Siddhi Vinayak 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi learns about Riddhi’s past

Siddhi Vinayak 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin asking Gauri did Manbir tell her about his marriage with Riddhi. She says no, Manbir never hides anything from me, Riddhi is lying. She thinks if Manbir can hide this. Juhi’s nanny calls him and asks him to meet Guru ji if he wants to know Riddhi’s truth. He asks who are you. She ends call. He calls back and fails to connect. Shivam takes phone from nanny and scolds Pratima. She says you can do anything, just meet Guru ji and know about Vin and Siddhi’s marriage. He says I know they are married, but Riddhi was married to me first, we have a daughter, we shouldn’t care for her marriage with Vin, I have to tell Vin to stay away from Riddhi, give me your phone. He takes the phone. Pratima thinks how much sorrow will Siddhi tolerate. Kabir comes to kill Siddhi and doesn’t

find her. Its morning, Shivam gets shocked seeing Siddhi at the door. He says I knew you will come back. She says I m Siddhi, not your Riddhi. He asks how shall I believe this. She sees Pratima and says truth can’t hide for many days, truth will come out soon, I m Siddhi. Shivam welcomes her home. He asks Pratima to go to Juhi. She goes. He asks Siddhi what does she has to say.

Vin meets Guru ji and says I can’t believe I m here. Guru ji says human has to go everywhere to find truth. Vin asks did I marry Riddhi. Guru ji smiles and says if you are alive in front of me, its a big evidence that you got married to Riddhi. Vin gets shocked. Guru ji says like Savitri got Satyavaan back from death, this girl’s love and fate have saved you, you were nearly dying that night, she took rounds with you and saved you, I have kept her hand impressions in my cottage, she is your wife, none can separate you and her. Vin gets shocked. Guru ji says truth has so much power that it makes a person silent. Vin says I m surprised by this cheat. Guru ji asks cheat? Vin says yes, I got a call from an unknown number, I was asked to meet you, you are saying I got married to Riddhi, I think Riddhi is playing this game, how much did she pay you.

Guru ji says the human who believes false, he will regard a day as night, you go to your mum, dad and Manbir who were present in your marriage. Vin gets shocked and thinks of Siddhi’s words. Shivam says you like south indian food right. Siddhi says I have allergy with it, I came to question you. He asks how did you marry Vin, we have a daughter, I m your husband, I m alive, we didn’t get divorced, you remembered our past, why did you do this sin. She says I didn’t come to answer you, you need to answer me. He asks her to sit, ask now. She says I want to know about you and Riddhi, her likes and dislikes. He says you are asking about yourself, this is very funny, I have seen you in my friend’s house party. He recalls. He says I think you had wine for the first time, you were looking at me, I was playing guitar, you liked me and tried to impress me, you started dancing.

FB shows Riddhi dancing weirdly. Everyone laughs. Shivam says I was trying to stop you, I couldn’t see everyone making fun of you, so I switched off the music system and held your hand and then you asked me, how did I like your dance, I just danced for you, then I fell in love with you, not because you danced, but because you danced for me when you didn’t know dancing, I fell for your simplicity and innocent. She says it means Riddhi doesn’t know dance right. He says yes, you don’t know dance. Kabir calls Manjiri and says I didn’t get Riddhi at chawl and Pratima’s house. She says where can she go, just find her and kill her. Gauri gets food for her. Manjiri refuses. Gauri says Vin also left without having food. Manjiri asks where. Gauri says to meet Guru ji, he got someone’s call. Manjiri thinks did he go to ask about his marriage.

Vin shows the marriage certificate to Manjiri and asks is this a lie, why did you do this, Riddhi is my wife, why did you hide this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Siddis eyes are hazel where riddis are brown. Have they forgotten.

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