will atleast be able to show you how important you are to me. He walks barefoot over the glass shards and starts walking towards her. His feet start bleeding. Siddhi looks down stunned. Tears stream down her cheeks. She tells him to stop.

Precap: Vin is chasing Siddhi and request her to stop. Both of them are barefoot. She is about to get hit by a truck but he pushes her away and gets hit instead. His blood fills her hairline. She shouts his name in shock as he falls down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Well, that precap…

    1. OMG now what will happen to Vinu…?? now everyone will blame Siddhi for it…?
      Waiting for today’s episode…
      Happy Xmas friends…

  2. OMG now what will happen to Vinu…?? now everyone will blame Siddhi for it…?
    Waiting for today’s episode…
    Happy Xmas friends…

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